Friday, September 28, 2012


Late yesterday afternoon I got a really lovely gift delivered to my door:

ABOVE:  A gorgeous bunch of flowers, wrapped in BLUE of course!  So pretty! So lovely of Paula down in Christchurch to think of sending me flowers to cheer me up.  THANK YOU CHICK.... and hmmmm... how did you get my address???  *smiles*  I know now.. you became a stalker!  LOL  Well done on your detective work. 10 outta 10.

SAGE'S corner of the garden.  Now she has company too...

ABOVE:  I'm happy with her spot now.

ABOVE:  I love the little 'mushroom girl'.

ABOVE:  see the happy little tails?  Too cute.  I'm going to love these wee buggers to bits too.

TODAY:  last day of Term 3 for the kids.  They will be home for the next 2 weeks.  Yaaa... I get to sleep in?  Yeah... in me dreams.  At least I will get a break from making lunches first thing in the morning.

I am getting my hair done this morning, so is Bex.  Lacy is coming over to 'puppy sit'... so I can relax and not stress out about them while I'm away.  I hope this excessive worrying eases soon!

DEBBIE AND GLENYS:  I posted your parcels yesterday, so Glenys your's should arrive in about a week, and Debbie your's will be a few days longer... cos you are far, far away!


I stand corrected (Thanks Wombat!)... it's a 'Strawberry Girl' not a Mushroom Girl.  Either way, she's cute.

Hair took 2 and a half hours today... it was tedious, but *sigh* it's the price we pay for vanity.
Bex got her's trimmed and washed too... she doesn't like her hair too long.

Lacy did a great job of caring for our babies (human and puppies)!  She sent me text's to let me know everyone was alright... which was lovely.

I know that in a couple of weeks the pups will be that much bigger and I will stop worrying about them.  They are all making good weight gains each day too... with no obvious 'runt'.  Last time our little Tulip was the runt, but she had the BIGGEST  personality to make up for it!

I wonder who will be 'boss' of the litter this time?  *smiles*

Bex preggy photos:

ABOVE:  she's getting there!  3 months to go.

WHOOPS!  I forgot the date.. Stew just got home and said to me : "Happy Anniversary"!
We met each other today, 27 years ago!  He always remembers, and I always forget.  He likes that.

End of Day:  well a totally lazy day really.  All good with our wee puppys, thank goodness.
nite nite


  1. Sages corner is so cute - love the big pink flower - hope you have a great day

  2. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Beautiful flowers! Thats a strawberry girl not a mushroom girl! WOMBAT

  3. The flowers are beautiful. I'm so sorry that there was a loss in the litter. They will all grow and thrive now. Just look at those gorgeous tails!

  4. Anonymous3:57 PM

    Wow what a beautiful friend Paula is to send a lovely bunch of flowers to brighten up your day.

    Southgirl. x

  5. Sages little spot in the garden is lovely I love the strawberry girl, the little puppy tails are too darn cute, yeah start of holidays and looks like rain!

  6. Your puppies and Mum look so contented.

    Sages spot is just right too.


  7. Anonymous9:54 PM

    Thought ya might like this Chris for when people are asses and say nasty shit whilst hiding behind their screens.

  8. Anonymous10:57 PM

    Congratulations on 27 years you guys. Bex looks radiant and awesome. Garden is so sweet with the all the bits, good day by the sounds of it. Yeah, my hair appts take 2 hrs and the hairdresser I hav is so attentive and caring so it's lovely she takes the time and operates from home so it's not as expensive. Have a great weekend. cheers Glenys
    PS have some little gifts I want tompost soon for Ms Keera and Bex bubba, will be in touch soon to get a postal address xx Glenys

  9. For some reason, I find it comforting to read your blog. Even when you post a bunch of cutesey photos!

  10. Lovely tribute to little Sage. All the best with school break. Have a fun weekend.


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