Saturday, November 08, 2014


It's grocery shopping weekend I think?   Yeah it is, I just checked what we did last weekend, no shopping.
So.  I shan't let it bother me, it's a necessary evil after all.

What are the plans for today?

Dunno.  Stew is having a sleep in. He went to bed quite early last night, I was slightly crabby cos it meant I had to stop sewing.

Probably one of the few disadvantages of having my sewing room in the same place as we sleep.  

I did do a tiny bit of 'sewing' last night.  I wanted to check out me new variegated threads.  I made two little samples:

ABOVE:  Amazing how they look on the reel compared to how they look sewn out!   I am IN LOVE with the one on the left!  It's stunning.  It has this jump out at ya sheen and brightness.  I will be using it A LOT I think. *smiles*

 ABOVE:  Bex has been busy with her crochet work too... she's made lots of small toys, rattles, blankets etc for friends.  And these too... pretty little hats.  I quite sure she's hoping for a baby girl!

ABOVE:  She made her first owl yesterday too.  He turned out really cute I must say.  The pattern didn't have the blue inside the owl's wings, she added that herself and I think it looks really neat.  
I'm keen to see her next one now.

We are expecting Kelly and Rena for the weekend, they should arrive sometime late this morning. 


Whoops!  I crept back to bed after feeding the dogs and checking all the news on the 'net, blog etc.
And kinda woke up at around 10.30!  Stew got up around 9 and started doing the washing, what a man!

Now it's lunchtime and Kelly just arrived.  Still don't know what our day's plans are.

MARLENE:  we are going to be out your way tomorrow.... coffee?
Taking Teddy to meet a lady with a view to him being adopted by her.

The last time I tried true 'Free Motion' quilting it was on Lemony, my Husqvarna sewing machine from hell.
I simply COULD NOT get it to work at all, and gave up.
This afternoon I decided to try with McDreamy, and while I've got about 1000 hours practise to get it right, I at least did some:

ABOVE:  terrible eh?  lol.  I've got heaps of time to improve, cos I can't get any worse surely?

Here's something you really shouldn't say to your son:

"Wow, that is really hard!"  While looking at a part of his anatomy!...

BUT... let me show you what I was talking about:

ABOVE: he hit his knuckle on a bit of wood just now... and it's immediately swollen up!  And it's getting bigger...

End of Day:  whoops, I forgot to do it!


  1. Anonymous9:35 AM

    HOLY CRAP BEX. Those are so great.. I might even ask you to make ME a giraffe.... let me know your going rate. So friggin awesome that you did it by learing on your own off the internet! Very talented. We also have to go grocery shopping and if it is going to be a fine weekend I am definitely goin in early - bloody 4pm on a saturday or sunday in nice fine weather is NOT a good idea - everyone buying up a storm for their bbq's. Have a great weekend.

    Kate 444

  2. My wife makes very similar owls! Have a good weekend!

  3. Wow they are super cute. Awesome work bex!

  4. Gosh you are just so talented Bex.

  5. The cottons have stitched out well-agree the fav is the one on the left. Need to try mine-too busy mowing lawns and pulling weeds! Love the crocheting Bex-that giraffe and owl are so cute. Market stall coming up!!!

  6. I also like the thread on the left, the other has too much yellow. Also - that mother / daughter quilt from yesterday was gorgeous!

  7. Bex, you could start a wee online business making & selling your creations. Good way to make some extra $$ for Christmas.

  8. Hope Teddy goes well. Totally understand but still incredibly sad. Give him a hug for me. I know you will ensure he goes to a good home

  9. Wow Bex, that is fantastic! I doubt I could make anything even resembling what you have. They are really good!!

  10. Anonymous6:14 PM

    Thanks every one for the lovely comments :) im glade u like my crochet. I do sell them if any one is interested lol

    xx bex

    1. Anonymous10:29 PM

      So how much would you sell it for? Fiver? Or more? Love, love, love it!
      Luann, NY

  11. I love the owl its adorable, I also love the thread on the left. We left home 9am stopped in Took, got to Manukau went to Wendy's went to airport, back to Wendy's shopped 2 hours home 9pm a long long day I drove up and back.

  12. Those crocheted things are so cute! Open up an Etsy shop and you've got a little side money!


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