Thursday, September 13, 2012


While Lacy was here the other day I took some photos of Keera and the kids:

ABOVE:  sisters, 11 and a half years apart.  One Hazel eyed blonde, one blue eyed brunette.  

 ABOVE:  another lovely one of the girls.

ABOVE:  Brother and sister.  These two have the same colouring... and Keera looks a lot like Griffin did as an infant.

ABOVE:  very hard to get a good photo of Griffin, he is the pitts to photograph.  Keera was getting grumpy by now too.

Steve made us an milo last night, half way through mine I'd had enough, so I thought I'd see if the dogs would like it?

 ABOVE:  bit silly me having to think about it!  They both LOVED it!   
Teddy got his whole face in the mug!  Coco was just a wee bit more 'reserved'... lol!

ABOVE:  I have a feeling no mug is going to be safe from those two ever again!  Yikes, what have I started???

ABOVE:  Teddy with demon eyes and milo on his chin..

ABOVE:  Coco just looks guilty!  So cute both of them... they had us laughing our heads off!

 I read a 'funny' on Facebook ...  I've added pictures for effect, it went like this:

"I saw a spider in my bathtub...

So I got a piece of tissue and 

burned the house down!"

Well ... I thought it was funny anyway!  If your house burned down by accident... my condolences.

TODAY:  Out and about with Bex, Lacy and Keera as far as I know.

I already miss my hubby... I hope he's ok down in shaky, freezing Christchurch.  I hope there are no earthquakes while he is there!


Finally home after a long morning out and about.
The girls and I went to Botany again.... it's got such a good variety of shops in the one place, and of course KIWIYO!
We all have a very small tub of KIWIYO today... and Bex and  Lacy did some shopping.
I grabbed some fresh groceries for the next few days ... then we took Lacy and Keera home.

Now it's time to put the feet up and watch taped HOME AND AWAY!  Do that every day... never have time to watch it when it's actually on due to it being 'get the dinner ready' time.


 ABOVE:  Bex's purchases today.... seems she has an addiction to buying little boy stuff!  Funny that!  *smiles*

ABOVE:  she also bought his lovely sheer summer top to wear over a singlet.  

ABOVE: Yes Bex, we can see the bump!

I took a photo of Coco's tummy too!  I will show you tomorrow just how HUGE her tummy is getting now!

Steve and Bex cooked dinner tonight while I sewed.  Quite a novel feeling having 'the kids' cook ... lol!
We had sausages with baked beans and spaghetti.  Not exactly a 'gourmet' meal.... but it did the job.
They have now gone off to Sylvia Park for a wander it's just the two kids and me for a while.  Let's not count the dogs!

End of Day:  well Steve and Bex came home with two big boxes of baby wipes!  And lollipops from the Sweet Shop in Sylvia Park.  They have become a family favourite.  Shame Stew and I really should NOT be eating them.
I miss my Stewy.  I hope he's missing me too... but he's no doubt to busy catching up with his extended family to give me a thought.  *sniff*
nite nite.


  1. My parent's dog had a cup of tea in his bowl every morning with them...milk no sugar.

  2. The photos of Brylee Keera and Griffin are beautiful and Keera is growing fast the cats at our house often sneak a slurp IF you aren't watching your cup of anything!!!! -5 start today but SUNSHINE a plenty!! again yesterday whilst sunny and windy I have washed blankets strip beds washed underblaankets mattress protectors SPRING CLEANING like mad!!Today did the same to my bed SOMETHING about sunshine on blankets and bedding.... Actually to just stay warm was my first though when spring cleaning.

  3. Love the photos - they all look so cute ! (Probably not what they want to hear but they do !!!!)
    Thanks for sharing your family with us !
    Have the best day ever.

  4. The pictures with Keera and the kids are really wonderful.
    You are right that no mug will ever be safe in your house again.

  5. Lovely day in shake free Chch, although wind cold. Hope the visit goes well. Pity not under happier circumstances. Have a good day. X

  6. The pictures of the kids are ridiculously gorgeous. That spider, not so much.

  7. Anonymous4:18 PM

    Someone who takes one of the new pups will have to call it Milo now! WOMBAT

  8. Are spiders the first sign of spring in New Zealand? Because I don't imagine you have robins. :)

  9. Anonymous11:10 PM

    Will you be disinfecting those mugs? Hope so.


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