Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Can you believe it?  I can't.
I am on me own today... everyone is gone... kids to school, men to work and Bex back to work in Hamilton.

What will I do?  Hmmm.... I could spend the day doing housework?

Or sewing?
Or ... or....  hell... I might just go and buy a LITTLE bit of fabric!  I am having withdrawal symptoms I'm sure of it!

Oh and guess what?  The Metformin seems to have killed my hunger pangs!  I don't even feel like eating sometimes, and I only do cos it's 'Lunchtime' or 'Dinner time'.... habit!  I really want to start listening to my own body... and not feed it just cos it's 'time' for a meal!  The number of times lately I have eaten then felt revolting is increasing... and I can only think it's cos I am not even hungry.

Must work on that.

*sigh*... might as well add a puppy photo... cos I can... and there has been no opportunity to take any today yet!

ABOVE: so cute, Saffron was playing with this little toy last night.   The pups must be teething cos they are all starting to chew things.... yaaa... next thing to happen will be them biting each other, their own paws etc and crying about it!  lol
That stage is rather funny to watch... *smiles*

Stew helped me with the weigh in last night with the puppies, and it was the first time he had held each and every one of the pups!  I got some darling photos... DON'T WORRY!  I didn't post them all!  lol

ABOVE:  I love that Stew is so gentle and loving towards ALL BABIES!  He's the loveliest man ever. 

Right... time to go and make a start on the day...


I had to smile at my clothesline today:

ABOVE:  I washed a few baby clothes and the puppy soft toys...

ABOVE: and this baby gown.  I have two of them, they are VERY SPECIAL... cos Stew's MUM (the one that raised him) made them for me when I was pregnant with Steve!  They are 26 years old!  I hope Bex uses them... even if it's only a couple of times.  Stew's MUM died when Steve was only 11 months old.  It was so sad, she only got to spend such a short time with her  first grandchild.  


This morning:  I picked up Lacy and Keera and we went to Spotlight, where I got a few fabrics... then we came home.

When I feed Coco, I put her food bowl in the whelping box and once she is finished I put it up out of reach of the pups and Teddy.

Today I did what I have been doing, and fed her in the whelping box... but today one of the puppies (Dill) decided to dive in and help herself to a pellet and she started to choke!

OMG I was off my seat in a flash, upending that puppy and giving her a little shake... and thankfully the pellet came out of her mouth.  I was terrified I was going to lose another puppy!

Deep breath... she is fine.  Clearly the pups are showing an interest in 'food' so I got my trusty mortar and pestle and ground a few puppy pellets .. added boiled water and gave them a taste.

 ABOVE: pups showing an interest in Coco's lunch...

 ABOVE:  my mortar and pestle, which I love.  Stewy got it for me years ago...

 ABOVE: pups checking out the food... most of them had a lick or two.  It will take a few days for them to get used to it and actively want to eat it.  

ABOVE:  the fabric I got today.  A Nursery panel, some really lovely patchwork block fabric and the lilac fabric, which was in their sale area... I got lots of it cos it is a versatile colour and it's pretty too.

The BEST thing about today?  Lacy came back to mine and she's doing all my vacuming as my lower back just KILLS ME when I vacum, wash floors and hold a bent posture for too long.

Ahhh the joys of having a bad back eh?

End of Day:  well an interesting day today.  Loved having someone else do me vacuming!  
nite nite.


  1. So glad to hear that things went well with Lacy.

    These are such sweet pictures of Stew with the puppies!

  2. Aww those pics are so precious!!

    I got to use a few outfits that had been made for my mother for my oldest. I wish I would have kept them.

  3. Anonymous9:35 AM

    You are an excellent blogger! No one else can take a picture of their clothsline and make it interesting. Genius, I tell ya!
    Beware the razor sharp puppy teeth!

  4. Hi Chris! ... I received the AMAZING wall-hanging you made yesterday and I barely have words to say how much I love it.

    I just adore the colours you've chosen, the greens and reds. Perfect for his room! And I think you've added some gorgeous "bling" for me which I think is the cutest. Also, I love the 3D effect of the plants in the bottom left corner.

    Truly, it's an amazing work of art and your talent (and generosity) is overwhelming.

    I tried to get a picture of Guy holding it this morning, but unforch the camera batteries are dead... but it will be on "me" blog v. v. soon!

    Enjoy your day alone.... with all those pups, you are never alone! xxxxxxx

  5. So cute the puppies and Stew - love the outfit made by Steves grandmother - so precious - I am sure they will use it!

  6. Hi Chris - where to start... The reason you are not feeling so much hunger is because the metformin is taking care of your excess insulin. This is EXACTLY what happens eating low carb which is why I don't feel hunger and have been banging on about it for so long. Make the most of it! I'm not sure how long that feeling lasts (going by my sister's experience). I might even blog about this subject so be warned, I won't be talking specifically about you :)

    Ah the little gowns we used to put babies in. They are not used now but I think they shoud come back because you could tuck baby's legs in them and keep them snug. I made all mine for my kids - I sewed everything myself in those days. I think Bex will love it, just because it was Steves. They are an adorable couple and I know they will be happy, you can just see it.

  7. Love your pictures, Chris! the puppies are so adorable...and so is Stew!

    I miss being able to hang clothes out on a line! There are so many rules where I live. Most everyone uses dryers, but you can't beat the fresh smell of sheets that have dried outside!

    Hope you had a wonderful day on your own!

  8. Don't worry about the housework - it'll still be there tomorrow or the next day ! Enjoy the day by yourself doing whatever takes your fancy !
    Have a good one whatever you decide to do.

  9. Gorgeous photos of Stew and puppies and funny photo of clothesline a real mix of things, good girl Lacy for vaccumming!

  10. My mother used to have a stone mortar and pestle to pound chilli and shallots or dried prawns and onions and stuff. Most traditional families own one. I spent a lot of time as a kid pounding stuff for my mother. When I got married, I bought a grinder.

  11. The puppies are beyond adorable. Hope you enjoyed your first day of freedom. Great photos.


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