Saturday, October 20, 2012


Keera is teething ... Lacy thinks she can see and feel two bottom front teeth.  Nice and early teether!  Amanda got her first teeth at 3 months old too.  It explained why me boobs were sore!
LOL... at least Lacy doesn't have that problem with Keera.

Who else is teething?  Hmmm now let me think .... about 6 other little people in my house is all!  The pups are chewing anything they can get right now:

ABOVE:  yep, my toes are very popular!

ABOVE:  I'm just thankful their teeth are not in yet!  Won't be long before I will not be letting them chew my toes that's for sure!  Baby teeth are really sharp!

So today... well I am going to sew the binding on the Cot Quilt I picked up yesterday... then sit and hand sew the back of it while watching last night's Coronation Street!  Obviously it will take longer than that to do the hand sewing, so I might even watch Home and Away too!  lol

Before I go, this is the new Puppy Enclosure:

  ABOVE: They have heaps more room now.  

...   JUST   ...   BEEN   ...   FED   ... 


Well ... I am doing exactly what I planned today.  Hand sewing the binding on the cot quilt.  I should have it finished by dinnertime.
Dinner: wonder what Stewy is making?  He often does the weekend evening meals.  That's nice cos it means I get a break from the tedious job.

So... what are you doing today?  And what's for dinner at your house???

BELLA:  sorry chick, your comment went into the spam box!  I only check the Spam box every now and then.. you are lucky I found your second comment so quick!

I've been busy this afternoon... doing a MASSIVE tidy up in my sewing area.  It was sorely in need of it too.... I had no idea the fabrics/scraps/pattern etc were so badly messed up.   I hadn't tidied in a while obviously.
It has taken about 2 and a half hours so far, and I think I've got about half an hour left to finish it off.
Once it is done I can move on to my next project.  

And as it's going to be a present for a kid next year, I can't show you.

End of Day:  a lovely day really... the only ikkk part was just now, when Griffin farted and made us all feel sick.  Little bugger.
nite nite.


  1. I hope little Keera doesn't have too bad a time teething . Will Lacy get her front teeth for christmas?

  2. The new pen arrangement looks great. You are very clever in putting things to their best use. I just love that "just...been...fed" pictures. Makes me want to reach through the screen to tickle their bellies!!!!!

  3. CUTE!!

    How are Brylee and Griffin? Hope school is going well for them and people are kind. :)

  4. oooo that will hurt once they have teeth! Our kitten is always biting too with her sharp little baby teeth!

  5. Those puppies make me smile BIG:)

  6. Mycomment is gone - what happened?

  7. Look at those speckled pink bellies! Such a cute picture of them belly-up and sleeping! Can't wait for the picture of Keera with her first tooth.

  8. I see you have the puppy flap up and they will love the extra room thats for sure, HOW delectable those bellies look all fluff!!!

  9. Dinner at our place ... my favourite ... eggs benedict with bacon (strange for tea I know - but husband wanted eggs,and that is what he wanted).

  10. Nothing like razor sharp needleteeth.
    Very cool canine containment unit.


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