Sunday, December 28, 2008


Yesterday we went shopping to buy a gift in memory of Stew's Dad, from his work mates... we finally found these two pots:

ABOVE: Brylee and Griffin holding them on the way back to our car after buying them....very cute.

ABOVE: the two pots, so very beautiful.... they look like they have been out by the seaside for decades! They have this amazing aged look.. and so many subtle colours and textures!
ABOVE: up close. We are both very happy with them.

TODAY: Hopefully we will stay home and just chill out... I'm hoping the sun comes out and I can work on me tan.... NO OTHER PLANS!
Well so much for that! I had decided to stay home today and not buy ANYTHING.... but we just got back from the Plant Barn (again) where we bought two lovely Magnolia Trees to act as a bit of a screen between us and our neighbours.... I like my privacy ya see! Ya can't sunbathe topless if the neighbour has a chance of seeing the boobies eh? lol
TINA: I don't actually plan on putting anything in my new pots, they are beautiful all on their own! I will live with them for a while and see if they 'need' a plant or not!
End of Day: we have done some work in the garden this afternoon, and are now just chillin out before I get some dinner sorted for us. Left overs I reckon. nite nite.


  1. Those are very nice!

  2. My photos do look like it didn't rain huh? I just ignored the rainy days and only took photos on the good ones! 500g per week sounds like a plan, I might join you :)

  3. Love the pots finally catching up on the blogs sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. Have a great New year :-)

  4. What a lovely idea and they look fantastic..

  5. I've just caught up on 4 days of your life Chris. Sounds like you had a fantastic christmas. Looks like the kids are enjoying their presents.

    Good on you for giving all the xmas goodies away. You sound very positive about the new year.

    I love your new pots. What are you going to plant in them?

  6. cool pots they look fantastic! hope you get sun ... it has not shown its face here today... the fog has remained all day and its dripping wet out.

  7. I love those pots. I think they look great just by themselves.

  8. Those pots are just beautiful!

    Hope you're having a great holiday season! :)

  9. I love the pots...good choice!! I think they speak for themselves without putting anything in them.

  10. I'm seriously gonna come visit. I need to work on me tan. :(
    The pots are beautiful!

  11. Love the pots... they will fit in perfectly..
    Hope you manage to get some rest time over the school holidays...
    What date do they go back to school?
    Mine dont go back til about the 14th Feb!!

  12. Oh Just thought I would let you know...I have finally blogged!!!

  13. Oh definitely a good choice with your pots, you did well.

  14. Ok, those pots look VERY VERY HEAVY.

  15. They look like giant pumice pots. Like them!!

    I want a black toyota highlander, it is COOL!!

  16. Those are very, very cool pots. I might have to look into getting me some of those.

    Of course, they wouldn't match as well with my house as they do with yours.


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