Sunday, December 14, 2008


ABOVE: this is how our door knocker looked before we bought it... and when it arrived in the mail yesterday we thought.. "oh hell that doesn't look like solid brass".... in fact it looked like it was painted metal of some sort. I was feeling kinda let down.... until:

I started scrubbing....and scrubbing.... AND SCRUBBING....
It took me hours, but look at that! GORGEOUS! And obviously solid brass.... I was thrilled to bits!
And there it is, on our front door ready for the next visitor to give it a go! We LOVE it.
TODAY: Gardening, housework, catch up on all the things that didn't get done during the week.
Maybe some shopping.... but nothing STRESSFUL today! All the major details are done for FIL's funeral.... so we can relax for the day.
We have had a nice day... I did some weeding this morning before it got too hot, Stew cleaned the concrete patio's... then we went out and looked around car yards for a while.... had lunch out, visited FIL at the Funeral Home and then home!
It's been a busy day, but not stressful at all, which is good.
End of Day: all is good here... hope to have a normal day tomorrow, nite nite.


  1. the door knocker lots great! sorry to hear about your FIL.

  2. Your door knocker is gorgeous!

    Hope Stew is doing ok. Been thinking of you guys.

  3. The door knocker looks great. I didn't envy you cleaning it though...LOL I have quite a few bits of brass things and boy that is one job I don't it.
    Hope you can find some 'me' time in all that is going on. Thinking of you.
    Jenny :)

  4. I love the knocker!

  5. The door knocker looks great. Hope you have a very peaceful day and you all get to relax during this stressful and emotional time.


  6. I am very sorry to hear about Stews father. IT's never easy to lose a parent, now matter how old you are.

    The door knocker looks great. Perfect, I would say.

  7. That looks awesome. Love it, I would never have thought a door knocker could be so cool.

    Hope you sweet.

  8. Hey Stew and Chris.. I feel for you guys.. it's not easy. Big Hugs and I the day is a celebration for a wonderful man. I'm glad you've been up there with him this year Stew as I'm sure he appreciated having you around. Take care mate.

  9. I still feel funny about saying what a great knocker you have...

    But it looks fantastic!


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