Sunday, October 14, 2012


I took a little video of the shitty weather yesterday... and here it is:

Now you too can see why it was an inside, do nothing day!
If you had gone out in that you might as well have jumped into a swimming pool fully clothed.

MORO BAR.  Yeah well, Bex was lying on the couch last night and Steve gave her a Moro Bar... but she didn't eat it right away, so it was a 'photo opportunity' for me:

ABOVE:  so we have Bex, her baby belly, her Moro Bar and Lacy trying to nick it!  Such a flattering photo I must say.  The baby was having a kick too... which was so cute.

Today... well I think we are going out to check out a new PC for me.  I have been using my current laptop for the last 5 years and it keeps overheating and dying... and the sound board is dead too... Try having a 'conversation' over SKYPE when you have to ask the other side to type instead of talk.  Not fun.
The guys have told me laptops are NOT meant to be run constantly for 16 hours a day!  Hmmmm... I suppose that explains the overheating!  And the very DEAD battery!  It has to be plugged into the mains now or it won't go at all.

Seems I can get an 'All In One' PC that can sit on the computer trolley that I use in the lounge.  Sounds good to me.  NOT that I will be buying one TODAY... it will have to be towards the end of the year.  So just 'window shopping' today.
That is still fun...


So, it's 10.30 am and I'm sitting in the lounge putting on me face cos we are going out shortly... when I hear Bex laughing her head off in the kitchen.... Steve comes into the lounge and say's:

"Bex is going to piss herself laughing"... so I grab me camera (of course!) ...  and go to see what she's almost pissing herself over:

 ABOVE:  seriously!  She is crossing her legs so she doesn't wet herself!

ABOVE:  I said to her "What the hell are you laughing at?"....

ABOVE:  She said "Look at those shoes!"  and I said "What is wrong with them?"


Awww, those are the funky shoes Stew bought in Sydney years ago!  He wears them very occasionally ... like today. lol

We all went out, supposedly to look at computers and do the grocery shopping.  Well we did look at computers, we did have lunch and we DID NOT do the grocery shopping.

Neither Stew or I felt like it... so we came home and are going to just chill out for the afternoon.
Steve and Bex have gone off somewhere on their own... which will be nice for them.
Living in our house means they don't get much 'alone' time.

End of Day:  well it's been a fairly nice day in all.... had a nice evening too.  Dinner was beef spare ribs and veges.  Really yum cooked in a sticky rib marinade.
We are now watching 'Date Night' on TV, so far I'm not that impressed.
nite nite


  1. If I had shown our weather yesterday you wouldn't have seen outside for the rain! I felt like a moro bar but the rain prevented me from driving down and getting it.

  2. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Nothing wrong with those shoes with the aussie flag on them! Love them! Young people have no taste do they haha! WOMBAT

  3. Anonymous12:43 PM

    Bex is hilarious!! You are lucky as she appears to be such a lovely daughter in law to be. I still read your blog each day, I have finally cracked the weight loss curse and have lost 15kgs so far through the Shannan Ponton fast track challenge & my hubby has lost 26kgs - all in 8 weeks!! Keep posting your beautiful life as I love the updates so much. Bec

  4. I have to agree with Bex there's nothing right with them!

  5. Anonymous2:14 PM

    I love Stew's shoes!!! Good on him for having a sense of fun!!

    Re the laptop: I have been using a laptop for at least 16 hours a day everyday for years.... I start it up at about 7am and it doesn't get shut down til well after 10pm (at school all day) it is plugged in and at times the use is quite intense with demanding software (photoshop, illustrator, indesign) and I have not had any problems. I was using a macbook which are very expensive and now I use a thinkpad... my point being laptops can be used all day everyday and I would do further research while you have the time and then wait til Noel Leemings all the likes have a boxing day sale. I personally would stick to a laptop. (just felt you needed my 2 cents worth)

    PS. Don't let anyone tell you how awesome iPad's are - I use mine for reading books (kindle) but I don't like using it for surfing the internet - it just isn't the same :-)

  6. lol @ bex luv the shoes stew :)

  7. Those are some great pictures. Bex looks so happy. I think Stew's shoes are pretty cool, I wouldn't wear them, but they look great on him! :)

  8. Love Stew's shoes! Bex has a great smile when she laughs. I bet it's contagious!
    Alone time is important. I now know what you mean- came back from my cruise and my daughter and her boyfriend have moved in for a little while! Another dog, too.

  9. Wow that rain sucks!

    LMAO on her trying not to pee herself haha.

  10. Anonymous3:35 AM

    They simply keep coming.


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