Friday, September 21, 2012


I slept on the couch last night.
Lucky it's a comfy couch.

I was 'babysitting' Coco.  
NO she ain't had her puppies yet.

Two nights ago we had her and Teddy in our room overnight.... cos I was worried she might have the pups during the night and need help.  So we had the dogs in our room ... and we didn't sleep well at all.

Teddy kept jumping on our bed and waking us up.  And they both scratched themselves a few times and they woke us up doing that too.
We are not used to noisy dogs in our room.

So... I had Coco in the lounge with me last night.  *sigh*

She loved sleeping with me on the couch... but she is a bit of a 'couch hog'.  So is Teddy.  

Today:  well I won't be going ANYWHERE... I have to be here for Coco.  I take my 'responsible owner' duties very seriously.  And I  don't want anything to go wrong for Coco and her pups.  

So... I might just do some sewing.  Bex is here, so she can keep me company.  It's her baby's Cot Set I'm working on after all.   

I can't wait to finish it to be truthful!  I want to move on to the next project!

ABOVE:  6 pups on board

ABOVE:  how many this time???

NOT LONG TO FIND OUT!  I am almost over the wait!  I bet Coco is too... she just waddles slowly around the house now.
And she is hiding dog biscuits all over the house... anyone would think she was a squirrel!

OH and isn't it quite amazing that she is in EXACTLY the same 'pose' in both photos!

Question: Has anyone else been hammered by spam comments lately?  I used to get about a dozen a day... but recently it has been up to 70-80 a day!  I am over it.  So now all comments that are left on posts in the last week will automatically get published, and any left on older posts will automatically go into the spam box.
Hopefully that will stop me having to moderate dozens of spam comments a day!
If I get any comments published that are spam or from TROLLS, I can just delete them when I see them.

Now... I better make a move on starting the day... all the usual stuff to do.  Lunches.  Beds.  Washing.  bla bla bla...


ABOVE:  The Vet sent me the x-ray pictures of Coco's tummy!    Now who will be able to count how many from them?  ha ha ha...

Still no puppies.  Bex, Lacy, Miss Keera and I went out to grab some lunch, and then we sat down and watched The X Factor on the telly.  OMG there's some amazing singers out there!
I am loving the show.  Britney and Demi are are great new judges, and I just LOVE Simon!  He's honest and real.

DAMN!!!!   Several of you have noticed the date on those x-ray photos... and you ARE RIGHT!  They are from last year.... the Vet has sent me the wrong ones!  I'm pissed now.  I really didn't notice they were last year's ones... mostly because when I asked for a copy of Coco's x-rays LAST YEAR they said they couldn't give them to me!
Not happy Jan.
Going to ring them again tomorrow and ask for THIS YEAR'S x-ray photos.  

End of Day:  I've managed to do lots of sewing this afternoon, cook dinner, blog a bit and now it's time to sit and enjoy 'The Voice' on the TV... a whole 3 hours marathon from the start of the competition. 
nite nite

9.30PM Friday night.


  1. Good luck with Coco and enjoy your day

  2. I have been getting the odd spam comment, but nothing like as many as you get. Probably as I am not active on blogger atm and don't have the same following you do.

  3. My gosh I think my guess of 5 puppies is way out she is quite a bit bigger isn't she, hope today she is relieved of her waddly tummy.

  4. I get a few a day and they are mostly all similar. All my older post comments have to get moderated. It works out pretty well!

    I hope the pup goes soon!

  5. Is it me or my pain killers but the dates on the X-rays 25.07.11 ?

    Lol :)

  6. 25.07.2011 14:14:25 to be precise lol ok ok it's prob me being too doped up :)

    Looks like its all going to be happening soon, cool puppy pics :)

  7. Can't wait to hear about the puppies being born! She looks bigger this time around.

  8. Chris, Blogger is really good at catching spam. I don't even have moderation on. It does all the work for me. Occasionally a few get thru. When that happens, what I do is I go to blogger dashboard/comments and mark that comment as SPAM. Usually these are logged under Anonymous. When I do this, I still get spammed but they don't get published. This week I've been spammed like crazy too. The worst is when they do it to every single blog post.

  9. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Good luck with the whelping! Coco looks like she's ready to pop :0)

  10. Judging by the date on those xrays I would day there was 6 puppies as it looks as though it was from July 2011.....Come on Chris show us the real xrays!!!!

  11. Wonder which one is Chico in the x-rays lol....

  12. Wow, I've never seen the resulting sonogram images from a dog's ultrasound before. Very cool!


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