Thursday, December 04, 2008



Then... I plan on spending the day with Mike, maybe Steve too... and of course Chris D.

Need to get into town at lunchtime cos I have lunch plans with Anne (Girlfriend)...

Plans here are going smoothly, Chris D has a few 'jobs' to get done today, like photo boards and sorting out what music will be played during the service tomorrow, but really she is doing very well.

Thank you for all of the kind words ....

It is a really beautiful day here too, hopefully tomorrow will be the same. I plan on taking that walk by our old home sometime today too.... I reckon it will help me to let go of Palmy.... and really move forward.
It is so nice to be back though! I really didn't think I had missed the PLACE, but I have! Weird, when you consider how much I wanted to leave it!
Anyway, enough rambling for now, I need to make a start on the day.....

Out and about.... Chris is out getting stuff sorted, having her hair done.... I went out with Steve, Mike and Abby for lunch with Anne ... saw Izzy (she used to be our golden retriever)... she is looking fantastic! And so happy, it's so neat to know she is happy in her new home. It is a blistering hot day here... I'm feeling decidedly tired! Might just have a quiet afternoon.

Stew is holding the fort at home, all is OK there. His Dad is only just hanging on to life..... so sad.

End of Day: spent hours this afternoon/evening sticking photos on boards in readiness for tomorrow... back is now killing me! But I don't mind helping out, it's what I'm here for! Going to take a break now and just yak .... nite nite.


  1. Just sent you a text, then phoned - but never thought - come up here for lunch!!! 12.00ish!!

  2. Enjoy your lunch date! I think you're right about walking past your old house gives you the chance to move on - it's important! Hope all goes well with the service tomorrow.

  3. Just playing catch up Chris. Sorry to read about your friend's passing. I am glad that you are able to be there for your friend. Take care of yourself.

  4. Have a good day, enjoy catching up with family and friends...and the walk by the old house....enjoy!!

  5. its ALWAYS nice to go back to your roots.. at least for alittle while..

  6. it is just tooo weird that you are having summer now! IT"S FREEZIN!

  7. (((hugs))) hope the rest of your trip goes well especially the funeral tomorrow.

    Take care of yourself...

  8. Thinking about you and your friend, hope all goes well. :)

  9. Sounds like you have been a great help for your friend. I really hope tomorrow is a wonderful celebration of his life and although it will be very sad, I know you will take time to think about all the good times you shared.

    Thinking of you Chris at the very difficult time.


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