Thursday, September 20, 2012


When Lacy is visiting, she throws the baby's used nappy out the window ... and it lands by the bins.  Every evening Stew goes out and picks up anything that's gone out the window during the day... like empty plastic bottles, papers and nappies. 

Yesterday while here Lacy threw a crappy nappy out the window.  And then she went outside to sit in the sun for a bit, Teddy went out with her.

A little while later I saw Teddy at the door.  And his face and feet were COVERED in Baby Poo's.

OMG I almost threw up right there and then.
GROSS.  He had tried to EAT the entire nappy...!!!

Lacy bathed him for me... cos there was no way in hell I was touching him.  Ikkkk... like massive IKKKKK.

ABOVE:  only a mother could love this face.  He's lucky I'm his mother.  Cos he's one ugly mutt, but I still love him !

ENTRIES INTO THE PUPPY COMPETITION ARE NOW CLOSED.  We now wait till she spits them out .. then I can announce a winner. 

Today I am babysitting Keera while Lacy goes into the city to sort out some legal stuff.
She's going in on the train.
I will stay home and babysit and keep my eagle eye on Coco... she could have her pups any day now.

 ABOVE:  Stew and our Miss Muppet last night.
He nicked her out of her bassinet while Lacy's back was turned.  lol

ABOVE:  Brother and sisters.  And the dogs.  For a change Teddy actually seemed to WANT to be in the photo!

ABOVE:  I think I will try doing this 'pose' with them again one day soon... with a different backing and them all in the same colour tops.  


BELLA:  this is why.... I just throw trash out the window.....   let's say it's raining... and I don't want to go outside and get quite wet taking a plastic bottle down to the bin...

ABOVE: all I need to do is go over to the window on the far left over there and drop it down to the bins....

ABOVE:  the 'bin' area.  See the bottle down on the concrete?   WELL... NO ONE can see it from the road or anywhere.  It stays there until Stew comes home and puts it in the bin.  

Three bins.... small green = rubbish to be picked up by the council.  Large green = garden and lawn clippings, which is picked up by a private company.  Large green bin with Yellow lid = recyclables (plastic, paper, glass and tins) = picked up by the council.

I just picked up Lacy and Keera, dropped Lacy at the train station, dropped the kids at school and now I'm waiting for the baby to want her 9am bottle.  

Coco is still hanging in there too!

Keera has been fantastic so far today... she had a two and a half hours sleep and then took her bottle and is straight back to bed!

Bex has arrived for a couple of days and is unloading some of her 'stuff' into our garage.

Coco is waddling around... 

 ABOVE:  Coco, on Day 57 of her 2nd pregnancy. There's a lot of pregnant girls and babies in this house right now!

While watching Keera I've been doing some hand stitching of the Cot Bumper.... 

 ABOVE:  BUT...  it's rather difficult with a dog on ya lap!

ABOVE: here's hoping she doesn't get pricked by a pin!  In fact... I had to shoo her off cos I simply can't do me sewing with her on top of it.

Now she's on the couch at the foot end of Keera's bassinet.  So cute!

CRANKY:  yes I do have little bins under the bench, one for recyclables and one for 'other' stuff... but they are LITTLE... and I find it better to just chuck the plastic bottles out the window so the little bins inside are not filled up too quick. 

I just spent 5 minutes shaving Teddy's neck down to the skin.  Why?
So the bark collar totally zaps the little bugger every time he barks.
OMG he is just over the top right now with his barking!!!
The kids just came home, he could HEAR it was the kids, so he should not have gone ballistic eh?
Well... he did.  This morning he woke Keera three times with his friggin barking like a banshee.  I could KILL HIM right now, I'm so over his behaviour.
He's damn lucky I only shaved his neck... and didn't slit his throat while I was about it.  Grrrrr.

End of Day: well I've been utterly lazy this afternoon/evening! Just didn't feel like doing anything ... no idea why.
nite nite.


  1. Anonymous6:14 AM

    That is one ucky story!!! I'm glad you made Lacy clean up the mess. I always had my girls/when visiting use a plastic bag, and they throw it outside in a bucket. Maybe you can put a bucket outside the window. Just an idea.

    I LOVE how grandpa and granddaughter's hair is about the same color in that picture, and the three sibblings stacked on top of each other is precious!!! ♥♥♥

  2. I find it very strange that you allow trash to be just thrown out of the window. Everything else you tell and show us is all about keeping things clean and in order. This comment is not ment to get you upset, it just seems so out of character. Hugs...

  3. Cute pictures! Love the ones of her from last night too.

  4. What an amazing photo of the siblings and dogs together.

  5. That will be a very cute picture to re-do as Keera grows....that is a good looking group of kiddos.

  6. The dog ate the diapers? Yuk. Nice pics otherwise.

  7. Yip tahts gross alright, Stew and Keera what a precious shot, but the three kids photo is gorgeous!

  8. The photo of the three kids is great!
    Glad you didn't have to clean up the mess!
    Have a great day

  9. A picture to treasure forever

  10. Anonymous11:29 AM

    That reminds of the saying "Sh*t happens".

    Great photo of the 3 kids, cheers Glenys

  11. Can I ask a dumb question? Don't you have bins in your kitchen? I have three lined up - rubbish, paper and co-mingled plastic and glass.
    My dog used to eat the kitten shit out of the kitty litter tray and come in looking guilty with pebbles stuck around her mouth! :D

  12. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Trip to garbage cans = exercise, and hygiene. :)

  13. Now that I've seen your outside bin area it makes sense to just chuck the bottles out there. I guess the lesson about the diaper has now been learned by Teddy that diaper = bath !!!

  14. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Very awesome blog !! I couldnt have wrote this any better than you if I tried super hard hehe!! I like your style too!! it's very unique & refreshing…

  15. And who wants a shitty baby nappy in the house! :) Not me! Ours get pegged outside too!
    Our kitchen bins are really big, understoodnoa.

  16. Anonymous3:56 PM

    OMG that is sooo funny about Teddy eating the nappy. Would love to have seen a pic. Then to read Cranky's comment about her dog eating the shit as well ROTFL
    Mary H

  17. Oh ew ew ew ew ewwwww! Teddy isn't even pregnant that he'd get weird munchy cravings. What is up with that??? Because I know you feed them well!

  18. Hey, why don't you get the boys to rig up a rope of some sort so you can lift the lid on the bin? Poor Stew having to be the schmuck who goes down to pick it up. Hey, maybe that's a Griffin job if he mucks up? haha.

    Must be something you can do to make it a bit more pleasant and dog proof. I wonder what the fascination is for them? We have a kiddie gate over our toilet door because our dog gets in and eats the cat poo of we leave it down. Ew.

    Good luck with that! xx

  19. Anonymous1:05 AM

    Shame on you Lacy for throwing garbage out the window!! Are you too lazy to walk to the trash?? Good Grief girl...Loved the photos of the kids. How cute it that!! My goodness Coco looks ready to Burst!! ...debbie

  20. Oh Yukkkk, I just about threw up just reading that, let alone having to actually see his poo covered face. Grosssssss. Doubt he will be getting many kisses at the moment as every time you go near him you will remember his 'nasty little deed'.

  21. Oh my goodness. That first picture of Teddy made me laugh out loud! What a silly face! Sweet as can be!


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