Tuesday, November 11, 2014


First thing this morning Tallulah has her 3rd immunisation.  That's exciting, cos then she's safe from most things.
I thought she was 'safe' after her 2nd lot, but I was wrong.
Hopefully tomorrow if it's fine I will take her for her first walk outside our home!

After visiting the vet, I plan on doing the grocery shopping.
We didn't get it done on the weekend after all.
I don't mind doing it on me own, at least I don't have to wait for ages while Stewie makes up his mind which cereal/tea/whatever he's going to get!
He's worse than a girl sometimes!


Unlike yesterday, I don't have any photos for today yet.  I will have to take me camera out and about with me and get some for me blog!

I didn't hear from B about how Teddy was yesterday, but our agreement was she would get in touch with me if there was a problem before the week was up.  
Teddy is there on TRIAL for now... after a week we make a final decision on his placement.
I consider it encouraging that I didn't hear from her, maybe he's happy and settled already?
Ya never know.

The other thing we agreed on was that we could pop in and see him now and then too... so I can be sure he is happy and well cared for.  Not much more I can do than that.

I know I am already feeling less stressed with Dante not being around him any more, and the worry of him being bitten is gone.  It was a constant concern.

Right, I am off to feed the girls (Coco and Tallulah), then get ready to hit the road, jabs for the puppy and microchipping too.


Hmmmm... walking to school with a guy... a 7th form guy.   Hmmmmm.......  might just be keeping an eye on that.

ABOVE:  Fiona checking our Tallulah over... all good.  Vaccinated, microchipped and safe to go walkies in a week.  *sigh*  have to wait ... so looking forward to taking her to the Gardens and seeing her reaction to everything 'out there' in the big wide world.

I had to take Coco with me to the Vet's, she went berserk when I put Tallulah in the crate!
I felt so sorry for her, she is missing Teddy and probably thought Tallulah was leaving forever too.

I am now off to get the groceries.  And lunch.  Subway is now my most favourite takeaway food!  A 6" sub is just the most perfect lunch ever!
ABOVE:  I was rather proud of myself... I managed to get ALL the groceries into ONE trolley.  But... the checkout girl ended up putting it in two trolley's ... so I had to push/pull them both to the car after she'd finished. 

I swear the price of meat has just skyrocketed!  I couldn't believe the price of some of it.  We might just have to curb the quantity of meat we have I think.

I didn't get any bread or fresh fruit, I'll leave that to Stew, he can get it on his way home from work.

Bex is being a darling and putting most of it away for me.  I'm knackered!  Might be time for a quiet sit down and watch Home and Away.  Yep, what a good idea.

Well, a quiet afternoon and evening.  Haven't done much except cook dinner then watch some TV and do a wee bit of knitting.
Heading off to bed  now... rather tired today.
nite nite


  1. Awwww that's encouraging news or non news eh. Woah I would be shadow walking them to school, eek that's a worry and a half alright.

  2. Anonymous10:37 AM


    When having immunisations, it usually takes about 2 weeks for antibodies to develop to provide proper immunity....for humans and animals....hope it works our with Teddy such a relief for you...



  3. I love Subway as well !!!

  4. The little pup is so cute! Subway is one of the few restaurants by my work so I eat that way too much.

  5. WHOA. Just shopping for all that and getting it home should be enough! Yeah, let everyone else put it away!

  6. We almost always go to Subway after the beach on Saturdays!
    Great photos!
    Who's walking to school with a boy that you have to keep an eye on??


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