Tuesday, August 10, 2010


ABOVE: another 'snippet'... *snigger*.

TODAY: I am working at the Hospice Shop... they are short staffed this week and I have been called in. I am their 'ON CALL' girl... lol! So that means I will be in my element... around adults, in a shop, chance to buy something.... WHAT COULD BE BETTER?

ABOVE: a little video of Coco And Griffin yesterday morning....

ABOVE: two of the baby cards I made last night....ONWARD...

Back from the shop... I bought a few things (as I do!)... and I got to pick up my Highlander from the Panel Beaters! Yaaaaaa... now I can go and pick up my new picture too... will have to be after the kids are home from school though... drat!

I will put a photo up of the new painting tomorrow!

WOMBAT: I use double-sided tape, PVA glue AND a glue stick!

The Picture: NO ONE has guessed exactly what it is ... except 2 people who were on the right track!

Home AGAIN... I picked up the painting on my own in the end... the kids wouldn't have fitted in the car WITH the painting... so Stew came home to watch them.

We are now in the process of moving furniture around so the painting will fit on the wall!

ABOVE: it's BIG eh?

ABOVE: *sigh*... moving furniture yet again!

ABOVE: one of the FEW benefits of having little kids at home still... they get to dust the lower cupboards! *smiles*

End of Day: NO Amanda, the painting does not have your name on it! I am going to leave it to Grandbaby No# 7.. whenever I get a GrandBaby No# 7.... 7 is my favourite number afterall! Spending the evening re-arranging stuff in my Craft/Sewing room. nite nite.


  1. Awwwww! Love the video! Precious! :)

    Cute cards! :)

  2. Thats so funny coco and griffin it's like I can HELP you I can, BUTTERFLIES is it BUTTERFLIES? Whatever it is I'm sure it will WOW us all.

  3. Anonymous10:48 AM

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh how cute the baby cards are!!! love the one on the right! You are so talented. and I loved the video. They look like they're having a ball! Regarding your hint...It's a Butterfly!!! ...debbie

  4. Your wood floor is soooo clean!! I know I was supposed to be watching the dog, but your beautiful floor caught my eye.

  5. I am beginning to think it is a rug with some really pretty colors.
    I love the baby cards.

  6. Anonymous11:19 AM

    Hope you checked under car for strange objects this morn! I heard a horrible scraping noise while I was walking along a road one day and lady drove past with a bucket stuck under her car. When she drove into the shops driveway, it fell out onto the middle of the busy road and I had to go and pick it up before it got stuck under someone else's car! Baby cards are beautiful as usual. Is that picture a big gooey pile of cake and lollies? It certainly is a puzzle. I was expecting something blue and nautical! Can I ask, what sort of glue do you use on your cards - glue stick/hobby glue/hot glue gun? WOMBAT

  7. Sounds like fun to me. Could it be a rug?

  8. I called into the shop in manukau that sells your cards the other week to have a squizz ... they are awesome!! and love the "its a boy" one ... you are so clever!!

  9. Love all of this! I used to work for hospice. Working in a shop would be very nice!

  10. I wonder if that picture isn't a huge cake or dessert of some kind? It sure looks intriguing!

    Or maybe a shell?? Keeping with your beach theme that is....

  11. Okay you tease, you! I think it's some type of sea shells! ;o)

    What a cute video of Griffin pulling Coco around on the towel. Really enjoyed that!

    Those cards ROCK, Chris. You just keep getting better and better!

    Can't wait to see what the painting is!



  12. Did you buy a crazy quilted "painting"? Your baby cards are really cute, esp the baby one.

  13. You are a tease!

    Hey slap me - I can't believe I went into the shop in Whitianga that sells your cards and forgot all about them being there - so didn't look! sorry!

  14. What a teaser, I thought you were going to show it in the end!

    Cute video! Wish my kids could play with the dog QUIETLY.

  15. Amanda6:09 PM

    Hmmm sure butterflies are nice, but you have never done the butterfly thing... Shells however, yes indeedy, surprised its not blue but really you can only have so much of it... a slight change in colour will be nice but yes shells of sorts would be my guess. Hmmm just another something I can put me name too hehehe :-)

  16. Well, I thought it would be something nautical or under the sea knowing you but the colours have thrown me.. I'm sure there has to be some blue in it somewhere???? Surely????

  17. I love the baby cards u made.......very clever u are....... I would say u are crafty but that can be taken the wrong way LOL

  18. All i can see in that picture is a cow udder lol
    The day sounds all very productive!

  19. I have NO IDEA what the picture is!! Sea shells, maybe?

  20. I am curious...very curious....

  21. Haven't got a clue on what that painting could be. Looks like you had another very busy day. Your cards always turn out lovely.

  22. If falling in love with a painting and buying it get my furniture moved, cleaned and dusted with help I'm gonna go find me one - obviously, yours is already taken by #7, lucky unnamed bugger.


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