Saturday, November 15, 2014


Well... I finally talked to B last night about how Teddy is doing.

She said he seems to be fine, getting on with the other dogs and Bruce, the cat too.

BUT... she is feeling 'AMBIVILENT' about him.  She's not sure she is bonding with him at all.
So, we are giving her another day or two to see if she feels any better about him before making a permanent decision.

I'm feeling awful now, I just want to go and get him back and find him a home where he will be spoilt and loved rotten.

Tomorrow morning I am going to ring her again and go from there.

Onto a cute wee video of Steve and Tallulah last night:

ABOVE:  rather cute!

Plans for today?  Housework ... gardening, maybe some sewing.
Just a normal saturday, with no grocery shopping, thank God.

ABOVE:  Gail with Tallulah the day we got her, and Peppa and Molly....

BEST NEWS:  I got a phone call from Gail this morning.  Gail is the lady who is 'Grandma' to Peppa, one of our little girl puppies, they live out Pukekohe way.
She read about Teddy's situation and has offered to adopt him!

I was so happy I almost cried.  I talked to B straight away, said we were taking Teddy back and Gayle would be picking him up this afternoon.  She was fine with that... I thought she would be.

All going well Teddy will be with his 2nd NEW family in 4 hours.

I'm so relieved, I know Gayle, Jenna and Shane are going to love him to bits.  I hope their dogs love him (Eventually) too! 

AND we know he is going to a family who know and love Shih Tzus too, and will care for him just like we do.

We will be able to visit Teddy in a couple of weeks, we just need to give him a while to settle in.

ABOVE: Stew is working in the wind and rain.  The wire 'fence' is being replaced with a 'Coco Proof' wooden fence.  

ABOVE:  The girls this afternoon.  They are adorable.
Hopefully by now Gayle may have picked up Teddy?  Gee I hope he's OK and likes it at her home.

I got to see a short video of Teddy at Gayle's home this afternoon... right after his bath.
He NEEDED a bath cos he stunk like bejezzus apparently!  Poor boy, Gayle thinks he picked up some fleas too!  FLEAS!  OMG we virtually never have fleas.  

So, it's turned out really well... he's not unhappy at Gayle's, and her dogs don't seem to mind him at all.  Yaaaa... I have such a good feeling about this now.

End of Day:  dinner was awesome, the big piece of Pork Belly came out amazing!  I took a photo, will show ya tomorrow.  Hope it doesn't make you drool!
nite nite


  1. I don't even know how to say how I am feeling. I hope Teddy is ok. Part of me just wants to scoop him up and bring him to your house, too. :/

  2. What a shame she has not bonded with him when he has settled in so well. Hope it all works out.

  3. I'm feeling ambivalent too. Maybe they'll grow together, but maybe there's something to be said for the instant bond. I didn't like Sheba when we first got her, bt now she's fantastic!

  4. Anonymous9:40 AM

    So sorry about Teddy. I hope that a bond forms soon. We'd offer to take him, but with all of the littlies in our house I'm not sure that would be fair to Teddy. This is my new blog, BTW. Trying to work on it as something that might help other foster parents. :-)

  5. At least B was honest with you but it does leave you in a difficult place. I hope she feels better about him the next time you talk to her.

  6. What great news! I'm so glad that B was honest with you, but, how can anybody be ambivilant about that cute boy? Not fair to Teddy not to be loved wholeheartedly. If I lived in NZ, I would've taken him in a heartbeat! Glad that Gail, who will appreciate your sweet boy will take him in and give him a loving home!

    Carol in IL, USA

  7. Yeah for Gail. That is fantastic news.

  8. Wow, I am glad Teddy has found a new home. again. Will he be living with Peppa and Molly? I can'y believe Coco and Tallulah are snuggled up together like that! What a cute photo!

    1. Yes he will be living with Peppa and Molly... and Riley too!
      Coco and Tallulah get on like Mother and daughter, Coco is such a gentle, loving girl.

  9. Good news about Gayle taking Teddy.

  10. God bless you, Gail! I hope you have many wonderful years with your new fuzzy friend.

  11. Awwww was sad to read that but heartened to read another adoptive home is ready to try, Tallulah an Coco so cute. Hope Griffin sports day went well.

  12. He did OK... didn't place in Discus due to it being wet... and came 5th in Shop Put. He had a wonderful time, but was very tired that night!

  13. I hope Teddy's new home works out better!

  14. Glad te hear about Teddy, I just about missed it because sometimes I don't scroll to the bottom of a post I have already read the beginning of. Glad I came across it. I can't believe Teddy got smelly and possibly fleas in one weeks time. HE will be better off at this place! I hope you continue to get updates!

  15. Bless Gail!!! Hope Teddy transitions without a hitch this time!!


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