Monday, September 03, 2012


Right... here's some more photos... sorry there is a shitload of them too! :

ABOVE:  the 'obligatory' belly shots!  Amanda is 18 weeks today.

ABOVE:  this one made me laugh, wee Emily probably can't even see her Mum's face with the belly in the way.

I gave Emily her quilt yesterday.  I didn't expect Emily to be interested in it at all ... she is only a toddler afterall...

ABOVE:  I was 100% wrong!  She loved her quilt!  And was very possessive of it too.

ABOVE:  Amanda and Andrew have a little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named 'Lady'... and the little dog block interested Emily very much....

ABOVE:  this was not posed.  She lay on it herself.  I'm thrilled to bits that she actually likes her quilt. Rena liked it too.

ABOVE:  I hope she loves her quilt for many, many years.

ABOVE:  She really is enjoying that little dog.  She even kissed it, but I didn't manage to get a photo of that.

ABOVE:  Teddy lying blissfully on Kelly.  Kelly decided to 'do' his HAIR...

ABOVE:  hmmm... not too sure what he thinks of his new 'do'...

ABOVE:  the other side...

ABOVE:  YEAH... something tells me he's not that impressed!!!  OMG I laughed out loud at this photo... it's so funny.  Doesn't  he look ... like a Swedish Chick?  Waiting for the yodelling to start...

While we were sorting out my linen cupboards we found a couple of 'dress up' costumes I'd bought yonks ago from the Hospice Shop... so Rena left a happy girl with two new dress ups to wear...

ABOVE: Rena in the 'princess' outfit. She didn't want to take it off.

Today, well I'm taking everyone to work and school then picking Lacy up as she has a Dr's appointment. 
Then I'm coming home to do the housework and some sewing.



NANCY:   who I highly doubt is in NY, or even that it's your REAL NAME... What business is it of yours what I have made or not made for any of my grandkids???  I am not even going to bother telling YOU the answer to your question, as it's NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS.

All done with taking family here and there... time to sort out some housework... and OMG it's the most horrendous day in relation to RAIN!  It's coming down sideways in bucket loads.  Glad I'm inside.

CRANKY:  simple.  Read it from my point of view... the underlying attitude of her comment is critical and sarcastic.  AND this is not the first time 'Nancy' has left a bitchy comment... intimating that I have somehow neglected Rena over Emily.  

For the first time in weeks, my batteries literally ran out after lunch, and I had to have a nap.  My eyes just would NOT stay open!   Hopefully the hour nap will not affect my ability to go to sleep tonight!

End of Day:  I've spent the evening sewing, which was lovely.
Time to hit the sack, very tired now.
nite nite


  1. Glad you had an ok day with no outbursts of drama.
    Love teddys new do lol

  2. Nancy Medina, NY8:57 AM

    Did you make a quilt for Rena when she was younger? I almost felt sorry for her.... like 'do I have a quilt made by grandma?'. Thank goodness those costumes came in handy, eh?

  3. The picture of Rena on the quilt and looking into the camera...She looks just like you! Beautiful blue eyes:)Beautiful quilt too. And I love the pictures of Teddy's plaited hair. He really does look like a Swedish chick:)

  4. haha, look how cute Teddy is with plaits in his hair - priceless :)

  5. LOVE the quilt!!! And Emily sure does love it too! Love all the photos really (as usual)!

    LOL @ Teddy's plaits! Great job there!

  6. Great photos, I am really glad Emily loved her quilt.

    Kelly looks so much like you!! I love the expression on Teddy's face with his new "do".

  7. Teddy looks rather chuffed with his new hair I think:)

    Great job on the quilt. You're so talented! Hope your day was nice and as relaxing as it gets.

  8. Anonymous1:18 PM

    OMG Chris - I was trying to quietly read your blog at work but when I saw those photos of Teddy I burst out laughing ... and your comment about the yodelling was too funny. I read your blog all the time and your quilts are awesome!
    Have a great day
    Michelle - Sydney

  9. Loved seeing the photo's of little Miss Emily loving her quilt...and little Miss Rena all "dressed up" ... gorgeous.

  10. I absolutely LOVE the quilt - and I'm so happy that Emily did, too. I didn't realise, from pictures before, that it was so big, sort of single bed-size? I had assumed it was a cot quilt. I'm even more in awe of your sewing skills than I was before!

    Love the picture of Teddy, too...I instantly thought 'Pippi Longstocking' (children's book, not some kind of Swedish p*rn star).

  11. Teddy looks amazing! And totally unimpressed.

    The finished quilt looks divine. So much work in that. Glad it's appreciated. :)

    The Blue Princess looks cute!

  12. Love the quilt - I too didn't realise how big it was, I thought it was a cot quilt as well.
    She is going to treasure that for many many years!
    Lovet he dog in plaits, glad you had a family filled house for fathers day

  13. Why so defensive about Nancy's comment? I don't get it?

  14. this post is so sweet I laughed out loud at Teddy's pig tails too. That is FUNNY and so is your comment about yodelling.

  15. Chris, I also read Nancy's comment as judgemental and very caustic. I'm glad you called her out.

  16. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Yep I went back and re-read it and it was a bit nasty from Nancy. And by the way - that quilt is awesome! I didn't realise it was that humungus!! That's a lot of work - you are a very talented girl aren't ya?

    Anyhoo - back to the chickenpoxes... :) Keep Smiling!!


  17. I'm like the above I didn't realise the quilt was so big its lovely and the blue princess outfit is darling. WE had torrential RAIN all day until 5pm!! was the pits.

  18. wow, that quilt is so much bigger than I imagined. But, oh, so beautiful. Also, totally N O M Bidnezz, but with all the girls having new babies, I was wondering if Kelly was thinking of a sibling for Rena?

  19. LMAO at Teddy's pigtails..the family look great xo

  20. Your Teddy is good looking enough to be in films

    Beautiful Quilt

  21. Great that Emily loved the quilt. she sure liked that dog pic. I liked the frog one! lol!

    and yes, Teddy's ears looked sooo cute! haha


  22. That is so adorable that she loved the quilt that much. What a treasure for her!

    haha seriously laughed out loud with the dogs braids!!


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