Friday, October 05, 2012


The pups are changing all the time, so I take lots of 'progress' photos, today you get their faces on Day 12...

ABOVE: there they are in order of birth... the boys first, then the girls.  If you look hard enough you can actually see their eyes starting to open!
In just a couple more days all their eyes WILL be open, then after that their ears will open too.
This is a very exciting time cos they look so different with their eyes open.

Today:  I'm off to see the Dr for a review of the medication I am on AND to discuss me going on diabetes medication.  *sigh*... I know I'm fighting a losing battle on that one I think.  NOT that I have helped myself at all... I own that.

I'm going to leave Bex in charge at home, she can practise motherhood with Keera, Brylee and Griffin.   lol


My night with Keera went something like this:
Bed at 10pm.
Baby spat the dummy out and cried.
I got out of bed and put it back in.
5 minutes later... baby spat the dummy out and cried.
I got out of bed and put it back in.
5 minutes later... baby spat the dummy out and cried.
I got out of bed.................................. and on and on and on it went.
So I took her down to the lounge so we didn't keep Stew awake.
And the 'dummy in' ... 'dummy out' continued for 2 hours straight.

I finally reached a point where I said 'ENOUGH!', and took the dummy away.
She fell asleep right away cos she was exhausted.  So was I!

4am... baby woke for a bottle, which she skulled in one go.  And went right back to sleep... NO DUMMY.

8am... and I am waiting for her to wake again, and I have my resolve set.  There will be NO DUMMY anymore.   I hope Lacy can do it too, cos her wanting to suck the dummy ALL THE TIME is a right pain in the butt.

DUMMY = BINKY or whatever you call it in your part of the world.

Doctor visit:  they upped me anti depressants to the maximum dose.  And prescribed Metformin... starting on a low dose.
Apparently I can now look forward to an upset tummy for a few days... with lots of visits to the bathroom predicted.  Oh yaaaa.

Stew just rang.  His Mother passed away this morning.  It was much quicker than the Doctors had anticipated.  Stew is so very glad he went down when he did.  He is undecided if he will go down for her funeral or not.  Work is manic right now so it may not be an option.

I just returned Miss Muppet to her Mummy, and am proud to say she did not get the dummy at all today... AND she took her bottle really well for a change.  I am quite sure Lacy will give the dummy back, as she won't be able to stand the crying!  Knowing her it will only take ... hmmmm..... 2 minutes!  lol

On our way home from Lacy's we stopped and waited for Steve to finish work so we could drive him home to save his ankle. 

He has to get an MRI scan done on his ankle.  The Dr who he saw yesterday for a review on the ankle was an orthopedic specialist and he was not happy with his ankle at all.  It 'clicks' when it shouldn't.  

SOUTHGIRL:  Did you know Janette or her family?  Your earlier comment about Stew's Mum made him think you might have?

End of Day:  I'm looking forward to my bed tonight, so is Stew.  We are both a bit 'done' after the up's and down's of this week.  Today was a sad day for Stew... losing his Mum.  Not many people lose TWO MUMS in their lifetime, but he has.  He's also crazy busy at work... I don't know how he keeps going sometimes.
nite nite


  1. I swear dummies are a waste of time & more trouble than they are worth. I have never seen the point of them.

  2. Oh, how I want me some puppies!

    We call it Binky here, and I hate them. I'm old school; let them comfort themselves with their thumbs! There's just as much overbite from Binky's as there are from thumbs! Besides, do we really want to put the orthodondists out of work? LOL!!

  3. Just nipped over quickly to see if all is well in your camp ,I,m siting here having a quick scan with a jar of peanut butter for company

    Looked a few blogs back , Keera beautiful

  4. You may need a nana nap this afternoon,. Cheers Glenys

  5. You may need a nana nap this afternoon. Cheers Glenys

  6. Haylea never had one. Sienna had one in hospital as it was recommend to help her open her teeny tiny mouth now with out one she has a big mouth having a spak over it. And Bodhi only has one occasionally as he has been sucking on me like a dummy, I learnt with sienna it's not a full time thing only when he gets like that and he's not a real fan of them any way. It takes a lot to get him to keep it in lol.

  7. Sorry to hear about Dtews mum- hugs to you all!
    Good luck with the new prescription.
    Just wondered have you tried a naturopath??? something different and might not be so hard on the tummy? - altho sometimes they aren't as strong/quick which is a bummer!
    Keep strong!

