Wednesday, December 17, 2008


It's only 2.5 days to go till the kids are home on holidays for the summer, so I am going out to finish off the Christmas shopping today...hopefully I can get it all sorted in time!

- kids to school
- Stew back to work
- me.... back to the norm... housework, shopping.... yadda yadda ya.

Yesterday after the funeral Stew's sister Khady gave me this amazing piece of art... I don't quite know what it was for!!!! Maybe an early Christmas present? Anyway... it's just gorgeous...

I put it on the blue trellis outside where my big copper fish WAS..... I've put him inside as he was getting too tarnished outside. This artwork is painted corrigated iron .... so should be ok outside! It is totally 'ME'.... and I love it!

Right, time to go get that shopping done..... ONWARD...

I got a good deal of the shopping done ... then decided I was just too tired to do anymore and came home early. Don't know why but both Stew and I just feel 'limp' today... like we have no energy at all. Maybe it's the past week catching up on us.

ANYWAY... I came home and decided I better hang out the washing.... I took one look at the peg bucket and just had to smile! Brylee hung the washing out last... and obviously she's a REAL GIRL cos that little tart had painstakingly dug into the peg bucket and only used the PINK PEGS!!!

How bloody cute is that? LOL ... all the pink ones on the top! So that's me giggle for the day, going to go put me feet up now and read a book!

End of Day: Stew came home early, he was exhausted too. Then his boss turned up on our doorstep with a gift in memory of Stew's Dad, so nice. Going to enjoy a quiet evening (once we get the kids to bed).... nite nite.


  1. wow I love the art work! it looks great!

  2. Hope you're able to find some good bargains!

  3. awww shes such a girl and used only pink pins... i only ever had the old wooden spring ones...
    Hope you guys rest up and get all things done...and I LOVE the art you got!

  4. Firstly, do you think that art work is OK outside? Even though it is on iron it may not last too long there - perhaps a more sheltered spot could be good?

    About the pegs - go back and look at the photo of her hanging out the clothes... all pink... lol

  5. Those pink clothes pins are too cute! :)

  6. Oh how cute with the pegs... love the artwork :-)

  7. The pink clothes pegs would SOO be something Julia would do.

    Still, the more I see of your house, the more I fall in love with it! Major Jealousy here!

  8. Just love the artwork!! Can imagine something similar at our bach:-)

    I cracked up about the pink pegs - wonder if she will ever hang up the washing again - well I think I mean willingly hang it up.

    No wonder you are drained, been a hard, emotional few weeks.

    Take care - Anne

  9. No doubt the week has caught up with you. Be kind to yourselves and enjoy this lead up to Christmas. Hope you were able to finish your shopping. Your kids finish later - mine have already been home for two weeks.

  10. What was the gift?

  11. The artwork is cool, I love how you use unconventional things in your yard, its the artist in you. Brylee is a girly girly! That took time and effort to pick out the pink pins. Emotionally you are drained, you just need to rest and relax. Big Hugs from Texas!

  12. Funerals do tend to wear you out! Take some time and just relax with Stew.

    Love the pink pins!

  13. What a nice gift from you SIL. Pretty sure that the two of you are exhausted from all the stress of the last few weeks. Do hope you managed to relax a bit last night. Enjoy your last day of freedom before summer break.


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