Monday, September 10, 2012


She has a huge belly ... yet she can still do this!...

 ABOVE:  Coco... lying over the arm of the chair, checking out what's going on in our street.  Her belly is hampering her from flopping down properly now.

ABOVE:  when she is lying down I can see the puppies moving!  It's freaky.  Shame I can't tell how many there are in there.  This time around I am not paying for an x-ray in her last week to determine how many there will be.  Time will tell.... and now that she has done it once we know what to expect!

Hopefully this time she will not have two breech pups, they were a bit scary!  For her, and me.  Also, this time around I will probably not have Steve here to help me either.  Yikes!  Wonder how good Brylee and Griffin might be as 'Assistant Midwives'?  lol

Yeah... probably not gunna be helpful.

ABOVE: Miss Muppet... she's been a right madam the last day or so with taking her bottle.   Lacy put an extra hole in the teats and now I think she might be getting her milk too fast.  One thing is for sure, she ain't that interested in her bottles!  Hopefully that changes quickly.
It's not fun trying to get an 8 week old baby to take a bottle when she does not want it!

Monday.  Yaaa.  Everyone goes off to school and work and I get some peace and quiet.  
And I get to sew some more.
And do the housework.
Don't envy me now.
Cos really... it's not that much fun.... the housework that is!


Well it may be a gorgeous sunny Spring day... but...

ABOVE: My feet are freezing cold... might just have to curl up with me blankie!  Well, while that would be nice... I want to work on the cot bumper set eh?  Hi Ho Hi Ho... down to the freezing garage I go!

I'm not cold anymore!  Working/sewing in the garage warmed me up.  That's good, cos I really get crabby when I'm cold.

ABOVE:  doing the boring bits... making the backing for the bumpers.

ABOVE: have not even made much of a mess yet!  

ABOVE:  I think it's ready for quilting!  That should be fun!

But first... need some brunch, I'm hungry...

JACKIE:  Coco's pups will be full brother's and sisters to Chico.  Same mother, same father.

It's been a quiet afternoon... just lovely.  The dogs and I lay in the sun on the couch and listened to some music... then the kids came home... I pretended to be asleep!  Evil me... they crept around and got on with their activities without making a noise.  lol

I've got to get started on dinner now, I'm making beef 'n' bacon pies for dinner.  

The pies... well they came out fine.  But the beef  'n' bacon stew was not up to par I think.  I used a different bacon from the norm... and it made a difference.  I'm fussy.

End of Day:  it's been a long, cold, but productive day... so I'm happy.
nite nite.


  1. Keera really likes being snuggled up 8 weeks already boy that has gone fast yikes! It's windy as still down here, but off to work I go Hope you get a fair days sewing in. Coco 13 days she could balloon out way more!

  2. Wow some brothers and sisters for Chico, or would it be cousins.... lol. Bloody freezing here but the sun is out so got to be good.

  3. I wonder if I can sneak a puppy back on the boat when I come over for the cruise! Probably not:)

  4. Looks like you had a productive day.
    Love those slipper/boots! They look so toasty.

  5. That 8 weeks has gone fast! The sewing project looks great. Sometimes I think, wish I had time to do stuff like that, but the problem is ... I do! I just forget to start. Too darned lazy is my problem I think.

    Oooo puppies. Exciting stuff. Here's to a successful birth and a good vet if there is problems!

  6. If Keera is refusing the bottle, it might be the teat...what about getting a different flow teat instead of putting a hole in it? It's more precise that way. I had trouble with the flow for Stel as well, had to try a few different brands.

  7. Adorable... I can't wait to see the puppies.

  8. Thanks for the comments on my site! I got those great shots of the birds while teaching my niece how to use her new camaera. I hope things go well for the puppy when the little ones come along. How are you doing?

  9. Hello there! I found your link by following your link on a blog comment. I love your disclaimer, and I love blogs that are real and honest!
    How nice to do some quilting and sewing! I used to do that (at least sewing) but haven't had time for long, but I'd love to start doing some of that again soon.

  10. Keera!!! Just love seeing that little girl in your posts. :)

    How are Brylee and Griffin? Haven't seen them in your pics for a bit. Do you get spring uniforms together soon? How is Griffin's room looking or is everything the same? I love catching up with your whole bunch on the blog. :)


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