Monday, October 01, 2012


The kids are home for the next 2 weeks.  It is going to be a long 2 weeks.
And I have to go out today to get Miss Brylee something for her birthday... she's 12 tomorrow... and I have no idea what she wants.  Nor does she.


While I contemplate what to do today... here's some cheesy photos of the pups:

ABOVE:  I think this is Pepper's face!  Yeah, it is ...

 ABOVE:  the little pile of puppy's from a different angle, and that is Pepper on top.  She's got a large roundish spot on her left side.

ABOVE:  Clearly that little love is a boy... and it is ... Chilli.

ABOVE:  there is always that ONE who has to be different eh?  Five wee bodies pointing this way, and one... NOT.

When I am feeling a little down, all I have to do is look at these gorgeous wee babies and I feel so much better.

I can't wait until their eyes open (in a few more days) and they start getting around better, instead of slithering on their bellies.

I'm probably going to do some sewing today too... on to the next project...


Right.  After I got up really early to check on the pups/blog etc... I went back to bed.  The kids and I slept in until 10 am.  It was bliss.

But now I'm up and I'm crabby as hell.  It's better than being down and moody I suppose.  Seems I have two emotions in my repertoire right now:  down and crabby.  I think I prefer crabby, at least that way I'm bound to be more productive!  I sure feel productive.  

I'm going to make a start,  catching up on blog reading... like right now.

Because I'm in a right royal shitty, I am going to say this to who ever it is applicable to:

If I say NO... you cannot visit with your pre-schooler (who is bound to upset Coco with her pups so young) I mean NO.  It does not mean you can come up and stay with someone else and STILL expect to come and visit.  That is just being manipulative and annoying.  NO MEANS NO.  

Yes, we like having visitors... but not if it means we are left feeling annoyed and pissed off cos you didn't listen, or chose not to listen.

I have said over and over again.  NO you cannot visit while our pups are so young.  Are you bloody deaf? 

PENNY:  this DOES NOT apply to you.  You are an adult, who understands that going near our pups might upset Coco, and I know you will respect our house 'rules'... *smiles*  See you on Wednesday.
Right, one glitch working again... using the PC in Griffin's room.... and it finally let me into me posts.  *sigh*... I always get a sick feeling in me tummy when I can't get into me own blog! 

So.. I have been thinking of what to do/get for Brylee's 12th birthday tomorrow... and I've come up with a plan.  I will share it LATE tonight, after I've made a few things.....  I'm feeling really good about her birthday now.  It is so hard buying for a kid who has NO IDEA what they want!!!

ABOVE:  he's rather funny.... he whimpers and gives little yaps now and then.  I am going to change the blanket later on today, when someone can give me a hand with the pups and lifing the whelping box up.

BLONDIE: the beauty of my pups is that they stay small dogs... and have the most gorgeous natures. 

Lacy and I had a bit of a spat yesterday... but luckily all is resolved now.  I have wee Keera for a few hours today... and Lacy is coming over for dinner, then we can take her and Keera home again afterwards.

I got some cute photos of Keera too... will show you tomorrow what she is trying to do now!
AND... something is changing with the puppies too... again.. I'll show ya tomorrow.

End of Day: I probably ruffled a few feathers today, but I am sticking to my guns.  NO means NO.  Respect my decisions, they are made for a reason, and it's my right to decide what goes on in my house.
nite nite


  1. They r so cute enjoy your holiday from school routine its a yucko wet day here in auckland today

  2. Aww....the pups are so cute. I love how chubby they are getting. I'm sure it is hard to not want to watch them all the time.

  3. Am glad the rest of the puppies are doing so well.... :)

  4. Oh Chris - I hope the day improves for you and thanks for your comment on my blog - I am ok- just down = must be something in the water near us aye!
    Time will sort me out - hope it does you too - thinking of ya!
    Loving all the photos of the puppies

  5. I'm having issues with something... I can't post on me blog and my laptop keyboard just won't work either. So I'm leaving this comment via the PC in Griffin's room. Grrrr.. I hate having computer problems. As for Blogger... well maybe that's an issue with them... I can not access my post list, so can't add to today's post right now either. MEGA annoyed.

  6. Hope the kids have fun in the holidays :) Rachel was so happy to wake this morning as it was the holidays and she was going to Nanas!
    Love the pups - am trying to talk Stephan into letting me have one (but not holding my breath).
    Hope your computer is ok - am sure Steve will be able to fix it for you :)

  7. Awww the puppies are sooooo darn cute and soft and cuddly looking and getting fatter!! samuel wants a puppy and a kitten BUT wants them to stay that way.... He is sick and sinus an dhayfever an dpollen coughing

  8. I HATE when people don't respect my boundaries. Welp, hopefully your friend will bring her preschooler when the puppies aren't so small. I know puppies are loads of fun and it's so tempting, but for their health it's best not to bother them when they are so little.

    They do seem to have grown a fair bit just in the last week!!

  9. Sounds like someone needs to remove head from arse & realise that the world does not revolve around them and that the rules apply to them as well - in fact even more so because their kids are undisciplined and do not know the meaning of the word NO - hmm wonder why.

    I hope your day improves :-)

    I am looking forward to hearing what you plan for Brylee - it is hard when they have no idea - or is it worse when they have many many ideas (none of which we can afford :-)).

  10. "Respect my decisions, they are made for a reason, and it's my right to decide what goes on in my house."
    Amen to that!! Don't get caught up in others response. Their response is their responsibility. How would they feel if the shoe was on the other foot?!

  11. Yikes, I just reread my comment - I think you were not the only one who was crabby today!

    Hope you are having a good evening.

  12. I probably sound like a broken record but squeee they are so cute :)


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