Friday, December 26, 2008



Tis a beautiful day out there, and I'm still in bed... wishing I was asleep still... but I'm not.. our kids and visiting grandsons Huston and Joel woke up bright and early this morning, even though the little shits didn't go to sleep to almost midnight! *sigh*

I've got a bloody headache too... might have SOMETHING to do with all the wine I drank last night eh? OOOO why do we never learn?

Today Amanda and her fiance Andrew are buying their boys' suits for their wedding, which is now only two weeks away. And we are going to do some post-christmas shopping! WHOOP!
But for now.... think I will just lie here a bit longer and THINK about getting up at some stage! LATER....

We braved the Boxing Day Sales in the malls... NEVER AGAIN! Every man and his family were there... Amanda and I got caught in traffic with the Boxing Day Races too... took over half and hour to move 500 metres down the road! Grrrrr... and it's SO HOT today.

We will be eating left overs for days:

I don't think anyone will mind though.....

I WILL be tipping all the puddings down the sink though, I so don't want them in my face... I wouldn't be able to resisit them.

No shopping do today either... just didn't feel like battling the masses to even GET INTO a shop, let alone buy anything. Think we will just blob out at home for the rest of the day.

End of Day: our visitors have just left, kids are in bed.. peace reigns again! The Christmas tree and deco's have all been put away for another year... I look forward to next year when we can do it all again! nite nite


  1. Your holiday meal looks yummy! Would you tell me what the side dishes were? Hope your Christmas was great! Ours was very good. I actually finished the dishes before 9:00pm!

  2. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Merry Christmas gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh as exciting as Christmas is it's a relief when it's over too huh? How lucky you are to have boxing day sales, we don't have them here so the shops will be bedlam tomorrow morning.

  4. Merry Christmas to you and yours as well.

    Boxing Day here today, though they don't call it that here or even celebrate it. The day after Christmas sales are happening, but I'm staying clear. It snowed yesterday, so there is snow and ice on the ground. It's as slippery as anything and no bargain is worth a broken leg !! I stayed home where it was warm.:-)

  5. Boy, the Christmas tree down already? You don't mess around!

    You know, I have learned more about Boxing Day this year that I ever had before due to all of the blogs I read of people who celebrate it.


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