Sunday, September 30, 2012


Last night I finally finished the Cot Bumper Set... and I'm really happy with it:

ABOVE:  yep, I got to sit and do the hand sewing while keeping an eye on our babies...

ABOVE:    Taa Daa... done!  Now I just have to wait for 

A) the Quilt that matches the bumpers to come back from the Quilter's and ...

B) the BABY!  lol

I think I'll leave (B) up to Bex somehow.

Daylight Saving started this morning, so we lost an hour ... takes a bit of getting used to.  I much prefer when we turn our clocks BACK so I get to sleep in longer.

I'm not sure what we have on the agenda today... maybe just pottering around at home... there's a few outside jobs that could be done, like water blasting the concrete... it gets so yukky looking over winter.
As for me... well I might just do some more sewing ... and clucking over the puppies.


I tried Alpine Tea... for fluid retention...

ABOVE:  says it all really!

ROSIE63:  lol.  Steve is drinking the alpine tea for just that reason... he's on codeine for his sprained ankle...and we all know what codeine does to you!  
And the other day I was 'bound up' too... so I was taking it for that too... but shit it's vile! (lol at the pun)

I just gave Teddy a haircut:

ABOVE: yes, there is some left on him!.... 

ABOVE: well ... it's not perfect, but it's done... and I just saved $65!

ABOVE: he's gorgeous, and feeling a bit neglected right now... cos it's all about the puppies and Coco right now.

Talking of Coco, Steve leant over into the Whelping Box before and Coco came over to the box and barked at him!  She was very clearly saying "Get away from my babies!"  Too cute.

WOW I just managed to trim Coco up a bit too... she is so hard to do!  She either fights me every step of the way (normal for her) or she goes like jelly, which she did today!  Very hard to shave a dog that flops and wobbles like jelly!  At least I got the bits that really needed trimming, like her tail and ears and around the 'nether regions'.  

End of day:  well it's been a bit of a so-so day... some up's and down's.  Dinner was nice though, I made pizza for everyone.  Haven't made pizza's in ages... time consuming ... but nice.
nite nite


  1. the bumper looks awesome chris well done...enjoy your day

  2. I never knew the southern hemisphere had daylight savings time. I had always been told it was started as a joke by Ben Franklin.
    I like the frog in your pictures. (I like all the others too)

  3. The bumper set looks bright and funky justy lovely Lucky babies. Our pollen count down here is so high we have coughed and sneezed all night we are tired and laying in ourselves!!! we deserve it.

  4. Hope you don't have the same reaction to Alpine Tea as a couple of mine friends. Lets just say make sure your close to a loo....

  5. Alpine tea is yuck but god it works well lol

  6. The bumper is gorgeous! I did a quilting workshop this weekend so am all enthused again!

  7. Hey Chris, thanks so much for mentioning daylight saving! I don't know how on earth we missed it but we did! I would have turned up to teach my 8am class at 9am tomorrow - you are a lifesaver!

    Penny xo

  8. Anonymous2:23 AM

    Chris, the Baby Bumpers are just adorable!! I love them!! I thought you did a great job trimming!! He looks quite handsome! ...debbie

  9. It's beautiful! Can't wait to see it with the quilt too!

  10. $65!!!!!! Whoa. YEAH it's worth running the vacuum and a little mess.


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