Tuesday, October 02, 2012



ABOVE:  getting to be a big girl.  She got her 'presents' this morning....

ABOVE:  this is what I decided to give her... seeing as she didn't know what she wanted!
Home made Gift Certificates.

I suppose that means we will be going shopping today!  

I mentioned yesterday that Miss Muppet was trying to do something... the following photos explains it all:


ABOVE:  not happy on me tummy Grandma!

Now, the other thing I mentioned yesterday... what is different about our puppies?

ABOVE:  see?  Cute wee black noses now.  Next thing to happen will be their eyes opening, then their ears... THEN they will walk!

 ABOVE:  I don't know what's more gorgeous... our puppies...

 ABOVE:  or our wee Keera!  

ABOVE:  listening to Uncle Steve ever so intently.

ABOVE:  yeah, this is her dead pan face.

Right, that's probably quite enough photos for now!


Had a piddle late last night... and I spot something large on the wall just by the door.  Can't think what it is?  It's too big to be anything ALIVE surely?  So... once piddle is done... I move towards the door to see what that is?   FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!  It's a MONSTER cockroach!  I mean HUGE... like the biggest bugger I have ever, ever seen.... I can hardly move with fear... but I manage to get out the door without screaming holy blue murder.
Then I just stand in me bedroom.... too scared to do anything... kinda like flapping me arms aimlessly. (lol)
Poor Stew wakes up and says "What's the matter?"... so I tell him about that HUGE cockroach ... so the MAN drags himself out of bed at 11.45 pm and deals with it.
He flushed that bugger down the toilet.

Luckily I did not dream about it.

4 HOURS.  Shopping.  With kids.  Kill me now.
On a brighter note, Brylee got ...

ABOVE:  A cute tiered summer skirt, new togs and some hair clips with her '1 DRESS' voucher. An activity book with her 'Toy Shop' voucher, a new Smiggle Diary with her 'Book' voucher and on another day she will get her EB Game.  Her hair appointment is booked for next tuesday.
She is looking forward to that.

 ABOVE:  Lacy bought her some summer shoes for her birthday.

 ABOVE:  Brylee showing off her new togs and skirt... they go together really well.
She loves them... which is nice to know.
Lacy made her laugh by flashing her bra behind my back.  Nice... I would have flashed me tits.

ABOVE:  lunch in the kids play area of the Parent's Room... cos there was simply NO ROOM in the food court... it was jam packed!  Terrible photo taken with me phone!

ABOVE: last photo for the day (I promise!) is of Tanya who works at the photo kiosk... she nicked the baby!  *smiles*

This afternoon was spent having a wee nana nap, taking Lacy and Keera home, picking up Steve from work and then making dinner.  Stew arrived home with an amazing chocolate cake for Brylee's Birthday.

End of Day:  a lovely day in all!  Brylee enjoyed her birthday heaps.  Which is nice to know.
nite nite


  1. Keera is absolutely gorgeous Chris. It must be so lovely to have so much contact with her... I'm sure you'll play a very important role in her life. I lived close to my Nana when I was young and it was a very special relationship which lasted a lifetime.

  2. Happy Birthday Brylee. Have fun shopping.

  3. Happy Birthday to Brylee - and love the photos of the puppies and Keera.
    Crickey - Chris - bugger that - well done on the restraint for not screaming down the house! and glad no dreams followed!

  4. Happy Birthday Brylee! What wonderful gifts!!!

    Such beautiful babies in your house ...canine and human!

    I would have screamed and woke the whole house up ...you have much better control!

