Tuesday, November 04, 2014


'Fluffing around' in New Zealand means pottering around, going from place to place, job to job in the home etc.

NOT what it might mean anywhere else.  I used that term years ago on my blog and someone told me it had a TOTALLY different meaning in some other countries!  I was ... to say the least, surprised anyone would think I was actually 'fluffing around' in MY HOUSE!  lol

So, anyway, that's what I'm doing today.  I want to get on top of one more area in the house that's needing some sorting.  Then I might just have a good look at those Knitting magazines I got from the Hospice Shop yesterday.

Bex has already found a cute pattern for Owls in one of them... a crochet pattern, so she can make one:

ABOVE:  knowing Bex, she will whip one of these in an hour!  She's getting really fast with her creations now.  

OK, I'm outta here, got stuff to do... so I can relax later on in the day.  


Fluffing... is going well.

I've been down to the supermarket and picked up 3 good sized pieces of Pork Belly for dinner, and castor sugar.

I have two Lemon Syrup loaves in the oven:

ABOVE:  Just started cooking.  There could be a 'problem' with them... cos I didn't read the recipe and I ummm.... didn't melt the butter before adding it to the eggs and sugar.  OOPS... lets see how they come out before we bin them or not!

ABOVE:  Dante yesterday in his 'big bed' for the first time EVER.  And he loved it.  And he woke up and walked out to the lounge all on his own, happy as a sandboy, very pleased with himself he was.  His Mummy on the other hand was kinda teary eyed, her 'baby' is growing up.

And now, he's in there again, sound asleep like an angel.

And she's happy cos she's got another little itty bitty baby on the way to cluck over.  Derrr.  (and she's standing over me bloody shoulder dictating this!)

Yaa!   I didn't ruin the loaves!  They came out PERFECT.  Bex and I taste tested them.  

Pork Belly is in the oven... time to do a few more jobs.

Dinner was really lovely, you simply can't beat pork belly and veges, apple sauce and brown onion gravy.  Yum Yum.

After dinner I got a couple more household jobs done, so there is less to do tomorrow.

End of Day:  I'm absolutely knackered!  I don't know why I get these fits of 'must clean/tidy' from.  They do my back in!
nite nite


  1. My wife made very similar owls!

    1. Anonymous8:10 AM

      You have a cool wife mark :) they are very cute ill make one next xx bex

    2. Can I get that pattern please

  2. Ohhhh clever Dante bet Steve and Bed are pleased best to get him in now before the baby comes etc. Love the owls.

  3. Anonymous3:53 PM


    Dante is so gorgeous!


  4. He looks adorable :)


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