Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Normally I loathe putting up me Christmas Tree... but yesterday I did it... and enjoyed it too! It only took about 4 hours to get it out of the attic and get it all assembled! (yep, that was fun) *sneaky sarcasm slipping in there*

It's obviously something Stew hates to do too, cos I can't remember the last time that shit helped me do it!

Oh well, it's done now and it looks lovely.... and it's in the perfect place in our new home... thanks to Stew's suggestion! Got to give him credit for something I suppose.

ABOVE: Our Christmas Tree....

Now what else? Oh yes! I found a gorgeous Door Knocker on Trade Me on Sunday, I've put a bid in, keep your fingers crossed I get it, cos I TOTALLY LOVE it!

ABOVE: The Door Knocker ! Isn't it beautiful? Trade Me is the New Zealand equivalent of EBay etc. Bidding ends around 8.30 tonight.... so hope I get it.

Today: - kids to school

Go out to do a couple of things.. library, pick up wedding dress.... shop maybe? Who knows...


Well I didn't do a bloody thing I had planned on today! Instead, I took the kids out of school and drove over to Thames to visit my girlfriend 'F' in hospital. She had her surgery yesterday, and would you believe she was sitting up in bed happy as a SandBoy? I was gobsmacked....

The surgeon had planned on doing laproscopic surgery to remove the tumor in her bowel, but had to chop her open, and she is smiling! OK me thinks it's got something to do with the MORPHINE she's got on board somehow!

Doesn't she look fantastic? I hope she's still smiling in a few days when they take away the drugs! Brylee and Griffin enjoyed the day so that was good. It rained most of the day, so we didn't bother going down to the beach.... not that it's that nice on the Firth of Thames.

We are home now and later on we shall go out to the airport to pick up Stew, he's been away in Wellington...

End of Day: Stew flew in safely, but we are now spending the night at his Dad's Resthome... his Dad is ready to leave us. The kids are with my family until tomorrow. That's all for now. nite nite.


  1. What a fabulous place for the tree. I am sure you wil get many admirers from the street. Good luck for the Auction.

  2. Must get our tree out, like you not a job I love!! Even worse packing them up again. Your's looks lovely.

    I see you've changed your profile photo and it now includes Izzy:-)

  3. Chris, your tree is lovely. I can't imagine having Christmas in the middle of Summer. I love your accent. It's so beautiful.

  4. Um....and the tree is where? Hey Chris we are dying to see it. Am I missing something?

  5. Anonymous10:27 AM


    You should video y'all talking every day and put them in your posts! EVERY DAY!

    Your Christmas tree (and home) is lovely! I'm going to post pictures of our Christmas decorations tomorrow. My husband is out of town and I need to wait until he's on his way home to post so I don't spoil the surprise of it being done! I've been whining about him helping me so he's expecting to come home to a mess. He He!

  6. OMG i love your house! The fire place with the candles looks so pretty!

  7. I'm singing "Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree la la de de la la la" Well done, and the kids are gorgeous. Gotta love that Kiwi accent! xxxx

  8. Yes, that is the perfect spot for the tree - exactly where I would have put it! How is that a door knocker? I can't see the knocking bit. It is very unique.

  9. I so love your Christmas tree and all the best with the door knocker. I can so see it on your front door.

  10. Anonymous12:06 PM

    Love your tree, very pretty

  11. what a cool door knocker I hope you get it too!! I dont do christmas trees mike and martha do... but they are procrastinating worse than me this year LOL.

  12. Ok, this is funny...

    because I get little snippets of your post on my "following" feature and it says that setting up the Christmas tree was LOTS OF FUN but doesn't include the sarcasm part LOL!

    I thought you were a "nutty tart" if you'd just spent four hours assembling a tree and thought that was a rockin' good time.


    (Did I use the term "nutty tart" correctly? Did you read it with a New Zealand accent for me?" How did I do?)

  13. Nice tree. It's a chore putting up our big tree. Even worst when it's time to take it apart. The pieces usually get stuck together and it's a great deal of time trying to separate the stuck pieces.

  14. Oh forgot to say I'm glad you're friend is doing well after her surgery.

  15. hi ya,

    I will write this here as I doubt the ex will be checking what comments I leave on other peoples blogs.

    I discovered (last week) that he had hacked into my computer and had ALL my passwords which gave him free reign to trall through my blog, e-mails and anything else he chose to access.

    His main 'concern' was to make contact with a guy I was e-mailing and feed him every imaginable piece of dirt on me. (from his perspective of course).

    I have changed every password on my system, but as he has the software to hack I can't be certain that he has been blocked so need to be changing my passwords often.

    He has promised me he won't do it again, but this holds about as much peace of mind as a rottweiler with a taste for blood.

    I do not trust him at all (regarding this issue) and am still in shock that he has been keeping tabs on my life.

    On another note, the christmas tree looks fantastic, definitely the perfect spot.

    And I'm so pleased your friend has come through the op and is still smiling.

  16. you hate putting up the tree? why? I LOVE putting up my tree..

    its doing the outdoor lights that i cant stand...

  17. Lovely tree, Chris, and the spot where you put it up is perfect. I also love the candles on the hearth.

    I, too, could listen to you and the kids talk, for hours. I love the dialect. I wonder how "y'all" would sound in Kiwi?

    Yes, I smile a lot too, when the morphine is flowing...I wish! Your friend does look fabulous for having such recent surgery. I'm sure friends like you help to speed up recovery. Nice picture of the two of you, and the kids, too!

  18. Love the tree and the sweet little munchkins doing commentary. Now I have to post a picture of my little Charlie Brown tree so ya'll can have a good laugh. ;) You're HOME is beautiful, girl. SO is your family!!

  19. Anonymous8:27 PM

    Your tree looks gorgeous, Chris! :) And it's a perfect spot!

    BTW, any chance you could please change my url in your blogroll to http://mummifiedtimesfive.net


  20. Glad to hear that your friends op went well - she looks great for someone who has just had surgery.

    The tree looks fabulous in the corner there with the windows - want to fly over and put mine up, I still haven't found my motivation to do it!

  21. Glad your friend came thru the op ok, I know how she must be feeling, except that I dont have cancer, if you know what I mean, lovely friend you are too! How did the auction go?? and your tree looks fantastic.


  22. The tree looks gorgeous....the door knockers is way cool too!!

    Sorry to hear about hubby's dad...big hugs and love to you all.

  23. Chris, forget the tree - your freaking entire house in beautiful!

    I have some serious jealousy issues over here right now!

  24. Your tree is beautiful, the picture of you and your friend is great, she looks awesome! I have never looked that good after surgery..EVER! You looked beautiful and I love your accent! Sorry about Stew's Father, but it is nice ya'll are there, your family is in my prayers..oh did you win the doorknocker?

  25. Great Tree! Enjoyed it!

  26. The tree looks great, love yours and the kids accent. Seems as though you've been busy,sorry to hear of your friends passing and of Stew's Dad's health. All the best. Take care

  27. Hey, she looks *great*.

    Prayers for you and your family and specially Stew's dad.


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