Monday, November 24, 2014


Tallulah likes Bex's wool:

 ABOVE:  That's the 3rd ball she's demolished.  Bex isn't that happy with our little girl right now.  I am sure Bex has now covered the top of her wool basket to keep Miss Tallulah out.

Last night I got the quilting done on the Mariner's Compass, and sewed on the binding too.  Now I have to put a backing on, work out how I'm going to hang it and do the finishing off...

ABOVE:  I'm really happy with it!

ABOVE:  fairly hard to see, but just showing you the quilting stitch I used... a wave pattern, quite neat!  Bex suggested it and I'm glad she did, or I might have been too scared to try it.
It wasn't even that hard, seeing as it's a programmed stitch on the machine.

So, today?  As we got bugger all housework done over the weekend, I might devote the morning to doing a bit... then after lunch I'm off to the Hospice Shop.

Right... catch ya later.

ABOVE:  Someone found the dog's bed quite comfy... and lots of fun.

ABOVE: Then he found out that the dogs didn't really enjoy his 'company'.

ABOVE: Tallulah decided Dante's little seat was a better option.

I've developed a cracker jack headache this morning... so fingers crossed it goes before I have to leave for Hospice.

Well... it's been an eventful afternoon.
I had a bit of an incident on the way home from Hospice... but will talk about that tomorrow.

Today's treasure:

 ABOVE: This rather nice winter dress... it's pure wool by the feel of it.  It will be great for next winter.  $1.00 !

ABOVE:  This lovely necklace, I've had my eye on it for weeks and today I just couldn't leave it there any longer.   

I also got about 6 wooden picture frames of various sizes, for me 'doodle' art pictures.

Bex cooked a lovely spaghetti bologniese for dinner.  I love not having to cook.

Excitement in the house.  Steve is about to buy a van for his work.  He's on the hunt and may have found a good one to look at, hopefully tomorrow.

So... I think that's me for the day... I'm going to have a nice, relaxing evening, probably watching TV tonight.  I've got a bit of eye strain from sewing so much the last few days, so am giving it a few days break.

End of Day:  a good day, with a bit of a 'blimp' at the end.  More on that tomorrow... I'm 'saving' it till then! *smiles*
nite nite


  1. My Collie Ollie LOVES wool. HE loves yarn, roving and felted wool dryer balls. I bought a pair of Wool Haflinger clogs and Ollie was highly "interested" in them - So I returned them as a precaution!

  2. haha, I guess Bex will be making her knitting bag puppy proof :-)

  3. Anonymous1:21 PM

    So cute!! Hope the wool situation gets sorted. At our house it's the cats that get into the wool. :-)

  4. Just read the post before this about visiting Palmy. if you do, please let me know coz we can have a coffee if you have time as I could come over and see you :)

  5. Dante and the dog bed too cute the wool not so cute Funny though. The mariners piece looks so cool.

  6. Hope your head got better!!!!

  7. Well, you certainly know how to get us coming back for more!! At least you're smiling so I guess the "incident" wasn't too awful.

  8. Too funny with the yarn!

  9. That dress is gorgeous! Blue is my favourite colour too :)


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