Friday, December 19, 2008


12.30... that's when I have to pick up the kids from school today.. shit I hope I don't forget!

Not got any plans for today! It's all done!

Well, I could do some housework I suppose, what do ya bet I do bugger all???

OH OH!!! I just remembered ... I'm baking my first ever Christmas Cake today! Hope it turns out ok...
AND... I have been given the folowing awards:

I DON'T remember who gave them to me, I don't remember what I had to do about them, who I should pass them on if ya want one... TAKE IT!!!!
I think one requested I post some random facts about me, so here goes:
- I don't like cats
- I drink Bacardi and Diet Coke... but not often.
- I try and do a good deed a day
- I drive like my father... fast
- I love the water/boating/fishing
- I hate being cold
- I have never bitten me nails
- I used to suck me thumb as a kid
- I love the colour BLUE
- I am a bit 'crafty'.... pottery, painting etc
- I hate cigarettes (I used to smoke 20 years ago)
- I love diamonds, and ceylonese sapphires
- I literally could shop till I dropped!

THAT WILL DO...... not that interesting really!
ONWARD... BLOODY HELL, I just got another award, from Grimm :

What a nice guy... here's a photo of his baby daughter Lucy, AFTER his 4 year old daughter Julia had been playing with her:

HOW FREAKIN ADORABLE IS SHE?? I could take her home! (Leslie might have something to say about that though!)

STEW you need to come home and smell this!!! The cake is in the oven cooking... and my home smells AMAZING! YUMMMMM.

MARGARET: No Stew doesn't smoke, he stopped a couple of weeks after meeting me... I was his only vice after that!

NOLA: Yes, it's the one off Anne's blog... just fruit, orange juice and SR flour, and yes, I added some Drambuie to mine!

WELL I remembered the kids, they are home safe and sound for the next 7 weeks. YAAAAAAAA.

END OF DAY: my 'Top Commentator' thing has gone nuts! It keeps changing it's mind... DER.... anyway... it's been a great day. Very tired now, Griffin has been a right royal shit this evening and has been sent to bed early.... and it making a hell of a noise... we are trying to ignore him! All I really really want to do is ram his head through the wall... *sigh*... can't do that though eh? DRAT. He would try the patience of a saint that boy. nite nite.


  1. Don't forget to pick the kids up at 12.30pm LOL - at least Steph is old enough to walk home alone now so no worries if I did forget her :-).

  2. Give me some tips on how you chucked those fags away!!!

  3. Oh, yay for Brylee and Griffin for summer break! Hopefully they had enough chance to make friends to see over the vacation. :]

  4. Anonymous10:57 AM

    That baby is a cutie huh. I bet you wouldn't keep her for long though Chris. Haha. 3 more days of work.. yay... I can't wait now for a break AT HOME! It's going to be wonderrr ful. And baking a cake ain't part of it.. Getting back into sewing will be great. Starting tomorrow. I need some therapy other than retail... I have been SO BAD!

  5. I am going to make that Cake too, oh and BTW I live in North Canterbury about 1 and half hours from Hanmer Springs, go there quite often, its a neat place, yea Cheviot is on the way. Good for you on not smoking, I have never smoked so dont know what its like to give up, but I reckon it would be hard.Does Stew smoke?

  6. Is that the cake with just fruit and flour & orange juice off I can't remember who's blog? Let me know how it turns out were going to put plonk in your's were'nt you?

  7. that baby picture is so funny. good luck with the cake it will be great!

  8. Cute baby! That's a funny picture. Way to go on all your blogging awards.
    Hope you survive your school break....that is a long time. Our summer break is like 10 weeks - sometimes I look forward to it and sometimes not as you don't get any free time.

  9. I'v had kids here for 2 days - the htought of 7 weeks is a bit overwhelming!

    And the cake????? Did it turn out ok?

  10. A Christmas cake??? Oh that sounds enjoyable. I wish I lived closer I'd come be your official taster. 8) Congrats on the awards girlie. YOu very much deserve them!!

  11. That commenter widget thingee - it's wacky! Mrs C was your top commenter, she's disappeared and now there's all these old commenters appearing again??? And here's me - at the to:-)

  12. I am glad that the kids got home at the right time. I will be thinking and praying for the seven week vacation to go quickly and smoothly for all of you! It sounds like it isn't getting off on too good of a foot.

  13. Anonymous5:27 AM

    Oh that baby!!! What a cutie!!!

  14. Guess you got those kids picked up in time. Have a wonderful 7 weeks.....Planning on making Christmas cakes this weekend. Sticker baby is just too funny. Take care.

  15. While you can't ram their heads into the wall, there is no law against duct taping them to the ceiling.

  16. Well I figured if anyone wanted an award it would be you...

    Who knew so many others thought the same thing?


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