Saturday, November 29, 2014


Today we are going to Hamilton to do some Christmas shopping.
It's also a good chance to pop into Grandmother's Garden (quilting shop), in Gordonton.

I have offered to try and find a particular fabric for my Patchwork Tutor.  She's run out of it and hopefully I can get her some more at Grandmother's Garden, where she bought it a while ago.

We ordered our Archgola yesterday, so all going well, we will have it installed by mid/end of January.  

ABOVE:  another picture of an Archgola, with side blinds.  Very similar to what we are getting.  I'm really impatient now... I asked Paul (Archgola guy) if I could have it tomorrow.  *sigh*... he said no of course! 
It sounds like they are flat out keeping up with orders!  

I'm already dreaming up lighting ideas, and titivating the area. Such fun, it's going to be like having another room added to the house that I can decorate.  That is something I love doing.

Well, that's about all I have to natter on about right now... it will be quiet here until we get home again this afternoon.

What are you doing today?  How's ya Christmas shopping/preparations going?  All ready, or like me, just starting?

I don't even have any decorations up yet... THAT is something I don't enjoy.  Do you?

Hamilton was cold!  A very cold wind in fact.  Hard to believe it was so much colder than here, when we are only 1 hour north.
Anyways... we had a lovely lunch at Iguana, then visited a new to us gift shop, which is owned by a friend of a friend.

I saw something I simply had to buy!  I'd seen one in a shop here in Auckland a year or so ago and wished I could get it then.
This is what I got:

 ABOVE:  It is hand painted, the artist has made a few, but each one is slightly different.  I ♥LOVE♥ IT!  
It wouldn't fit in Stew's car, so we had to leave it there and I will pick it up sometime during the week in my car.

After that we went to our favourite shop in Hamilton and did some Christmas shopping.

ABOVE:  we got  a new night light for the house... it's a dinosaur, and it changes colours and is pretty cool!

ABOVE:  I also got a few bits 'n' bobs at Grandmother's Garden in Gordonton.  Sadly, they no longer had the fabric my Tutor needed... so she will have to go to Plan B with her quilt.

End of Day:  happily, I got a bit more sewing done this evening, so am now off to bed a happy girl.
nite nite


  1. The archgola looks great! Have a safe trip and a good weekend!

  2. Enjoying a few days with family in sunny, but cool, Queenstown. Back to work tomorrow. Enjoy your day. I can't think about decotations until December, so next week up they go. Are you going to ask about next year's classes at Grandmother's Garden?

  3. It's a lovely day in sunny Melbourne so we are off for a drive.

    Christmas is going to be very different this year. Middle son won't get home until late on Christmas Eve and Eldest son is going to Bendigo to finally spend Christmas with his wife and her family! So we are all getting together on the 28th for a family gathering. We used to spend Boxing Day with my parents but they have both gone now, so that's another tradition that will change. *sigh* I can't wait for grandkids as they are what Christmas is really all about.

    Happy fabric hunting!

  4. I hope you have a lovely day in Hamilton.

    I can very much relate to you in terms of the decorating thing. My husband got really miffed last Christmas Eve because I hadn't even put the tree up - so he dragged it out of the garage and put it up himself.

    I have only just started my Christmas shopping - I've got next Saturday free and I'm planning to tackle the lot then and tick it all off in one hit - although in the meantime I might try some online shopping (sounds much easier and more fun!). I will write my Christmas letter this weekend though - so hopefully I can knock the Christmas cards off by the end of next week too - yeah!!

  5. I can see you are all going to enjoy that archgola, its looks fantastic

  6. Working backstage all day at theatre. I have got the kids tickets to concerts for Christmas an a box of chocolates. Have a couple of ideas for a few bits & pieces. Plan to write the list beginning of this week and get most of it purchased next weekend.

  7. I very much like the look of that artwork.

  8. Luv the art work bright n happy


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