  8. It was good that Stew went when he did....and more important that he went when she was still alive than for the funeral.
    The pups are so cute. I love how they look so much alike, but are really very different if you look at their markings.

  9. Anonymous1:12 PM

    Condolences to you guys, it's never nice when family or pets (who are also family in my opinion) pass away! Big hugs!!

    No advice about dummies.... my fur-baby loves her bones! Keeps her quiet for hours!!

  10. Rachel never took to a dummy as I tried once... In hindsight after reading some stories, I am so glad that we never got her into that habit! Though some babies do need them for reflux etc...

    So sorry to hear about Stew's mum. My sympathies to you and Stew and all the family xxx

    Loving the puppy photos, my fav puppy is Chilli :)

  11. Sorry to hear about Stews Mum.
    I am not a believer in traveling far to go to a funeral. I think that it is far more important that Stew visited before his mother passed away rather than visit for a funeral.

    I have decided that I will notify one of Dh's sisters. The other 5 havent made contact in many years, we were expected to visit and ring them all the time.

  12. I hate dummies. DD was given one as she was 11 weeks prem and it helped with her sucking reflex but she wouldn't use it by the time that she left hospital. DH thinks they are great and wanted me to try DS with one but thankfully he didnt really enjoy it.

  13. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Stew you were meant to go down and see Mum when you did.RIP Jannette.x

    Regards Southgirl.x

  14. My condolences for your loss. That was good Stu made the trip when he did. Hope you guys have a peaceful weekend.

  15. Apologies for my spelling mistake with Stews name - Note to self - re read what you type!

  16. Hugs to you and Stew xoxo

  17. Sorry to hear about Stew's Mom's passing - my condolences and thought are with you.
    The puppies are so cute (and I am not even a dog person !!!!) - I am sure it will be hard for you to let them go.
    Have the best weekend !

  18. Stew will cherish that time with his mum too and glad he got to see her and his family down there, I hope your next few days aren't too fraught with toilet stops, samuel never had a dummy BECAUSE he cut his first tooth at 3 months!!!! he kept going had 8 teeth by 12 months!!! at 12 months for the first time ever he took a bottle of milk/juice or water that lasted 4 weeks then onto baby cup, he was breastfed until 2 1/2 yrs old. LOOKING down into that mouth with all those teeth NOT CUTEY!

  19. Prayers for Stew and all of you. I'm so glad he was able to go before. I hope he is doing ok.

  20. Anonymous7:00 PM

    Oh Steve I hope that ankle is NOT broken.As my husband was told the same thing with his leg.Five days later an orthopaedic Surgeon told him it was fractured below the kneecap.Good luck with your MRI.

    Regards Southgirl.

  21. Please send Stew my condolences,I am so pleased he was able to get to see her and say goodbye. Had he not done that then I think going to the funeral would be more important.

    I have never had any problems with Metformin in fact if anything the opposite of what you have been led to expect. It took awhile for me to understand my diabetes but after nearly 9yrs now i realise the importance of getting things right as I am sure you will.

  22. Sorry to hear about Stews mum, condolences to Stew and all the family, so glad he made the trip when he did.
    Hope Steve's ankle is going to be okay.

  23. Take care Stew and Chris.

  24. I'm so glad Stew got to go visit his mom ((hugs to him and you))

    The puppies are so dang cute!

    That sucks Steve's ankle is still messed up :(

  25. Anonymous9:05 AM

    LOVE THE PUPPY PICTURES!! SOOOO CUTE!! I am on Metformin for 2 years now and have had no problems. It's so important to face the reality of having Diabetes. I was in shock, but you will feel soooooooo much better when you are on it!! I promise. I take Metformin 500mg once a day...debbie

  26. Anonymous8:49 AM

    I haven't been in blog land for few days sorry to read Stew mother has passed yes he'll be pleased he made the trip down this way last month
    Hugs for him

  27. Please give Stew my sympathy on the passing of his Mother. I am sad to hear this news. xoxo

  28. Sorry to hear about Stew's mum. I hope he can go - miserly of his employer if they won't let him attend!

    Mmmmm. Puppies. :)

    Ahhh, I remember the dummy game so well. And it's been about 18 years since I last played it...

  29. I wish I lived near your house. Then I could adopt one of your cute puppies.


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