Saturday, November 01, 2014


Our little fluffy ball of fun is 12 weeks old, and she has grown so much in the 4 weeks we have had her!

ABOVE:  Isn't she adorable?  I've already given her 2 mini grooms, and she's done very well at holding still and being tolerant of the shaver!

ABOVE:  She's got plenty of character, but not too willful like some of our own little puppies!

ABOVE:  The bigger dogs can get on a couch to get away from her, but somehow I don't think that is going to last much longer!  She's growing so fast!  

Stew has to get some more compost ... he's planted one of the passion fruit vines, but ran out of compost for the 2nd one.
Apart from that, I'm not sure if he's got any plans for the weekend.
I can always sew or potter around the house...
So who knows what we will get up to today?


Morning plans made.  We are getting more compost, then taking Dante's highchair over to storage.
Lunch will be in Howick... we've not been to Howick since Lacy left.  She had a lovely 3 bedroom house there, such a shame she left it.  
If the weather stays nice, we shall have a look around the local beach there too.

After that, Stew will plant the 2nd passion fruit vine and I will sew those lines on the freezer paper so I can try foundation piecing this afternoon.

ABOVE: The Howick Market this morning.  Quite busy.   We got:

ABOVE: Some lovely different fudges and a Lemon Syrup Loaf, which is amazing.  Very 'lemony' which we all love.  I'm going to have a go at making one myself, probably tomorrow.

ABOVE:  Stew and Griffin had a nice beef burger at a cafe' for lunch.  I had a sandwich and very small seafood roll  Brylee hadn't long ago had breakfast so she only had a muffin.

ABOVE: Mellon's Bay, which is just down the hill from the Howick shops.  So pretty there.

ABOVE:  I was surprised at how clear the water was!  Apparently it is perfectly safe for swimming.  There are a few places around Auckland that are not, particularly over summer when there are algae blooms.

We are very lucky to have so many really lovely beaches so close to home.

So, it's now mid afternoon and I'm feeling inclined to do bugger all .... maybe later I will get to the sewing?  No hurry anyway eh?
I've got no deadlines.  Gotta love that.

DEE:  There's heaps of tutorials on how to do it on You Tube!  I ♥ You Tube !

End of Day:  a neat day, if you can stand kids!  Mine are a pain in the butt sometimes... like now.  Grrrrr.  Griffin is worse than a girl with his moodiness sometimes!
nite nite


  1. That 4 weeks has gone fast. I am interested in you paper piecing progress. I have never seen instructions where you sew the paper first or use freezer paper.

  2. I have found citrus fertilizer good for passionfruit plants - though my chickens seem to like eating the leaves, so my plants are still quite little :)

  3. Anonymous2:17 PM


    I hope you have a lovely day I think you need it after a stressful week.. I have lost 7 /1/2 kilos now, feeling so much better...



  4. Tallulah is cute cute. A stunning day here that fudge looks delicious I love anything lemony. Have family arriving mother here, sister nephew and my 3 yr old great niece staying for just over a week.

  5. Tallulah is so cute, that burger looks delish, and that water makes me want to swim.

  6. Anonymous1:31 PM

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  7. Ahh teenagers, such fun ;) The beach pics are so pretty!


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