Thursday, October 11, 2012


So... me Dr said I had to start taking Metformin.
I went down to the Pharmacy and they gave me this bottle of pills:

ABOVE:  the thing is... THAT is all I got.  I did not get one iota of information on the drug, it's potential side effects... things to avoid/not take in conjunction with it... bla bla bla.
Not very impressed.

Might even mention it next time I go to the Dr's.
Luckily, I am pro-active and did some research on the 'net.
Stew has been taking Metformin for a couple of years... maybe the Dr thought I could ask him? Dunno.

Sadly I am having some side effects.  Me tummy is not happy.  And trips to the bathroom are a pain in the butt ( excuse the pun).

I haven't had a chance to take another puppy video yet, maybe I will later on today? Anyone keen to see more puppy videos?

ABOVE:  while ya wait for puppies, here's one of me frogs! Isn't he cute sitting on the wharf. 

Right, time to do the housework before doing something more enjoyable... like blogging or sewing...

The kids and I slept in today... well after I'd got up and sorted out the pups, put some washing one etc!
I lay in bed hoping to go back to sleep, but my brain kept telling me I really should get up and do something... *sigh*

BONNIE:  I hardly ever drink alcohol mate.  I think the last time I had a little drink was ???  3-4 weeks ago?  It just doesn't do much for me and I loath hangovers!  So... I just don't drink much!

Now that we are up and moving... I'm off to do a bit of sewing...

We are having the most lovely day today.  The weather is stunning, I've got all the windows open for the first time in ages!
I've finished my current sewing project, I've changed the puppy bedding, done three loads of washing... oh yeah... quite pleased with my day.
Just thinking about what to do for dinner now.

OH and yep... I think the Metformin has stopped my appetite in it's tracks!  I'm still eating, but I actually don't feel hungry???  How weird is that... I might just try and use that to my advantage... anything that stops me eating is a good thing!
I do still hanker after me desert island... with Diet Coke on Tap!  lol

ABOVE:  Shoddy photo of the pups just now... cos I had to use me phone.  Camera's battery died.   Hence, no video right now.  I promise there will be one tomorrow.

End of Day:  we had dinner at Sylvia Park tonight... which was nice.  I had a carbless kebab... which consists of salad and mixed meats with hummus .. it was lovely. 
Now home and going to just enjoy the rest of the evening.
nite nite


  1. More puppies please:) or puppies with large holey crackers bwahahah ? Lol ok I just had more painkillers sigh anyway hope you get to "bottom" of things with the metformin ?

  2. I have taken Metformin for years. My doctor told me a long time ago that if my tummy problems didn't settle down to take my pills at night before bed (all of them). That meant any issues I had were gone first thing in the morning and the rest of the day was good. I do know that if I drink any alcohol it seems to make that part worse. :-( Good luck with that. It does get better.

  3. My sister has been on metformin for quite a while and she had no ill effects ...she did notice weight loss with it, to her delight.

  4. Our pharmacist is prettygood they will discuss anything you ask them, hope it settles down soon. i will wait with intrepidation for PUPPIES if it isn't baby photo fixes it's puppies YAY YAY YAY!

  5. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Chris, I'll tell you my experience with Metformin. For 2 years I took 500 mg once a day and all was well - no side effects. Metformin is the best medication to take for as long as you can take it. Then in the spring he bumped me up to 1000 mg. - and the reason for that was my sugar was up. I had been cheating for about 2 weeks with lots of candy, chips and ice cream. So he bumped it up. When you take 1000 mg. the side effects are diarrhea. I used to take my pills in the morning, but don't any more because I have to be near the bathroom in the morning. So, I've started taking it after dinner and only have one bought in the morning and that's it, instead of 5-6 times in the morning. When I told my Doctor about it he told me to live with it. That's just what it does. He told me when I got the urge to go I better head to the bathroom or I'd shit my pants. I've had one close call....But for me, I have found if I take it in the evening it's much better. I don't make any early morning appoitnments. When I went to the dog show for 5 days, I didn't take it at all because I couldn't risk having to go while I was in the ring, or waiting... I realize that wasn't a smart thing to do, but I felt I had too. You'll just have to adjust it to your daily schedule. Just thought this might help you....debbie

  6. Anonymous12:47 PM

    One more thing. The instructions will tell you not to drink alcohol. With 500 mg. I had no effect. BUT, with the 1000 mg. it makes me very nausea!! soooo...I quit having my Friday night toddies....debbie

  7. Chris I take metformin 500mgs twice a day. Important that you take it straight after food to minimise side effects (ie, the shits!) I don't take it if I am having a meal out because I just can't risk it! Doctor says it's no problem missing a dose now and then. I am not diabetic but have borderline blood sugar and doctor prescribed metformin to prevent developing diabetes. It has been known to help with weight loss so that's another plus!

  8. PS: it's a good safe drug. One of the better ones available.

  9. Here's hoping it won't take your body long to get used to the drug.

    Then you can post puppy videos and I can hear your accent:)

  10. Anonymous6:13 PM

    oh my the puppies have got SO big! Hope your feeling better soon. Bee - GC

  11. I have taking a metformin for 2 reduce unwanted callories from should consult with your doctor before taking a metformin pills.


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