Sunday, September 02, 2012


Kinda half hearted about today... cos we cannot have everyone together in the one place at the same time. 

Certain things stand in the way of that.  Things out of my control utterly... so I just have to get over it.

Still rankles though.

I was up till after midnight last night... sewing.  Just got in the groove and lost track of time... easy to do when you are enjoying what you are doing.

I started work on the cot bumper set to match the cot quilt I've made for Steve and Bex's baby boy.  So, I got the first panel done:

ABOVE:  Meet 'Froggy'... isn't he just darling??
Well... I think he is.  I'm going to add a flying bug above his tongue ... hee hee.

It's highly doubtful I shall get any more work done on the bumper set today... we are expecting Kelly and Rena, Amanda, Andrew, Huston, Joel and Emily some time this morning, and later on this afternoon Lacy, Keera and Steve.  Bex is working, so she will be absent.

I'm making scones for lunch... which will keep me busy for a while.   I plan on making cheese scones, savoury scones and raisin scones... so everyone's tastes should be covered.


MARGIE UK:  in answer to your question... I made my first quilt in June 2008.  I used block patterns that I got off the internet.  I didn't really know what I was doing, but it came out ok anyway!
I got the top done before I had a big surgery, and as I was feeling like I might die from the surgery (I knew I would hemorrhage) I had asked a good friend of mine to finish it for me if I died!

Sounds dramatic, but I just knew something would go wrong... and it did!  I had a massive hemorrhage and after that I got a blood clot in my lung.... luckily I dodged both bullets and was able to go home and finish the quilt myself! lol

If you want to see my first quilt top, it's on my post dated:  Wednesday 18th June 2008.  The story of my fun trip to hospital is also in June of that year, I think about 2 weeks after I finished the quilt top.

First wave of visitors been and gone... some photos ....

 ABOVE:  Lacy with 4 of our 5 Granddaughters, (L to R)... Rena, Brylee, Keera, and Emily.

ABOVE: I roped Andrew into grating the cheese for the scones. Yaaa... I hate grating cheese!

ABOVE: What a smile... so cute.

ABOVE:  Miss Emily, happy wee girl.

 ABOVE:  Stew with Keera.  Guess what is Lacy's favourite colour???
You get no prizes ... lol !

ABOVE: the wee girls eating scones for lunch...

ABOVE: the big kids.  My scones were really lovely today. 

ABOVE:  I asked Stew to do ONE thing for me today, and that was make the lamp beside him stand up straight... it's been on a lean for ages. His solution?  Stuck his arm out and pushed it upright and held it there... smart arse.

ABOVE:  Amanda and Andrew.  Her 'bump' is 18 weeks along tomorrow.  I took photos of her bump (as I do) but I'll put them on tomorrow's post as there is heaps on here already.

 ABOVE:  full house.  Emily got her new quilt... and I took heaps of photos of her with that too.... they will be on tomorrow's post too.

ABOVE:  like all toddlers, Emily really loved the baby... and did not want to give her back.

ABOVE:   how darn cute is this?

ABOVE:  time to go... and Emily knows how to slide down the stairs.  

As someone mentioned, Lacy did come over in the morning, she wanted to be here after all.  She had not seen Amanda's kids in a very long time, so wanted to see them.

Expecting Steve and Bex home soon. 
And once they were home they helped me tidy up my linen cupboards, which was great as they were getting outta hand!

I've got heaps of stuff to sort out in the garage too... as we simply do not have enough storage space, I am now storing surplus stuff in the garage.  

End of Day:  thankfully the day went like clockwork... and we juggled visitors well.  
I did a lovely beef casserole for dinner which everyone really liked.  I don't make yukky ones very often!
nite nite


  1. Have a happy peaceful day. I adore your quilts and I am sorry to say it again but you are so truly talented. How old we're you when you made your 1st quilt and are any of your daughters following in your footsteps?

  2. The finished quilt is beautiful. You must be very proud of it.

    Things never stay the same in families. Enjoy the day you have.

    It's just us and our daughter. We're going to Castle Rock restaurant for lunch.

    Will email you re Sept 13th.


  3. Quilts and scones hmmmmmmmmmm I'm making sort of scones a dumpling mix for me beef pot casserole with parsley and cheese in the dough mix all dry ingredients done just need to add it about 30 mins before serving (Is it dinner yet)

  4. That frog looks familiar....
    Love the pictures of the kids.

  5. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Glad the first wave of visitors went well nice to see lacy there :)
    donna from work

  6. Glad Father's Day went well at your place.... love the photos esp the ones of Emily and Keera!! And those scones look so delicious!! Any tips??

  7. I am glad everyone got on & Stew had a nice day.

  8. Thanks for the link ,amazing quilt. I have no talent and am thrilled with some bunting I have made. In one of your posts you mentioned "fat quarters" so I ordered some on the Internet , perfect for the job as I have no remnants. It seems fat quarters are not something anyone has heard of here so I am very grateful to you and your post. So glad fathers day went never can tell with families!!

  9. That Emily sure is adorable! Love the girls picture!


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