Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I have put it off long enough, I've got to go get all the Christmas supplies in... Turkey, ham, salad makings, pudding makings.... I have an ENORMOUS list of stuff to get.

I'm taking the littlies with me, they can be my 'helpers'... YEAH RIGHT! I'm sure there will be numerous things put in the trolley that I had NO INTENTION of buying... but hell it's only Christmas once a year eh?

After that I will have to make the second Christmas cake, cos I didn't get around to it yesterday.... and also make a few other things in advance for Christmas Day.

What else? Dunno.... just wait and see I reckon! I hope it's a nice day ... can work on me tan a bit more too. And the kids can play in the paddle pools again, it sure keeps them happy.

Well the dreaded shopping is DONE! Yaaaa, going early (8.30 am) sure makes a difference... I got a park right outside the supermarket... whipped around the aisles in next to no time ... even did a last minute christmas present shop for the sister-in-law... then home~!

Griffin did his usual... be good then pack a wobbly ... at least he waited till we got home before packing it! I am so over that boy's NEGATIVITY! What would YOU do with a kid who is ALWAYS saying negative things? Like:

- "I know I'm not getting anything"
- "I know lunch is NEVER going to come"
- "We never get anything"
- " I know I can't spend my money, you never let me ever"

and on, and on , and on... no matter what you do or say it's not right, or on time, or enough. *sigh*..... It can wear you down till you just give in for PEACE. And that is so wrong.

I love days like this: I've baked! The 2nd Christmas Cake is done.. and no bugger is gunna eat it until I have ICED IT... and...

I have made an enormous Meat Loaf for dinner, it's just waiting to go in the oven. And the best thing about my Meat Loaf is that it is 60% VEGETABLES!!! Ha ha, Griffin hates veges BUT loves my Meat Loaf. CHOICE.

I've got more baking to do tonight, the Pavlova next....

End of Day: a busy day and I loved it. Nothing like being busy ... nite nite.


  1. Anonymous8:14 AM

    I've got to go grocery shopping too! I hope y'all have a great day and get what you need to done!

  2. Have fun battling with the supermarket shopping! I've got another cake on the go as well!

    If I don't catch up before Christmas, wishing you and the fmaily a really happy festive season. Enjoy!!!

  3. All the best with your grocery shopping. I'm going to brave the shops tomorrow and do the last of mine...

  4. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Wow, can I take your kids shopping with me.. oh with your cheque book of course! Haha. You need to change my blog address in your list. I can never remember what my blog thing is when I leave a message so used to click on it to get addy. haha... too much to remember at this time of the year.

    2 more sleeps and the big fat belly comes down your chimney and drinks your beer and leaves you pressies... oh Santa I mean! lol

  5. Hi Chris, I just wanted to offer my very belated condolences for the loss of your father in law and your friend. Sorry for the very late message, I haven't been reading blogs for a couple of weeks. My thoughts are with you all, especially at this time of year. It all sounded like an awful thing to go through.

    Also, love the new car you're going to get, very nice!

    Have a good Christams!


  6. Yikes-I don't envy grocery shopping today with kids! My thoughts are with you...LOL!
    Your future SUV looks cute...how are they on fuel?

    Cheers mate-have a great Chrissy!

  7. Good on you for the early shopping!

    Unfortunatly i have a negative child like that, and i never figured it out [she's 16 now] The best i could do was ignore the negative comments and praise the good ones with smiles and tone.
    But some people just seem to be born with a "victim" mentality y'know? And it is such a bloody drain!
    This'll sound terrible, but my daughter wanted to go and live with her dad in QLD 2 years ago. Even though i miss her [sometimes], our house has such a great positive vibe now. We never realised just how much she emotionaly drained us all, all of the time.
    And to her, she's the victim in every situation in her life. I've tried endless times to tell her it's about how you chose to look at things, but she just seems to want to be negitive. It's really sad.
    How old is your son? Maybe you could get him into some kind of counciling where he learns thought strategies? By the time i found out that you could do that, it was too late.

    My thoughts are really with you on this! [[HUGS]]

  8. use the Santa card! "you need to be positive/ good to be on santa's good list cause if your not then santa wont bring you anything and will give it to your sister!"

  9. In regards to the negetive attitude 'the experts' have all sorts of advice (as they always do, lol).

    For some reason E went through this type of phase when we first moved to Tga. (she didn't settle into her new school very well and had a couple of run ins with a few girls that seemed to be going out of their way to make things unpleasant for her).