  5. Happy Birthday Brylee, have an awesome day and enjoy those vouchers :)

  6. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Happy Birthday Brylee 12 Yaeeeee :)Love Lacy n your little Sis Keera xoxoxox

  7. Anonymous9:57 AM

    Happy b'day brylee

  8. Happy birthday Brylee I hope that you have a fantastic day x x lots of love uncle Russ, Tess and the kids.
    Chris the coupons were a fantastic Idea better then just some cash in a card you are giving me some ideas.
    As for the roach we get LARGE one here as well if I screamed everytime I saw one I would be ALOT lol have got it controlled now lol. 63 days to go whoo hoop

  9. Have a very special birthday Brylee :) 12 is a wonderful time of your life.. enjoy it! :)

    Hope you have a really nice day

    Anne & Toni-Maree

  10. I'd like those vouchers myself (though I'd change the game and toy shop to fabric vouchers!) Hope Brylee has a great day look forward to see what dress, book etc she picks

  11. Happy Birthday to Brylee....a special day today as it's Jim's birthday too :)
    Love all the photos. :) Those vouchers were a great idea. :0
    Have a wonderful day :)

  12. Home made gift certificates! How clever.
    Keera is so cute. You are so lucky to see her so often.
    And the pups are adorable, too. Can't wait to see the eyes open.

  13. I HATE cockroaches, I am impressed you didn't scream the house down I know I would have. Siobhan found one once while she was in the bath, she was screaming & leapt out of the bath I called Samyson is because - well he's a boy so should be able to rescue us. He managed to get it in a glass with a piece of cardboard underneath then ran screaming like a girl out to the front door & there the lot including the glass outside.

  14. What a fantastic gift idea! Love it! U r so clever chick!

  15. Happy Birthday Brylee have an awesome day...what a good idea chris personal gift certs. LUVVVVV the pics of keera and the puppies too cute...

  16. Happy Birthday Brylee. You will both have lots of fun with the gift shopping.

    Not even going to mention the cockroach.


  17. Or that we call them Matarangi Beetles or Pine Beetles. Just makes then easier to deal with.

  18. OMG, I hate hate cockroaches.

  19. Happy birthday to Brylee!

    Cockroaches can just stay away from me please. You are lucky Stew got up and flushed it for you. I'd have been left to deal with it myself.

    As usual the puppies and Keera are gorgeous. They'll all be rolling over soon!

  20. What a great idea for a birthday gift that's awesome. Hope Brylee has a neat day love the puppies and Keera photos she is on the move and what better way to be moving and motivated to move by following puppies.

  21. Anonymous7:12 PM

    Happy 12th birthday Brylee!!
    Must have been fun shopping with your vouchers, the cossy and skirt are lovely. Enjoy the rest of the day. One of my brothers has a birthday today and he is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet, you both have the star sign of Libra, so you must be a special sweet, kind, gentle girl. Have fun for the rest of the school holidays as well. Cheers Glenys

  22. Anonymous7:48 PM

    Happy Birthday Brylee, you look fab in your birthday gifts! Just need a little sunshine now!

  23. Hope Brylee had a very special birthday! Great idea with the vouchers.

  24. Anonymous9:22 PM

    Hi ya, It is always nice to see you guys in at work. You always put a smile on my face. And I did give the baby back, she is a wee doll<3

    Happy Birthday to Brylee! It looks like you have had an awesome day.


  25. Belated Happy Birthday greetings to Brylee. It looks like she had a wonderful day. (Love the voucher gift idea ... well done!)

  26. Happy Birthday Brylee!!!

  27. Happy Birthday to Brylee! Looks like she got some fun stuff!

    That baby is so pretty she looks like a doll.

  28. So glad Brylee had a happy birthday! And gorgeous pictures of the newest girl, too!

    Cockroaches don't thrill me, but they don't send me postal, either. On the other hand... I can deal with just about any animal, insect, amphibian, reptile...whatever. There is only one creature on this earth that will make me scream. Rats. One of my cats is a serious hunter (we live in a rural area...bears, moose, all that kind of thing). Today, by 9am, Devil Cat had killed and brought back three squirrels, a toad, a snake, and..then...for the grand finale...a freaking RAT. She dropped it (dead) on the kitchen floor. I screamed blue murder, chucked a box over it, and left the house. I don't have many neighbours, and they were all out.... I sat outside in my car for nearly FOUR hours (knitting, as it happens) until one of my very sweet 20 year old neighbours came home, and kindly dealt with IT. He even had the grace not to laugh at me!

  29. Sorry it's late but happy birthday to Brylee. What a wonderful idea, I think I'll adopt that for Dobby next year. At sixteen she's going to be rather difficult to buy for, and that also gives an amount they can spend up to. Well done!



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