Friday, October 19, 2012


This morning will be spent sewing... then after lunch I plan on picking up Miss Muppet so that Lacy can go for a follow up visit to the dentist... hopefully she will get a temporary bridge/false tooth for the front of her mouth.

While she's at the dentist Keera and I are going out to Karaka to pick up Steve and Bex's baby quilt.

I can't wait to see how she's done it!  

If I can remember I will take out the cot bumper set so I can show her my efforts too.

ABOVE:  I saw this on Facebook... and thought it was rather funny, so I share.

As I am going to be busy for a while... how about a video of the pups from yesterday?

ABOVE:  I am just loving watching them get more and more mobile and cheeky!  Saffron is so close to getting out of the box on her own.


Lucky I'm flexible with what I can and can't do. I ended up doing housework instead of sewing. Go me!
Oh and I've been sitting looking at the pups... it's time to extend their area a bit I think... so I've been mulling over how to go about it.  I need to buy a good thin rubber floor covering... as I want to keep the pups in the lounge for now.  

Been out and about... bought some thick plastic from Spotlight for the floor (bugger Tracy, read your comment after I got home!)... then I picked up Keera and we went out to the Quilters  to pick up the Cot Quilt. 
Suppose I will be putting the binding on tonight and tomorrow!
Keera refused her bottle when we got home, so now she's on the floor screaming.  I think she might want it in another minute or two!

Well THAT worked.  She took her bottle and is now settled down ready for a nap.  Me?
I'm gunna sit and work out how best to set up the bigger puppy area.


I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment.  Different people in the family just stressing me out... and I just got in the puppy pen to arrange the blankets and a puppy pee'ed on my foot.  NICE.  I suppose it could have been worse... one of them could have pooped on me!

OH and every time, and I mean EVERY TIME I move.... I get a hot flush.  I  just want to bloody scream ... or cry... or both.

End of Day: I am ready for today to be over... I'm tired and grumpy.  I blame it MOSTLY on the fact that my hot flushes are back with a massive vengence.... I just want them to be OVER.  They are cruel. 
nite nite.


  1. Oh so busy!! I can't wait to see how much their new owners are going to love these beautiful puppies! It would be lovely if some of your first puppy families would share a little with us how things are going. God bless! :)

  2. Anonymous7:17 AM

    The puppies look so cute waddling around and falling over! I like to hear them growl. It's so funny!! Keep the videos coming!! ...debbie

  3. What fun watching the puppies grow.
    I hope Lacy gets some kind of temporary tooth...that will make her feel a lot better.

  4. They are getting so big all of a sudden!! Too cute!

    GL to Lacy, I imagine she can't wait to get something in there.

  5. omg they are so cute ...i would sit and watch them all day a real time waster...have a good day Im sure the quilt will be awesome good luck to lacy too

  6. If you just wanted some plastic for the floor we have heaps, hubby makes plastic bags & we have all shapes & sizes in stupid quantities I am happy to give you.

  7. Those puppies are super adorable and almost, ALMOST make me want another.

  8. Such gorgeous little puppies!!!!!!!!!!!! :0)

  9. Never mind - if you need any more plastic let me know. I should have sent a text instead of leaving a comment here :-)

    have a lovely weekend.

  10. Oh the pups are so delightful and boy they are growing so fast.....

    Gee before long they will be on the grass running.

  11. Those puppies are so cute!! (Just as well I don't live in Auckland cos you'd probably get sick of me wanting to visit to see the puppies. I have to make do with a work colleagues kittens at present - and they too are pretty cute!). Have a great weekend.

  12. Hope things settle down and you have a good weekend. Puppies and babies they just melt the heart.


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