Thursday, October 18, 2012


Since I was prescribed Metformin, and actually started taking it... I am constantly forgetting to take the lunch time one!  Grrrrr.

So... I got out me phone and worked out how to get a daily lunch time reminder to take the bloody pill:

ABOVE:  it worked!  Rather proud I could get it to work... I'm not that savvy with these phones that can do all sorts of stuff.

TODAY:  Well... I might just do some sewing.  That new fabric is calling my name. *smiles*

There were some other plans for the day ... but I understand they have been shelved?

No matter.  Gunna be a nice day I'm sure.  

Can't wait to try the puppies with some 'food' again today.  Wonder how many are keen on it?

Before I go... how about some...... PUPPY PHOTOS! ....  lol

After I had weighed the pups last night I put them out on the lounge floor:

 ABOVE: Then I called Teddy to come to me.  Only, he was too scared of the puppies and hid behind Steve!  There was NO WAY IN HELL he was coming near them!

ABOVE: most of the pups really enjoyed being in a larger area to run around... not that they can run as such, more of a stagger really.  They are just so damn cute right now.

ABOVE:  I thought we did really well.. ONLY THREE PIDDLES on the carpet!  There is going to be a day when we have at least a dozen!

ABOVE: Finally a really lovely photo of little Poppy.  Feisty little madam... butter wouldn't melt in her mouth.

ABOVE:  after playing for about 15 minutes they were absolutely knackered!  Precious.


My 'mantra' for today will be:
I must NOT, I must NOT... get me tits in a knot.
Cool, calm and collected....

UPDATE:  we were supposed to be meeting a certain man today....

9.45 am.  Lacy got a phone call from her lawyer...  THE MAN had decided at the last minute that it didn't suit him to see a certain baby today after all.... it was TOO SHORT NOTICE FOR HIM!

More likely it's his birthday today and he wanted to get wasted.

If he really, really wanted to see a certain baby he would have done everything he could to be there.  EVERYTHING.

BUT Yaaa.. it meant Lacy and I could go shopping, so we did.

I bought a really cute little Voice Recorder... it may just come in handy.
Griffin and Brylee argue something rotten some days, so now I can hide the little recorder near them and when one of them says "he said/she said" and the other denies it... I can just hit PLAY and see whose telling the truth!

 I'm feeling quite GLEEFUL about that... it's another weapon in me arsenal against annoying kids!

*** DON'T try and fool a reformed smoker.  Just Saying. ***

End of Day:  feeling utterly knackered tonight.  I think I've been a bit 'wound up' today, even though the 'meeting' did not go ahead.  My head is pounding, so it will be early to bed for me I think.  (Ha!  as if 10.30 pm is early!)
nite nite.


  1. Love those pups! I know they are a lot of work, though.

  2. Anonymous9:50 AM

    Cool carm & collected I like that will be thinkin of you both

    donna @ work

  3. the puppies look cute as, POOR Teddy he does so look like uh uh NO way I ain't coming past those little balls of Coco gonna bite me fluff!


  5. Love the puppy pics, they are so cute, especially now they are getting older.

    Keep repeating that mantra to your self!!

  6. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Yeah glad the certain person couldnt be bothered :)

    donna at work

  7. Good for you that he cancelled....hopefully he will do that every time and then just go away. It sounds like he is not too motivated to have the visit.

  8. Am glad to hear you didn't have to go through the stress of meeting up with that certain man !
    Have the best day !

  9. I am proud that you are proud of your phone tech savviness. Your posts almost always make me smile.
    Damn dogs! Pizzling on the carpet! Those dogs are putting the "pet" in carPET!


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