Sunday, October 28, 2012


WHY... WHY... WHY do I never learn that if I eat crap before bedtime I am going to suffer acid reflux and feel sick as a dog?

I. AM. A. FOOL.  I wish I could slap myself, but in this stupid, OVERLY Politically Correct country I would probably end up being arrested for assault!  

Rant over.

Kelly sent me a couple of photos of Rena, which I will share... cos I can:

 ABOVE:  Not so sure about this look, she looks washed out...but we think she looks gorgeous anyway!  And I'm sure she thought she looked awesome.  *smiles*

ABOVE: this is way better, ready for bed and looking adorable.  She's got my eyes... lucky girl.

ABOVE:  Kelly's latest piercing.  Who's with me in thinking it is horrendous?  It looks so... UNCOMFORTABLE.  It makes me cringe.

ABOVE:  I saw this on Facebook the other day... how awesome does that look?  I dislike Kiwifruit and I don't think I could imagine eating Feta Cheese with fruit... so I'd change it to Watermelon/Orange/and Marshmallows!  Might not be quite as visually pleasing, but I'm sure it would taste yummy!
*sigh*... look at me, already planning something else to eat!  Shoot me now.

Before I go... I saw a little picture (also on Facebook) and it made me laugh.  Little Poppy's new Dad was wearing BRIGHT ORANGE Croc's when they visited last Monday....

ABOVE:  I do hope wee Poppy does not do that to his LOVELY croc's!  But ... something tells me Mr Owen's family would not mind!  *snort*

TODAY:  hmmmm... could do some housework.  Could.  But don't really want to.  It can wait until tomorrow when the kids are finally back at school.  They ended up having three weeks holidays due to being sick.  
At least they didn't drive me nuts ... sick kids are quiet kids if nothing else!

I'm hoping it's a nice fine day, cos I really want to get the puppies outside for a lovely play on the grass.  We didn't get around to it yesterday.


So, the morning has gone something like this:


And that is all so far!
We are going to put the groceries away, have lunch, put the puppies outside for a play, then go and check out the new Mitre 10 MEGA that has opened up right next door to Manukau Bunnings!  OOOh I'm gunna love the competition between the two super stores! 

Groceries away - Check
Lunch consumed - Check
Puppies outside - Check....

ABOVE:  I asked Steve to tidy up the fridges while we were grocery shopping... we got back and he was still doing it!  He had taken everything out, scrubbed and washed everything!  All the trays, bins, bottles... what an awesome job done.  So grateful... cos it's a shit job at the best of times.

ABOVE:  the pups are all teething... they have teething toys to chew on...

ABOVE:  and apparently your sibling's tails are good too... that is Poppy chewing on Jazz's tail.

ABOVE: the pups having a play outside after lunch.

 ABOVE:  it's a really lovely day today...

ABOVE:  so funny, Dill got 'stuck' against the fence where there is a little dip.  The pups couldn't stay outside for long... it was too hot for them.  They all started panting, so inside they had to come.  Next time I will take them out late afternoon when it's not so hot.

We visited the new Mitre 10 MEGA store...

ABOVE:  I don't know what I expected... it is a lovely store, has heaps of shit I love buying (tools, wood, paint etc), but it didn't really feel like a massive 'OPENING EVENT'.  Just so-so.  I'm not really into bouncy castles, lollies and cheap and nasty blow up plastic beach balls.  Even our two kids were unimpressed.  They did get to sit inside the Mitre 10 Holden V8 racing Ute... which they did enjoy.  
Some guy took photos and apparently we can upload them in a few days off their Facebook page.  I 'posed' with the engine.... lol.

Mid afternoon, time to just relax for two hours before I have to prepare dinner.  (Lemon Chicken tonight)

Oh MY:  dinner was so yum tonight!  I put Cripsy Noodles on top of the Lemon Chicken and it just made such a difference.  

End of Day:  it's been a lovely day really... so glad it's Sunday night now.  Kids have just gone to bed and they go to school tomorrow !  Excellent.
nite nite.


  1. Do you ever prop up in bed? If you raise the head of your bed 45 degrees it will help. Sorry for the bad night and laughed at the crock.
    I struggle with food too, it talks to me. It calls my name, sometimes it screams!

  2. I love the pink face painted face on Rena sheis growing up fast, those piercings hurt and I cant get one cause my glasses arm rubs on them, puppy poop in shoes maybe not so nice.

  3. Anonymous10:35 AM


  4. I'm sure Rena thought she was just lovely in the face paint and she did look pretty cute. The piercing made me cringe a little too.

  5. My sister in law has a bar like that but it's not quite so far down. I wouldn't want it myself but it looks good on her!

    Love the little "kitty"!

  6. Anonymous12:21 PM

    Keep it up Lacy.The more you keep at Mum she will eventually go and do the tests.


  7. Cute photos of Rena. Have to agree re the piercing - there are certainly more attractive piercings around - it does look like it would be somewhat uncomfortable. Not something I'd personally want to inflict on myself. Have fund checking out your new Mitre 10 MEGA. :)

  8. Pretty Brylee all in pink.

  9. Anonymous1:34 AM

    I always love your posts, pics, and all the action in your life!


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