Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Sadly Lacy has to get two front teeth removed today.
Bex and I are going to look after Keera while Lacy is at the dentist's.

I mentioned yesterday that Lacy had work done on her teeth a couple of years ago... and they botched it up... leading to two of her teeth dying.  Now she will have to get a part denture to wear ... or go around with a big gap in her smile.  I hope it doesn't take too long for her to get the denture!

I'm not sure what else we are likely to get up to today.  
One thing I do want to get is a few more recent photos of the puppies printed out. 

ABOVE: while I'm out, here is yet another cute as video of our puppies.  Now that I have figured out how to upload videos to Youtube then embed them on me blog I can do HEAPS of them!  I like that.
I'm probably going to drive you all nuts with videos!


Now... I give you... BED HAIR:

ABOVE:  nice look Bex... ha ha ha!

It's done.  She had one front tooth and one back tooth pulled out.  I thought it was two front teeth, but I was wrong.
Now, she's got the shits, we all wanted to know that, we really did.

ABOVE:  full house for now!

ABOVE:  Steve is home from work today as his back and ankle are killing him... he managed to book his MRI today too.  Here he is annoying the shit out of Lacy...

 ABOVE:  he's about to tie her hair in knots.

ABOVE:  Miss Muppet got plonked in Bex's SpongeBob bean bag...

ABOVE:  the crabby face.  I really don't understand WHY she didn't want her photo taken!  lol

The pups are getting frisky!  It won't be long before I have to extend their pen so they can run around!  And in the next week or so I will start offering them some watered down puppy food.  Fun times ahead.

End of Day: On a whole, a nice day.  No drama...  Lacy seems to have recovered well after having her two teeth pulled out!  She goes back to the dentist on Friday to suss out/get a false tooth? Not too sure what they are doing?  
Everything else is going good.  Hope things are settling down elsewhere... and there is a good outcome at the end of the day.
nite nite.


  1. Very clever lady giving us all the treat of a video

  2. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Bye Bye Teeth, dam Redwood Dentist in Kerikeri New Zealand, you fudged my Smile...so NOT IMPRESED!!!!

  3. Gee those puppies are really mobile now that box may not be big enough!! Looking after Keera oh how hard it is to be a nana lol...

  4. Thinking of Lacy today and wishing a smooth recovery for her.

    Those puppies are the cutest!!

  5. Ouch teeth! Good luck to Lacy.

    Puppies are too cute. I dreamt I got a dog last night and I blame you!

  6. Poor thing! When I had one of my front teeth removed because it died after it getting almost knocked out - they made me a temporary bridge the same day. I do hope they can help her soon!!

  7. Just like a brother to harass his sister lol. I hope she doesn't have to wait too long to get one for the front at least.

    The puppies are so smart using the paper already!

  8. Poor Lacy, I hope she not in to much pain and can get her new teeth quickly!! Pups are getting so big!! Keera is getting big also!! So dang cute!! Enjoy your full house! I wish mine was. Kids all live away :(

    God Bless~

  9. Anonymous4:25 PM

    God they can really go toilet for little fellas
    Mary H


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