Sunday, September 16, 2012


It's Spring right?
We had a warm winter right?

So... now that it's supposed to be getting warmer.. it's bloody freezing!  Wind like you wouldn't believe, and freezing rain.

Not impressed.

Stew comes home this afternoon... shit I hope the wind dies down a bit or he's going to have a bumpy landing here!

I am going to do some more sewing this morning, and do some housework.... and just look forward to picking Stew up this afternoon.

 ABOVE:  even the dogs are missing Stew... they spend a large amount of time looking out the window.  I'm sure they are waiting for him to come home.  When I ask them "Where is Dad?" they go nuts and run to the top of the stairs... looking for him!  It's so sweet.

ABOVE:  Miss Keera last night, all tucked up in her bassinet... she's just adorable.  Her hair has finally settled down, no more Mohawk!


So... while it's still wet as, the wind has gone!  Excellent... no hairy landing on the cards for Stew!

Still freezing though.

Got a couple of gorgeous photos of the Aussy grandkids today, pinched them off their Facebook ...

 ABOVE:  Apparently Sienna wanted to bath her baby brother!  So cute.

ABOVE:  he's looking so gorgeous... our little mushroom!

 ABOVE:  DAD'S Home!  And OMG he smells like another dog...  and a cat and even a rabbit!!!

ABOVE:  sniff sniff.  Stew stayed at one of his sister's homes in Christchurch.  They have a Labrador dog, a cat and a rabbit.  Teddy and Coco sure could smell them.  

I will post a few photos of his visit tomorrow.

Ha!  Stew just said... I'm off to the other computer to 'read the Blog'.  What?  Surely you can just ask me what's been happening around here in your absence???
Nope, he's gotta 'read the Blog'...

End of Day:  it's been a good day, and even nicer now that me hubby is home safe.
nite nite


  1. Keera is such a bright-eyed cutie.
    I hope Stew gets home with not problems. No doubt everyone will be glad to have him home.

  2. Keera and Bodhi are too gorgeous the photos are beautiful. The weather here is atrocious heavy driving rain,cold temperatures and WIND we have had this for days.......

  3. Beautiful, beautiful babies, they are so adorable, Keera is like a little doll.

  4. Anonymous7:40 PM

    Teddy and Coco are so cute!! Cheers Glenys

  5. Gorgeous photos of your grand-babies. Also love the welcome home photo of Stew with the dogs - its easy to see they adore him. Glad Stew arrived back from Christchurch safely (and ha ha ... him rushing off to read your blog on another computer sounds like the sort of thing my husband would do if I was actively blogging right now)

  6. Glad hubby made it home safely and I love looking at pics of all the beautiful kids.

  7. Yeah for Stew being home safe, love the dogs!

    Super adorable baby photos as usual!


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