    Anyway she would come home full of complaints that I had to try and work through with her, but as the year progressed I noticed that the negetive attitude seem to stayed. In the end I got so fed up with it that I told her that if she had a proper complaint then to talk to me about it, but if I heard her shooting of her mouth being negetive about nonsense stuff then I would simply send her outside and she could sit out there and be negetive by herself. (as i was simply sick of hearing it).

    Well it worked a treat. I don't actually think she realised how negetive she was being as it had become such a habit that it just rolled off her tongue. I wouldn't even tell her to go outside, I would just point and she would realise that she had jumped into 'poor me' mode and out she would trot. The rule was that she could come back in when she was ready to be pleasent to be around and normally she would be back within 3 - 4 mins with a much better attitude.

    She is older then Griffin so not sure how it would work, but from what he is saying (never moan groan etc) it could well have just become a habit and he could just need a small wake up call and to remove himself from company as I swear E didn't take long to cut all the rediculous talk and become pleasant to be around again.

    Occassionaly if her bad attitude returns, then so does the pointing to go outside, and she realises 'opps, I'm talking crap again' and out she trots. lol

    (many experts suggest all kinds of reward type systems etc, and sitting down and 'reasoning' through what they are saying, but in my experience I will have the 'why its not appreciated talk' once then after that there is no decussion, its immediate removal from the room as rehashing everything every time they do it just seems to encourage them to continue as they love the attention (even if its negetive) so the behaviour often just continues.

    I decided not to reward bad behaviour with any attention at all, hence the reason why I simply point and don't say anything, and have found it works great.

  10. PS: I also used this same consequence for when she was getting lippy with me a few months back and once again found it worked well at stopping the undesirable behaviour.

  11. Just start agreeing with Griffin and see what happen's.

    Griffin "I never go anywhere"
    You "yep, that's right"

    Griffin "I never get to spend my money"
    You "yep, that's right"

    He might get sick of saying it once he knows he's not going to get a decent argument out of you.

  12. Oh I know how it is to give in I do it with Chris all the time, I know it is so wrong but shit it is so much easier. Have a great Christmas :-)

  13. Hi Chris! Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family!

    I've been away from the computer for awhile so I'm trying to catch up. I grocery shopped today, as well. I will go again on the 24th to get the freshest veggies, but that's it.

    I have a child with a negative attitude, also. I just change the subject with him and start asking questions about a part of his life that is good. He forgets until another time.

    Nice outfits you bought at the shop! I'll bet they look fantastic on you!

  14. I always try to go shopping first thing in the morning or last thing at night, but I leave the kids at home with their dad :-)

    As to Griffin - I say if he thinks "we never get anything" then give him what he expects - imagine how quickly that would shut him up? lol

    Please, please, please can you post the recipe for your meatloaf - Lachlan LOVES meatloaf and i'd love to make one with more veggies too - he's not even 3 and is already turning his nose up at them.

  15. all i needed from the store: vegetable oil & taper candles (8 of them...)

    i totally forgot the candles, and got the LAST bottle of vegetable oil. got up to the register---no lid. it had the paper thing that kept the oil from spilling out, but no lid. so, i didn't get that...

    still managed to spend over 90 dollars, and didn't get either of the two items i went in for.


  16. Your Christmas cake looks fantastic. I get a bit lazy and buy them these days.

    I so love meat loaf and what a large one that one is..

    I'm glad your shopping is all done and was pretty painless, well until you got home.

  17. Nooooooo don't give into Griffin...I think thats a lot of trouble with Shawn and why he doesn't do as I ask...I GIVE IN coz I get sick of arguing with him !!

    Love the cake, it looks yummooooo!!

  18. We're going grocery shopping tomorrow night along with a million other last minute fools. I plan on cooking the bird off of a recipe I got on the Internet. I hope it turns out OK. 60 percent veggies in meatloaf? Is that even legal? ;)

  19. Merry Christmas from the snow covered North.

    The meat Loaf looks really good. Going to get a few Lobsters as they are only 5.00 per pound right now here in Nova Scotia at present.


  20. Duck Tape!

    We had meatloaf too. My kids hate it so they had whatever. Weirdo kids.

  21. Aw crap. I just realized how much catching up I have to do.

    This may take awhile.


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