Tuesday, October 09, 2012


Today Stew's South Island family say goodbye to their Mum.  Even though Stew was adopted out as a little baby, we were lucky enough to find his birth family and have been able to meet them a few times.

ABOVE: Stew and his sisters, Donna and Roanne,  visiting with their Mum. (he also has a brother, Richard ... on his Mother's side)
I hope the day goes well for everyone down there in Hamner Springs today.  The weather is supposed to be rather inclement.

Best not to dwell on it too much.  Really wish we could have been there.  *sad*

Wee Sienna got herself into a spot of bother yesterday....

 ABOVE:  one panic stricken baby girl... played with a Tupperware Shape-O toy... 

ABOVE:  and got her hand stuck inside it!  Russell said she was really scared her hand was GONE!  *smiles*... it's so funny... but not for Sienna!  She got chocolate once Russell got her hand out... so she was a happy wee girl again.

Keera sees the Doctor again today for a check up of the lump on her chest.  Lacy thinks it's growing, whereas I can't decide if it's bigger or not.  So it probably isn't.  But, the Dr wants to check on it every fortnight... so we will be there this morning.

THEN... Brylee has her Birthday Hair Appointment!  I am sure she is going to really enjoy that.

Only other thing on the horizon today is a phone call or text from our Aussy family.  Really looking forward to them coming over at Christmas time.  Just can't wait to hug my little Aussy grandkids.  


ABOVE:  and so... it begins.

ABOVE:  the girls and Griffin waiting....

ABOVE:  Lacy made herself useful...

ABOVE: Brylee's new hairdo... which she loves.

 ABOVE: layers in the length... so pretty.

ABOVE:  then Lacy decided to get her's cut too... funny how she opted for a fringe too!

ABOVE:  looks like we ALL suit a fringe!  (bangs))  Lacy looks stunning... and she just LOVES LOVES LOVES her fringe.

Home now... Lacy and Keera are at their home and Bex and  I are taking a break... and watching Home and Away.  Bliss.

CRANKY:  No, we are behind here in NZ... I'm not sure by how much, but it's not much I think?
Casey just got kidnapped and Bianca's baby Rocco just got put back in hospital and she's mad at Heath.  Bla bla bla.  So.. how far behind are we???

End of Day:  went to bed early... but then remembered I had not 'signed off' for the day... so here I am... signing off on this up and down sorta day. Got a really niggly tummy.. wonder if it's the Metformin... or just me being upset by events tonight? 
nite nite


  1. Poor Sienna! Those are precious pictures...

    Hopefully the lump on Keera turns out to be something very simple. I'm sure Lacy must be very worried. I'll be sending good wishes her way.

    Lots of warm thoughts going to Stew and you today.

  2. Sorry for your family's loss. It's great that Stew got to be there with her.

    Sending prayers for Keera, that it is nothing serious. Glad they are staying on top of it.

    Poor Sienna! Such a doll!

  3. Awwwwwwwwwww poor Sieena bless her, Why don't you or Lacy draw around th espot in permanent pen it will fade of course and see if it crows through the boundary lines? I know they do that with moles sometimes.

  4. I'm sorry to hear about Stew's mum.

    Poor little Sienna and her lost hand.

  5. Sienna looks JUST LIKE YOU! Too cute.

    I know Stew is probably very glad he was able to see his Mum that one last time. I know I am so glad for him that he took the time when he did.

  6. Poor Sienna, I bet she gave herself a fright thinking her hand had disappeared.

    Can't wait to see Brylee's new hair do :-)

  7. Anonymous3:34 PM

    Wow what a huge improvement for both Lacey and Brylee!

  8. Leigh3:38 PM

    Lacy's hair looks beautiful please tell her for me.

  9. Wow - the haircuts are gorgeous. Please tell both girls how stunning they look - Lacy's fringe really frames her eyes :-)

  10. Lacy definitely suits a fringe, looks great on her. I can't remember what Brylee's hair looked like before her new do but her's looks good too. (gee its longggg)

  11. Anonymous5:41 PM

    Silly question but are you up to current H&A eps over the ditch?


  12. Anonymous6:54 PM

    Thank You Leigh, From Lacy :)

  13. Gorgeous hair cuts Brylee and Lacy. Lacy does look stunning !!

    You are about a week behind us in H&A Chris.

  14. Anonymous8:32 PM

    Love Brylee's hair! What an awesome present.

  15. I love Brylee's hair cut! She looks so lovely! And I really think Lacy suits the fringe too! I think the fringe makes her face look a lot softer... And poor Sienna and her hand!

  16. Brylee is growing up, haircut really is lovely with the layers and Love Lacys new do as well. You girls look like you have fun days out together!

  17. Love the girls hair. Brylee looks so grown up.

  18. Love both the hair cuts the fringes suit everyone in your family and lovely hair too.

    Here in uk we are a tad behind NZ in home and away. Last night we had the aftermath of Dex's accident following surgery. I love home and away, my fav prog and neighbours. I never ever watch any uk soaps.

  19. Anonymous10:54 PM

    haha Griffin looks extremely happy to have a girl's day out. Bee ~ Gold Coast

  20. The haircuts look great ... they both really suit their fringes.

    So sorry to hear about Stew's Mum.

    I hope that the rest of the week improves.

  21. Wonderful pictures of Brylee and Lacy. The new hair dos look awesome.

  22. very sorry to hear about Stew's loss...

  23. LOL on Sienna! We have video of Jessica bawling like crazy because her dad put her nose on top of the fridge ;)

    Everyone's hair looks really nice!

  24. Good luck with baby, hope all is well. Sorry to hear of your loss.


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