Saturday, October 06, 2012


Uncertain of our plans today... we were supposed to have wee Emily for the weekend, but as she's got a bad cold I felt it wouldn't be prudent for her to come visit right now.
Sick toddler + teeny tiny puppies + tired Grandparents = another time.

Bit sad, but it is what it is.  Just not the right weekend.

I really just want a nice, quiet relaxing couple of days with no added stress.  
No photos for today, well none I've taken.  I've pinched a few cute ones from Facebook of our Aussy family:

ABOVE: overload of Sienna!  But she's just so damn cute... she's exudes IMP.  I can't wait to meet her in person... it is hard watching her and her brother grow up in another country, but their parents chose to live there, and that's their right.  

ABOVE:  gorgeous eh?  I got it off some random site... probably add it to me Pinterest.

 ABOVE:  got this off Facebook... darn clever idea.  So... I share it with you. LOL


ABOVE:  Keera yesterday, looking very serious. Maybe she was contemplating how to get me back for taking her dummy away!  lol

ABOVE:  you'd never guess which kid has dyslexia would ya....  It only took 7 years for the 'medical/teaching professionals' to figure it out.

It's a lovely sunny day out there, but we have a nasty wind going on.  I wish the weather would just make up it's mind!

ABOVE:  the pups are 2 weeks old today.  My how they have grown!

I just took my first Metformin pill.... waiting now to see if I get a reaction?....

FROGGY:  you are correct.  IF Emily had come for the weekend we had planned on blocking off the lounge so she could not get near them at all.   If Rena were to come, we would have to do the same thing... the difference is that Rena could climb over the barrier if she wanted to, which would mean someone having to keep an eye on her 24 hours a day... and that would end up being me.

PINTEREST is very addictive!  

I tried a different meal for dinner tonight.  I used a 'Ready Sauce' thingee and OMG it was so nice.  I might show ya tomorrow.

End of Day:  well it's been just what we needed... quiet. 
nite nite


  1. That noodle idea is brilliant!

  2. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Sienna is so adorable. Love the one with the dirty face!! so cute! I love the noodle idea!! How cool and easy is THAT!!...debbie

  3. Sienna is so cute with the most adorable cheeks you just want to pinch. All of your grands are cute too!

  4. Love the noodle idea! Thanks for sharing. Sienna is a love! Hope you get to see her soon! Relax, enjoy the puppies and do nothing else this weekend!

  5. Sienna is a cutie that's for sure those eyes and smile, love the balcony and flowers the noodle in the bed ingenious.

  6. I thought you didn't want little kids around the puppies for a few more weeks? Perhaps it's better if Emily doesn't come till they are bigger. I imagine she'd be even worse around them then Rena or any other little toddlers. They are growing so fast now aren't they.


  7. Sometimes the reaction to metformin goes away in a week or two. I ended up taking Glumetza which is another form of metformin but is a slow release version with zero stomach upset, not sure if its available in New Zealand but if metformin doesn't work out for you, it's worth asking about?

    You might find different foods react differently with it too, I found dairy was impossible with metformin but everything else was ok most of the time.

    I hope it helps you manage your blood sugar though because once you have that under control you will feel so much better!

  8. I take Metformin too Chris, and it has been great for me. I hope it works for you. It has actually helped me with my weight struggles too, that can be one of the side effects, I've been told, decreased appetite.


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