Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Do you realise that in about just a few days our family will expand by 4? 5? 6? or MORE?  Yikes!

I have managed to get a really cute video of Coco's tummy, with puppy movements fairly clear:

Cute eh?


1.  Guess the NUMBER of Puppies.
If you get the number right, you move onto the next step.

2. How many boys and girls?
If you get this number right, you move onto the next step.

3. What time of day/night will the first puppy be born?  

The person who gets the most guess's correct will win the 'MYSTERY' prize.

In the event that two or more people guess everything right... I will put the names in a hat and draw out ONE winner.

*** The competition will be open from Monday 6.30am to Wednesday 11pm (NZ time) *** and ANYONE can enter.

Now.. here's a few photos that Stew took of post earthquake Christchurch, I will include a map of New Zealand so you who don't live here know where I'm talking about...

 ABOVE:  this church has been gutted and is being rebuilt.

ABOVE:  I suppose to people who live in Christchurch these sights are now 'normal'... but for visitors to their city ... it just looks so sad.  So much of the 'history' of Christchurch is gone.

ABOVE:  another church... Stew didn't know what was happening with this one.

ABOVE:  so much of the central city has been reduced to twisted metal and crumbling concrete.

ABOVE:  it's going to take many, many YEARS to make Christchurch a thriving city again.


Well it's going to be BUSY!

A work colleague of Stew's died on Friday, so he's off to the airport bright and early to catch a plane to Hastings... he should be home in time for dinner. 

At 2pm I'm taking COCO to the vet's for an x-ray to see how many pups she has onboard. I hadn't planned on getting an x-ray done, but then I got nervous and decided it would be better to know during labour... so we know she has birthed them all!

I will not be telling anyone how many there are either!  (well... except Steve who's me assistant midwife)

After that I will be going to Hamilton to be at Amanda and Andrew's 20 week baby scan.
Fingers crossed baby obliges and shows us if it's a girl or boy!

Brylee is singing in her School's Choir tonight at the Telstra Clear Events Centre... it is a World Vision Concert performed by contributing School Choirs and Suzanne Prentice (OBE).  Steve is getting home early from work so he can look after Coco in the event she goes into labour, and take Brylee to the Concert.

There ya go... a busy day planned!  I'm picking Lacy and Keera up this afternoon too... so that Lacy is in the house when Brylee and Griffin get home from school.


Lacy is in the house.  So is Miss Muppet.  I've just given Lacy a crash course in Whelping Puppies.  JUST in case Coco decides to spit out her puppies while I'm not home and Steve ain't home either.  Steve is due home around 4 today.... so we will just have to hope nothing happens TODAY...cos I want to be here when our puppies are born.

Soooo... Coco and I get to the Vet's, we get called into the exam room for the Vet to do her thing... and she has a scan machine ready to go?  Ummm, I say, Coco is booked in for an X-RAY to count how many pups she has onboard.  
The Vet looks at me and says Ooops! ...  They got it wrong at reception yesterday and booked us in for a scan.  ANY fool knows you cannot scan a dog this far advanced in her pregnancy and accurately count how many puppies there are!

So... we are going back tomorrow when they have the X-Ray machine in the clinic.  IF Coco doesn't spit dem babies out tonight.  *sigh*

Now.... I'm going to have a quiet minute before I head off to Hamilton for AMANDA'S SCAN... not an X-Ray!

End of Day:  I got to and from Hamilton just fine, and Coco did NOT have her pups in my absence... Yaaa!
Amanda's scan went well... baby is doing well.
20 weeks to go.
nite nite.


  1. oh my gosh a really busy day hope everything goes to plan....cute video

  2. I could see the movements, but not well enough to count the feet :), so will will just make a guess:

    5 puppies

    3 girls and 2 boys

    First on will be born at 9:30 p.m.

    The devastation in Christchurch is heartbreaking.

  3. 8 little coco's 5 male 3 female. 6.35pm.
    Goodluck midwife Chris you be expert at it now. :-) Good luck at Amandas scan have an awesome
    day :-) miss you heaps we need to catch up.

  4. Ohhhhhhhhh that tummy is alive!!!! One night as I lay on me side/back Samuel turned and moved from one sid eof my tummy to the other IT was horrific like Alien!!! I was grossed out, quite spooky it was WOW to Brylee what an experience how exciting A super busy day for all....

  5. wow, a real busy day for you, hope all goes well. Brylee must be supoer excited about the concert.

    Puppies I think will be 6, 4 boys, 2 girls.

  6. ohh they will be born on the 22nd, at 8.45.

  7. 3 puppies
    2 boys, 1 girl
    Will be born Sept 24
    10:30 pm

  8. Awesome video!! So cute!
    Hope your busy day goes well... looking forward to an update later today :)

  9. Um, five, three boys, two girls, 20th, 9pm.

    I have good friends over here (Canada), from NZ. They travelled back to Christchurch over Christmas, and came back just so...disconsolate. More friends of ours are still living there, but feel that it can just never be the same. Not that change is always a bad thing, but not such...violence with it.

    "Spit out her puppies"...that just made me giggle! A slightly demented (just my opinion) friend with a farm has recently added to her collection of lame ducks with a rescued potbelly pig. A very pregnant potbelly pig...to which I am apparently expected to act as midwife. Sigh. Sometimes I wish my previous (pre-Canadian) life as a farm girl had remained undiscovered..

    Hope that all has gone well today!

  10. Crazy busy day! Can't wait for the puppies!

  11. Even though they are rebuilding, the devastation is still so visible. So sad.

    Coco will have 6 puppies. Three girls and Three boys. On September 22. You will be a fantastic midwife:)

  12. Very hard to explain what it's like living in Chrischurch, some days you just burst into tears driving down the street, other days you are ok and just get on with it. The suburbs are all hit one way or another , our rebuild ( yes we are the lucky ones with a good insurance company) is a month or so away, but it will break my heart leaving my beautiful broken home . Still life goes on.

    All the best for safe delivery of the pups x

  13. I know already that I'm sure to be way off in my guesses, but what the heck ...

    Number of Puppies: 6

    Girls: 3
    Boys: 3

    Day: Friday 21st September
    Time: 4.30pm

  14. I still find it hard to look at pictures of Christcurch. It is where I grew up & I went back after September e/quake not have not been back after Feb. it is hard to comprehend that all the houses I grew up in, most of my freinds houses, all the places we hung out at various times are almost all gone now.

    I hope the scan went well, I am glad you could be there.

  15. I felt exactly the same when we went to Christchurch last month - so sad when I remember what it used to look like. We spent some time walking around looking at the broken buildings and it was quite upsetting thinking about the history that has been lost - the beautiful architecture that is gone forever.
    Good luck with the pups !


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