Monday, December 08, 2008


Ok, gunna make this quick (for now)... tis nice , ever so nice, to be home again! Stew is a happy man, I am a happy tartlet.

Kids are even nice.

- kids to school
- home to do some EXERCISE... yes, you bloody heard right!
- housework (DAMN it all.. has to be done eh?)

AND....Post some friggin photos! I will, just give me time to get outta bed, and so on!

(My girlfriend 'F' has her cancer surgery today, so fingers crossed it all goes well)......the drama never ends....

ABOVE AND BELOW: my most favourite Coffee Shop in Palmerston North....

ABOVE: Me and Sandra, I is da tanned one! lol !

ABOVE: Sandra and Chris D, we had a lovely lunch on the Saturday. It was just like old times.

ABOVE: Me and Chris D

ABOVE: Janene and Jorja, not long now till Janene has her Weight Loss Surgery! (one week in fact)

ABOVE AND BELOW: Market Day in The Square (centre of Palmerston North). I got a couple of darn good buys here. And the most awesome Christmas Present for Stew! SHIT I hope he likes it!

ABOVE AND BELOW: There was this Dude there selling things made out of driftwood.... they were pretty cool! The one above is a helicopter, and below is a turtle! I loved his boats best.

ABOVE: Me with Izzy and Toby at Anne's home.

ABOVE: Me with Izzy, she was being a twit, kept rolling over to get me to scratch her tummy! Stoooooopid dog! But I love her! She is such a happy wee girl out there with Toby on the farm... oh and of course I'm sure she loves Anne and Peter too! ha ha ha.

A quick wrap up of my day: all good, got lots done around the house, kids fed and into bed. My girlfriend 'F' came through her surgey well, no complicatons... on to the recovery! Hope to go and visit her in a few days.

End of Day: I'm tired and plan on an early bedtime for once! .....OH and I've flitted around some of your blogs, and marked 'as read' about 376 updates! Sorry if I missed you! Just can't get to them all. nite nite.


  1. Glad you home and settled in, the break would have been very good for you.
    Have a great day :)

  2. The pics are great. :) Sorry I didn't get to lunch but it had been another one of those weeks and I forgot all about it til too late. I should have texted to see if you were going earlier in the day. Never mind will catch up next time for sure. Have a great week :)
    ps. You are looking good :)

  3. I can't beleive how tanned you have become. Auckland does agree with you!!!

    Am pleased you had a good time (although sad at times) in Palmy.

    What a sweet man Stew was to organise the wine and flowers.

  4. awesome photos Love them all!
    Glad the trip was safe and hope all the surgeries go well...

  5. I like the turtle!

    GL to your friend that is getting the wl sugery. My friend had it done and she is doing great! Down 188 pounds!

  6. Loved the pics...espesially the wood pictures...
    Glad your friend made it throu surgery ok, here's to a speedy recovery for her.
    Ohhhh and welcome home...

  7. Love the driftwood items!

    And the coffee shop... you're a little far from New Yawk, aren't ya?? LOL!

  8. You look so beeyootyful! Loved the pics!

  9. Love the photos - bet Izzy was glad to see you again!

  10. Awesome view of the square. I wish there was something similar around here!

    The driftwood was inventive and well done - how much were they going for?


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