Tuesday, September 04, 2012


The other day Steve picked up their Baby Change Table... and like the cot before it... he just HAD to assemble it... in me lounge... *sigh*

ABOVE:  almost done... and now it's in the garage like the cot!  I am sure it will be used for many years... as their baby boy won't be an only child I'm sure!  lol

ABOVE:  this is what I made last night.  It's the third panel of the Cot Bumper Set I'm making for Steve and Bex.  She loves seahorses, so I'm sure she will love it.

ABOVE:  Poor Coco, she's starting to feel pregnant I reckon!  She is doing lots of stretching out like this... it gives her more room to breathe!  She's got about 20 days to go... OMG it's getting close.  

TODAY:  well... as the weather is still the pitts, I'm taking Steve to work then dropping the kids off at school... THEN I have to take Stew's car back to the Dealers as it's been recalled due to some Holden models failing brake tests... and our Viva is one of the models recalled.  
I then have to 'kill' about 3 hours while it's tested.

Oh dear, I'm sure I will find it ever so difficult wandering around the mall for 3 hours!  *sad*  lol


When I got to the Holden dealership, they said the car would be 4 hours... so I thought... shit that's too long to just wander around the mall... so I went to a movie.
The only movie starting nice and early was The Bourne Legacy, not a movie I was actually dying to see, but I went anyway...

ABOVE:  I didn't expect to like it... Matt Damon wasn't the 'hero' anymore... and I was prepared to hate it....  But I actually thought it was quite a good movie... if you like:



On a 1 to 10 scale, I give it an 8.  Now that I'm home it's time to watch Home and Away that was taped last night, then do some more sewing.

Awww, sadness.  One of my most favourite actors died on Monday.  

Michael Clarke Duncan  passes away aged 54.  Rest in Peace Dude.

 CRANKY:  I have answered your comment ... on PEPSI.

End of Day:  I was going to continue working on my sewing project tonight, but shit it's gotten cold all of a sudden!  So I'm going to bed early instead ... with the electric blanket on too!
nite nite


  1. I love Steve's excitement about the baby. They will be well ready by the time he gets here.
    That sea horse is more than precious....you continue to amaze me with your talent.

  2. The seahorse is so funky, like most men they do potter and tinker and want to assemble straight away, lucky its no a car motor !! Coco she looks tuckered out already.

  3. Bugger about the car but great that you get a real excuse to wander the Mall.......enjoy :) This nesting thing (Steve & Bex getting their thigs ready) isn't just for first timers!!!!! Over here in Sydney it's the same for #2 lol. We have stuff everywhere being sorted & new stuff arriving. LOL
    Hope the weather improves.....I suppose you don't want to hear it's going to be up to 27'C by tomorrow and just beautiful, cool at night & in mornings but to us it's glorious during the day. LOL :)

  4. ohh Coco has only 20 days to go, wow thats exciting!

    And I LOVE LOVE the seahorse :-)

    Enjoy your time at the mall...

  5. Welp, they're at least preparing for the kiddo to get here... even if they have to move his stuff later. :)

    Poor Coco. She's gonna have such pretty pups tho.

  6. Anonymous2:08 PM

    I love your sarcasim about the mall! LOL You are always so busy...it must be nice to have to kill time once in a while~ ♥

  7. I love Home & Away. I tape it on a Sunday & watch it during the week except I couldn't stop watching last night so ended up not going to sleep until 1.30 which made getting up this morning pretty hard.

  8. I am the biggest home and away fan and neighbours. I record both each day and have hardly missed any episodes since they both started. When we visited Australia we visited Palm Beach and Pin Oak Court. Just to prove how sad I am, I have a few blades of grass from Ramsay Street. In the uk we have not had home and away over the summer so we have some catching up to do now. Home and away was taken off uk tv for quite awhile eventually being bought by another channel.
    Oh and by the way , I never watch any uk soaps, they are depressing and dark and dreary


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