Monday, December 29, 2008


Poor Stew had to get back into his suit and tie today to work 3 more days till he can take some more time 'off work'....

OH HELL... who am I kidding? He has to work like a Trojan when he's at home, I never let the poor bugger have 2 seconds rest half the time! Here he is digging holes in the sweltering heat to plant the new trees!

The finished morning patio, looking ever so nice with the new magnolia trees and some pots.... so much more welcoming (and we have screened out the neighbours)... tis all good.

Now that Stew is back at work I think the kids and I will just hang around home.... kick back and relax! I will think of my darling husband slaving away at work, I REALLY WILL. (truth be known he's probably thankful he's there, away from me and my demands!).

I got all the tiles off the table last night too... took some doing as SOME of them were stuck on there tight as.... and some just fell off. I need to sand it down again, then I think I will just paint it this time! Less time and energy!

*** NEWS FLASH*** ABOVE: One of my all time favourite bloggers is BACK!!! MELLISA from friggin Aussy has a new blog.... PLEASE go check her out! She's a cool tart.

We watered the gardens yesterday....'s raining ... how TYPICAL.

It's been raining on and off all day... the kids have been happily playing though, so that's good. Stew came home a bit early so I took the chance and popped out to the supermarket without the kids. Yaaa.

End of Day: well quite boring really, did housework and bugger all else all day! nite nite.


  1. My Grandpa told me once he worked harder after he retired lol. Said my Grandma had him working his fingers to the bone ;o)

  2. LOL. You can always spend the time thinking up new things for him to do !!! :-)

    Those magnolia trees are going to look awesome when they are bigger and in flower...

  3. Oh, I just LOVE Magnolia trees!

  4. The patio looks gorgeous.

  5. Poor old Stew! I'm sure my DH Tom feels the same way. Only yesterday he said "you always have something for me to do..." And like Stew, he's back at work today "for a break!!" xxxxxx

  6. Anonymous11:26 AM

    *giggle* Isn't that what we marry big, strong men for?? I have a long list for Reece too... hey it WAS HIS idea to buy 5 acres!!! Silly man!!!
    Thanks for the plug .... I like my bike too!! I went for a ride yesterday with my dad on his harley .... I just love that feeling!!

  7. I love how the garden is looking..

  8. It's so nice to see some plants growing this time of year. Here everything is dead. We have a few more months before we can even think about planting a garden. I'm loving your patio.

  9. I love the pots you bought to honour Stews dad, it is lovely to have a physical reminder.

    Also, great work on getting back on the wagon before New Years, I am still eating myself out of house and home!

    Best wishes for 2009 darl!

  10. Yeah, Poor, poor Stew hehehe! Should have stayed in Palmy huh.
    Shame about the table Chris. You did an amazing job. Now to making that quilt... I have finished the gardens and now it is raining so time for ME and my sewing machine. Hope you get inspired soon.
    Poor, poor Stew....

  11. How can I make it up to you?? *giggle*

  12. Anonymous11:18 PM

    You have a bed here anytime!!! I haven't been commenting lately coz I'm a lazy tart!! I have been reading ..... I can't get on at work anymore, we are just too busy!! I have the internet at home now (only dial up coz we don't have broadband down our little country street) so I can talk to you guys more .... I am sorry for being a bad friend!! *giggle*

  13. Poor Stew.. but without all that guidence from you he would get bored surely... haha
    And Yay to the biker tart coming back to the world of blogging!

  14. Anonymous12:40 AM

    love magnolia trees.
    too lazy to plant.
    please send your Stew to Texas!!

  15. Anonymous1:10 AM

    Thanks! It is always good meeting new bloggers!

  16. OMG if you keep working on that damn house you'll be too afraid to live in it ... lol ... you'll have it looking like a display home in no time.

    Thanks so much for the heads up regarding Mellisa's blog - I missed reading it but now have her back in my favourites :-)

  17. I'm hooking off work today, but DH could not stay away another day. Such is the life of a workaholic. Looks like you Christmas celebration went well. As for my trouble making guest. It is always the same guest who makes trouble. Very demanding and very rude. She pitched a grand fit with me on Christmas Eve in front of my father to add to the drama. Just to make sure she looks like a rose in his eyes and I a turd. She expressed her displeasure with being put in the guest room, and requested on one of the kids room as they have the bigger beds. Told her the guest room if for guests. That is the basis of her problem. Plus the fact that we did not go and retrieve her from the airport at 2:30 in the morning. Apparently I am not a good sister. Only another week and she will be back where she belongs, perhaps this will be her last request to stay at my home.

    Must be off and get myself out of this house for awhile. Need groceries...All the best for a fun fill holiday. Here's to 2009.

  18. Yep, I feel Stew's pain. I had to get back to work to take a vacation from my vacation.


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