Tuesday, October 30, 2012



That is all.

I hate how behind I get... so many of you are so LOVELY to leave me a comment so often... yet I hardly ever do now.  Life is so... busy.

Last week was a write off thanks to a particularly nasty tummy bug.  Never want to go through a week like that again.

I took some photos of pups yesterday, hopefully for the Trade Me advert I need to get sorted and online soon:

So far I've only managed to get Jazz and Chilli's photos taken:

ABOVE: Little Jazz, she has ratbag written all over her!

ABOVE:  Jazz, only a little girl... but full of mischief.

ABOVE:  Chilli, a really darling little boy...

ABOVE:  Chilli is a more placid, laid back boy.

Today... as I said, blogs... and later on maybe try getting a couple more pups photos done.


Today is going to plan!  I'm reading/commenting on blogs.. it's lovely to catch up with my favourites!

I read a few, then jump up and do ONE JOB around the house.. I just heard the washing machine finish, so that's me next job.

It may be a lovely sunny day today, but I'm cold!  I've got warm socks on and a cardigan!

I'm just thankful really... I get so many hot flushes,  being cold is FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC.

LYNISE:  I sent you a private e-mail re Dill. Let me know if you got it?

Done... 3 and a half HOURS blog reading is enough for me. I've got one last load of washing to hang out and me housework is done too.
I've got a crockpot of bacon and green pea soup simmering away for dinner... I'm ON TO IT today!  It's a good feeling.


ABOVE:  25 year old sons are NO BETTER at keeping their room tidy than a teenager.  *sigh*   Now I just close the door so I can't see it!

ABOVE: this soup is starting to smell divine!

LUNCHTIME!  Off to find something semi healthy... 

Realised half way through lunch I was not hungry!  So the dogs got lucky.

Got some really lovely photos of Dill :

 ABOVE:  Darling Dill.

 ABOVE:  Adorable girl.

ABOVE:  Dill has good taste, she's teething on me diamonds... lol !

ABOVE:  Dill trying to pose!  lol

I also got some of Pepper:

ABOVE: our littlest girl Pepper... she's a real honey.

 ABOVE:   posing Pepper...

ABOVE:  She has just the sweetest little face.

ABOVE:  she makes me just melt... she is a very quiet, gentle little girl.

Both these puppies got their first hair cut too.. around their eyes... so I could get better photos..... Chilli and Jazz's photos are going to be taken again ... after I trim around their eyes too.

My camera battery went flat.  I feel... like someone just chopped off me right arm!

KAREN:  my puppies are Bichon / Shih Tzu cross... or a 'designer' dog!  lol.  They are just adorable... don't shed hair, don't smell  ... well unless they are very wet!  and they are very very loyal and loving, and don't need to be taken on long walks for exercise either! Running around the house is enough for them.  I love them to bits.

End of Day: really tired tonight.. been a bit of a... stressful afternoon.  But happily resolved now.
nite nite.


  1. awwwwwwww I not looking I not looking I WANT ONE waaaaaaaaa......

  2. You've had your hands full for weeks. I can't imagine how tough it was with everyone sick including yourself.

    If you go to my blog don't be shocked/ I'm doing a lot of arithmetic and it's hard work *smile*

    Have a trally lovely day with you and the pups.


  3. Good morning, I was showing my aunty (who is reasonably elderly) your puppies as I think it would be great for her to have a wee companion dog but she is asking LOADS of questions regarding their 'upkeep' as she puts it.

    How many times a day do they need to be fed

    How much exercise do they need (as she isn't overly mobile these days. Still does her own housework and gardening etc but can't walk the 1km to the dairy anymore as she has dodgy hips.

    Do they need to live inside or would they be ok put in a conservatory at night (she has a cat door in their but doesn't like the thought of a dog wandering around the whole house at night.

    I've explained to her that you basically train them how you want them to be, so if they start off being put in a conservatory they will be totally used to that and accept it, but wasn't too sure about the exercise question or how many times they need feeding.

    She loves the look of Dill if that one is still available. She lives in Taupo and they used to have a family dog many moons ago (collie) but wouldnt' want that size dog anymore. She has a fully fenced section at the back (front is open) that would be totally safe for a wee pup to run around on. Anyway let me know (maybe via facebook) what they are selling for and if Dill is still available as I think it would be the perfect companion for her and would be totally doted on and spoilt rotton.

    ( I explained the grooming part of this breed to her but she knows she can take them to a groomer for that, so not something she would have to tackle herself).

  4. Anonymous10:02 AM

    I'm glad things are better for you this week. Love the puppy photos!! ...debbie

  5. oh my gosh!!!! sooooooo cute. i would spoil that puppy rotten!!
    i am trying to catch up on my blog reading today too...we are in Sandys path so we are all just waiting...

  6. Those puppies are gorgeous. Did anything come of the link I sent you?
    I've been very slack at blogging lately......been busy catching up around home in time to go away again, plus lots of appts. LOL
    Take care and have a great day....hopefully summer is on it's way. :)

  7. Those puppies are so cute they are sure to be snatched up soon as soon as you advertise them.....maybe that is why you have put off the advertisement. I'm sure it will be hard to see them go.

  8. Organised chaos is my version of what you call "tidy" lol

  9. The pups are so cute! Can't wait to see more pictures. (I better go look back at some older posts and see if I missed any.)

    Your soup looks good too! It's getting cool enough here now that I'll get around to making some.

  10. WOW you sure have had a busy day today !!! Glad you got done what you wanted / needed to do.
    My 20yo's room looks very similar - I have taken to just shutting the door too !!!
    Have the best day !

  11. Hi Chris - what breed are the pups? Karen

  12. MMMM the soup sounds good! Puppies are as adorable as ever. So glad to hear everyone is on the mend. What a bug!

  13. The up-close pictures are precious. Each one is so darn cute!

  14. Lovely photos of the puppies!

    You arne't giving much hope of all my kids leaving some day lol. Just as long as I only have one home I can still get a craft room right? lol


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