Monday, October 15, 2012


We did go out yesterday, and Stew DID wear his funky shoes... but if I remember correctly, Bex kept her distance from Stew!

Can't think why?

 ABOVE: he is winding her up!

ABOVE:  off to the mall...

ABOVE: meet Saffron, she's a wee darling.

ABOVE:  and this little live wire is Poppy, she's shaping up to be the bolshy one!    I do believe she was frowning at me.

ABOVE:  this is Dill, she's a lot like Poppy, quite a character already.  She is the biggest puppy by FAR!

ABOVE:  this little darling is Pepper, she's a bit more reserved. It was quite hard to get a good face photo of her.

Today... the kids go back to school.  It's gunna be an awesome day!


I thought today was going to be a lovely day... how wrong could I be?

Wish I wasn't so good at predicting things. 

I got TOLD by a certain son that I needed to put photos of the boys on the blog... so just for you they are:

 ABOVE:  Our stunning little Chilli...

ABOVE: and the equally gorgeous Minty.
Both the boys are the smallest puppies, and they are much more timid at the moment, so are therefore a bit harder to get a photo of.

Bex and I just did the grocery shopping... we are taking our time putting it all away though.

Stew... you will be happy to know we stayed within the budget!  *smiles*

Just spent a little time sorting out stuff in the garage... got all hot and crabby trying to get my old (but still good) Phil & Ted's pushchair to fold down... grrrrr.  My lower back is now killing me.  Shit it doesn't take much to make it hurt nowdays.

Bex is down in the garage making some bookmarks... reminds me.... I have a christmas card order to start work on!

Spent most of my day worrying about things over in Aussy... Relationship troubles.


WOW, I JUST REALISED THAT YESTERDAY WAS MY 6TH BLOGOVERSARY!!  6 years of blogging... and I still quite enjoy it. 

End of Day:  not a great day really.  Thank God only one big ripple on the pond today! 
nite nite


  1. Love the up close pics of their faces, so cute!

  2. I love the shoes very funky, Bex could have worn them with her BLUE top!! the puppies faces are just darling we have had rain cold wind, cold temperature sun, clouds and then sun all before lunch..

  3. ((hugs)) Hope troubles work out soon... you have so much going on.

    The shoes are REALLY cute. You know sometimes it's just time to do something different. :)

  4. Oh my goodness--are you going to be selling those puppies? I want one!!! Seriously.

  5. Happy anniversary. I can't remember when I first found you but it was a few years ago.


  6. Some of the simplest things make me laugh like Bex, like my other half when he wears certain dorky things only Dads can wear!
    Happy blogiversary!

  7. Anonymous2:03 AM

    Love the face shot of the pups, they are so cute! I rather like Stews shoes!! ...debbie

  8. Congrats on 6 are a dedicated blogger.
    I think Stew's shoes are great.

  9. Adorable up-close pictures!

    Happy Blog-iversary!

  10. Happy anniversary...LOVE your babies!!

  11. Stew's shoes made me laugh. They look like Doc Martens. Very trendy! :D

    The puppies are growing so fast and look soooo cute with their eyes open.

  12. Happy Blogoversary! Mine is coming up in November.


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