Thursday, December 18, 2008


There ARE positives to that eh? I won't have to get up quite so early to get them ready for school.
I won't have to make bloody lunches first thing in the morning!
I won't have to trudge up to the school twice a day... such a fag... in the heat!
I won't have to remember to do the reading homework, read all the darn school notices, remember togs and towels, trips, cough up endless amounts of money for mufit days, sausage sizzle days etc....

SO, I'm going to look on it in a positive light ! So there.

I'm NOT going to think about where I can ship them out too! Or dream about gagging Griffin, or tying him to a chair! I will be a nice Mummy and spend time with them... entertain them, take them out and about, explore our new surroundings.... I'm SURE I will have fun too.... YEAH RIGHT! WHY, OH WHY are school holidays so long???

(all this is said with the knowledge that I actually DO love them, and don't really want to be rid of them, in case you were wondering!)

Stew's boss called in yesteday (I already told ya that eh?)... anyway, she brought Stew and I a really lovely pot of flax (Stew's Dad developed several new varieties of flax in his lifetime) so it was very touching! AND she also gave us some gift vouchers from a Plant Nursery, so I'm looking forward to using them soon! SHOPPING of any sort is right up my alley! It doesn't matter what I'm shopping for.... I love it all!

WELL OK, I don't really like grocery shopping! But that's only 'cos I have to lug it all out to the car, into the house, and then put it all away... such a pain in the butt.

I do believe I'm waffling now, so I shall bugger off for now....

Stew came home early from work yesterday cos he was so tired... and what did I do? I asked him to assemble Brylee's new computer desk and chair!

It took a good few hours too... the poor bugger!

ABOVE: The finished product, now she has somewhere to do her drawings, writing etc. She does not have a computer (yet).. that will come in a few years!

End of Day: well I got heaps done today! Finally got all the Christmas presents... AND wrapped the buggers too. What a job, I hate it with a vengence! Stew... does NONE, the shit. But he did bath the kids and get them to bed, so that's good I suppose. nite nite.


  1. Bugger still 7 weeks to go then, I have had Chris home 2 weeks already. And agree these holidays are far to long spread them out more evenly over the year, I think :-)

  2. I noticed that Brylee was only using pink pegs in the picture of her hanging the washing out....I thought maybe it was that you only had pink pegs.......but knowing you, if you only had one colour it would have been BLUE!!

  3. On the other side, think of us who work in the colleges/school yay for a nice long holiday - less money - but nice long holiday.

  4. OH! I thought he was cleaning a gun or something! Nice chair!

    So, what are you going to do for 7 weeks?

  5. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Cool desk Chris. Where did you find that?

  6. The furniture looks great. Bet Brylee is one happy girl. Yep those holidays do seem long before they start but they do go quicker for the first couple weeks with all the excitement of Christmas & New Year......In saying that I'm glad it's you not me....ROFL
    Cheeky tart I am eh!!!!!

  7. 7 WEEKS?? And I'm complaing about 2...

  8. Ashlyn will be home for 2 weeks for Christmas break, I have no idea what we will do to stay busy, maybe clean house..No! I am happy your shopping is done, now can u help me finish mine?

  9. Good for you being all set for Christmas. You are fast! I'm still in the thinking/pondering stage although there is not much time left. Have a wonderful holiday. Take care.

  10. The desk looks nice. Lucky girl!

    Congrat on gettin geverything bought and wrapped - that is a big pain, isn't it?

  11. The kids didn't have school this week because of the snow. Now they have two more weeks off for the holidays. I think they're going to drive us crazy before they have to go back to school.

  12. My problem is that why does I get 7 weeks off from work? I get good grades!


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