Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Coco has been managing just fine in looking after her pups.  She's a lot better at caring for them this time around, and she's not so stressed out over them either.

Now when one cries, she doesn't start crying too!
And if one strays from the 'huddle'... she just noses it into place again!
It's darling to see her mother her pups so well.

So, I feel confident that she can look after them while I'm out.

I have a few things to attend to... like prizes for the winners of me little 'PUPPY' competition!

Until I get back, here's a couple of photos:

ABOVE:  Steve after having his X-Rays.  That hand rail attached to the steps Steve is holding onto was really wobbly, you could easily have an accident if you relied on it for support!  Not very smart of an A & E Medical Centre if you ask me.

ABOVE:  Coco took a few minutes off baby duty to sit on Stew's lap last night... but as you can see... she did not take her eyes off her pups!

ABOVE:  see... still keeping her eye on them!

ABOVE:  me garage now.  There is still enough room to get around, and I still have my sewing space... it's just a bit smaller now! 


Getting out and about didn't go quite to plan today.  Yes, I went out.  I picked up Lacy and Keera and we went to the mall.  Once there Lacy felt a bit ill... silly girl had not eaten for almost 24 hrs!  So we had lunch and I took her home.
I did manage to pick up a few items I wanted... so now I am having a quiet afternoon on me own before the kids get home from school.

ABOVE:  they may have only been here for 3 days, but I am already getting good at telling them apart.  I can't wait for their little personalities to show... if they are anything like our first litter, the girls will be the stroppy ones!

End of Day:  another day done and dusted.  Time to hit the sack... tired as per usual.
nite nite


  1. Glad to hear Steves ankle is not broken - I feel for him- darn ankles are the bain of my life!
    Glad to hear Coco is being a great mom!
    Enjoy your day

  2. Anonymous7:54 AM

    I love your puppy journey! It is good that you are available to help when Coco is tired or upset. People think that animals just naturally handle motherhood...but I've had enough liters to care for to know they need help. I had a dog that was incapable due to shock to even clean them up at birth. After she was over the shock she was a good mother. If we hadn't been there they would have all died.

    I hope your son heals rapidly! ♥

  3. Glad to see the ankle is not broken ALTHOUGH strains and sprains are more of a hassle. Coco what a trooper she looks so funny peering at the pen.

  4. Anonymous4:29 PM

    Precious photos of the pups and Coco. Looks like smooth sailing with the second litter. Cheers Glenys

  5. So cute!

    Going to see if you said what the outcome for Steve was yesterday. Sucks to be broken!

    You're sewing area is definitely a lot smaller now!


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