Sunday, September 09, 2012



I put Steve and Bex's baby name on the cot bumper last night... it looks so GOOD!  I am really proud of how it's coming along.

And NO... I can't show you.  They want their son's name to be announced once he's born.
Some things have to be a surprise... *smiles*

Not long now till Stew goes down to Christchurch to see his ailing Mother.  I hope he has a good flight, and no earthquakes while he's there!
***TOUCH WOOD*** there have been none for a while now!  I think that's right anyway?

Today:  well as I said, just looking after Miss Muppet, getting some sewing done, some housework etc.

Oh and I STILL have to wash that pram seat!  Procrastination.... yep... GUILTY!

Stew made a mince/pasta dish for dinner last night... and OMG did I suffer from heartburn for hours afterwards.  Wasn't nice, have not had much heartburn in a while now.  Usually it's bread that gives me heartburn.
I'll be gutted if I can't eat pasta!  I like it... I make a mean macaroni/bacon/cheese dish! 

OH I just remembered something that happened yesterday while we were at the Botany Mall.  We had just arrived and were heading to the Food Court when this little older lady walked up to us and said "Your hair is just beautiful" to me!  I was so chuffed!  Now I know how it feels to have a complete stranger compliment me.   

It is something I often do... when I see someone in a particularly nice outfit, or funky shoes, or they just looks lovely... I will tell them, it's a nice thing to do.  It was really nice to be on the receiving end for a change.

Right... off to do something productive...  AND sorry, no photos for the day yet!


I'm sitting in front of the fire, blanket on... reading blogs.  The weather was really  lovely early on this morning, but now it's crap again.  so cold!  Keera has been a bit unsettled this morning, but her Granddad managed to rock her back to sleep in his arms.  So cute.

WORD VERIFICATION!  OMG it is driving me nuts!  One comment I wanted to publish took 5 attempts cos of bloody WORD VERIFICATION.  If you have it... PLEASE consider getting rid of it and just have COMMENT MODERATION on ... you can then screen and get rid of troll/spam comments and just publish the 'good' ones.  Then your readers might be more inclined to leave you a comment!  WORD VERIFICATION SUCKS.

I forgot to take my pills last night. ONE day missed = hot flushes and no sleep.  Shall try VERY HARD not to forget them again that's for sure.

Stupid weather today, one minute raining, next sunshine and hot.  Pfffff.  Choosing to stay indoors and blog was a good idea.

CHRISTINE:  ahhh no, we don't see Steve in her at all!  She looks a lot like Griffin and Lacy... Griffin in colouring and Lacy in features. 


  1. How nice to be babysitting and sewing, the last few days MY hair has been AWOL I did my hair up nice mousse spray curl definer stepped outside and BOOF high winds and tornado went into shop 3 male staff took a step back I looked in CAR mirror holy hell vertical 90 degree sticky out hair NOOIIIIIIICEEEEE!!! On a side note How is the new bed going?

  2. Anonymous9:49 AM

    I always try and give compliments too when I see something I like (or smell someone's yummy perfume!) and people DO like it...

    i am trying to get to my sewing machine... I have lots of other chores to get done first! Full of sewing ideas I am just about to BURST! They are keeping me awake at night, my mind churning the patterns over... arrgh! Just need to find some ME TIME (and probably get off the computer truth be told!)

    See ya


  3. Yay, it'll be a beautiful day if Keera cooperates, right? Hope all goes well with Stew and his mum.

  4. Hi Chris, thanks for commenting on my blog! :D
    I responded here:

  5. LOL......I'm with you on word verification.......drives me nuts :) I do try hard but ususally takes at least 3 attempts to get it right.
    Hope the day gets better......cooler here today too but still sunny (Sydney).

  6. Oh, I do so agree about word verification. It's a major PITA. If I can't get through after two attempts, then that's it. I give up and don't comment. Life is too short to be mucking about trying to identify the unidentifiable!

  7. Yep word verification is bloody horrible!!! You don't even need comment moderation on because spam goes straight to the spam filter anyway. I don't have any problem with it. I wonder if people a) realise they have moderation turned on and b) realise how hard it is to figure out what is written!!

  8. I so agree with you on word makes me crazy. I usually give up after the 3rd or 4th time it tells me to get lost.
    That was very nice of the lady to make the comment about your hair. Something like that goes a long way toward making us feel good.

  9. I really hate the word verification too! I've made it so that posts that are over xx days old (think it's like a month) have to get moderated. Hardly anything makes it through that is spam to my blog. Most of it goes to the spam folder.

    What a nice lady at the mall! I try to compliment people too, it's so nice when someone tells you your hair looks nice. (or shoes, clothes, whatever)

  10. Those word verifications are so silly! I get lots of spam and it always just goes to the folder where it belongs and it never published.

    I'm not surprised somebody commented on your beautiful hair. I'd probably do the same thing:)

  11. You have been very busy! It will be fun to see the bumper - I am sure it is so cute!

    I would love if we lived closer to our grandbaby and would love to watch day, hopefully.

    Hopefully you do not have any more heartburn! Macaroni/bacon/cheese sounds awesome!

    You do have beautiful hair and gorgeous eyes!

    And I agree with you about Word Verification!!!!

    Thank you so much for commenting on my grandbaby's pumpkin-inspired bubble dress :o) If you hadnt already, I'd love for you to read more about it on my blog. I have been out of the loop and catching up now on more blog visiting.

    Blessings & Aloha!

  12. Sometimes the word verification feels like a crossword challenge - can I get it right this time? Lol!


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