Monday, December 22, 2008


WELL? Whaddiya think of it? SO PRETTY eh? It's a Toyota Highlander, in black, with the 'extras' we want: the nudge bar, tow bar and side steps.... *DROOLING*... and guess what?
WE ARE GETTING ONE in a few months!!!!!
AWESOME. It has the seating capacity to seat 7 ... so perfect for us when we have visitors. I love it.

The woman who was driving it must have thought I was stalking her, poking me head outta the window and taking photos of her car! Bet she never comes in MY street again! lol

Stew is back at work today, so it's just me and the kids.... Griffin was a bloody good boy yesterday while we were out... thank god! Here's hoping he is good today cos I don't feel up to his being a pain in the butt on me own. My cold is causing me to have the most shitty headaches.... they just won't go away. grrrrr.


So I'm full of the cold, it kept me awake most of the night, it's the pitts.

I decided to clean my car today, this is a BIG DEAL....Why? I hear you ask... well cos my car only gets cleaned about once a year... and this year Steve said he would wash it in January... ummm dat was a long time ago! So, the poor thing hasn't been washed in nearly TWO YEARS ! I've done the inside I just have to do the outside... *sigh*... it's a big car. ONWARD...

We got unexpected visitors this lunchtime.. Kelly, Gordon and their two kids... and I had NO bread for making lunch so they had to go away hungry! I felt rather bad about that... I must go grocery shopping!

The kids and I spent the rest of the afternoon lazying in the sun, dipping ourselves in the paddle pools to cool off. I'm so sad we didn't find a house with a pool here... and we sure don't have the $$$'s to put one in... *sob*. Maybe if I didn't get the Highlander??? Nah, Stew won't wear that I'm sure. The car comes first.

Dinner.. better get me thinking cap on and sort that out I suppose...

End of Day: dinner - DONE. Car - CLEAN. Bed - NOW. nite nite.


  1. Very nice... hope you are feeling better soon and only 6 1/2 weeks of holidays left now lol........

  2. Anonymous9:00 AM

    They are a great car!!! i have an outlander i love it to death!!!!

  3. Lookin' sharp!

    What will you use the trailer hitch on the back for??

  4. I really love the look of that car. I have an odyessy and I like the feeling of being higher. Something like this would be a good next car for us.

  5. I'm sorry you're not feeling well. Especially this time a year. What rotten timing. I love the car. My next car will definitely be an SUV. I drive a mustang right now and it's pretty tight inside..haha. Take care girl.

  6. Anonymous4:20 PM

    Geez, Chris can't you get your way with a pool? Haha. I'm sure Stew would use it when he gets home hot and bothered after a day in the office. What about a para 3' deep. I don't have a problem down here haha. But looking forward to 12 whole days off.. maybe I'll get up early and beat the kids to the pool? After I've done 1001 things I want to do.
    Have a wonderful Christmas you guys!

  7. That is one gorgeous car and I'm not huge into cars, but that is sharp!!!!

  8. Nice car! Bet you can't wait to get behind the wheel of it when you get it! Will you be waving goodbye to the yellow submarine?

    Ah yes, it would be bliss to have your own pool, surely you could get a cheaper/smaller, non-permanent one in the meantime? Something's better than nothing eh...

  9. wow new house, new doorknocker, new clothes, new car...did ya'll win the lottery?
    Actually, good for you! Very nice ride indeed. Mine is a Grand Ma car. but it's paid for. It's so funny that your hot. it is 30 here tonight. Glad you liked the singing they are so talented.

  10. Bugger getting a cold, hope you are feeling better, what we need is plenty of sun to chase the bugs away:)
    Have a great christmas and new year :)

  11. I have always thought that getting an SUV like that would be pretty cool.

    However, like you, I have no bread to buy it with.

  12. Anonymous12:15 AM

    Id love an outlander.
    think we can convince em to make me one in dark purple?

  13. i looked at the highlander too, awhile back... its a great car. good luck with it if you get it!

  14. Nice car! You will look great in that!

  15. Aww not a cold not now!!!! Hope you are feeling better soon. Christmas cake looks good, spent the better part of the weekend cooking them myself. Lucky you and the nice warm weather. We had another huge snow storm yesterday with 25cm of snow its a balmy -17 today. Take care and get well.

  16. I'm thinking you just get a friend with a pool and come over every now and then with "lunch" for everyone and a pool-time. Then you're just out a few lunches (which you eat anyway) and you don't have to clean the thing and pay the water bill.


  17. LOL @ Jaxx's comment of only 6 1/2 weeks left! I guess that's a positive right? Now if only Santa came at the end of the holidays it might mean you got some peace for a longer period of time.

    Love the car, you are a lucky girl! As to the cleaning - we bought our car nearly 2 years ago and I think it's only been cleaned once in that time - can you tell it's my DH's job?

    Shame about the pool - any chance you might be interested in selling your house if one with a pool came along? LOL ... what an evil thought that would be!

  18. Sure, rub it in. You get a manly SUV and I get to drive a mini-van.


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