Wednesday, December 31, 2008


"Look!... I come bearing fruit" HA HA HA.... and she did!
This was yesterday just after Chris D arrived from Palmerston North.... she was really happy to get here.

TODAY: I do believe we will go..... SHOPPING!!!! For a change you understand! lol

WELL, I do have to show me girlfriend around don't I??? She's DYING to see the shops in Auckland... REALLY.

Poor Stew is slaving away at work again, but I do expect him home fairly early today.

This evening we are going into the City to meet my niece Shelley and her daughter Ashley and spending the night with them, shall hopefully see in the New Year with them too. Shelley is a nurse working in Melbourne and is here on holiday... they are going home on the 2nd.

Right, that's enough for now... got important stuff to do... (shopping)...LATER...

Rick over at Organised Doodles is having a competition where you can win a 'doodle' (piece of artwork)... so pop on over and have a look, leave a comment and you are in to win! ONWARD...

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone !!!!!

There is no way I have time today to pop around all me blog friends and wish you a Happy New Year... so take it as said OK?

We are back from shopping, didn't buy much of anything... kinda don't NEED anything now! Chris D scored some nice shirts for work... had lunch in Sylvia Park Mall... I ate some dodgy chinese ... kinda feeling a bit ill now! Hope I don't chuck it all up again! Eeeeeeew!

ABOVE: Brylee teasing Teddy... OH LOOK! White dog CAN jump! Not bad for a little dog.

ABOVE: Griffin showing off his 'muscles' to Chris D... what a show off. The kids are having a ball taking dozens of photos with Chris's camera... well it's keeping them happy, and that's the main thing eh?

2008: the Highs and Lows:

- Selling our house after 9 long lonely months

- buying our new home and settling in

- Finally getting my hysterectomy after waiting 18 months

- Surviving two life-threatening post-surgical complications

- Birth of new granddaughter, Rena

- Losing my best friend's Husband, Dave

- Losing my Father-in-law


End of Day: heading into town for NY fireworks etc... nite nite.


  1. Have a wonderful day today - I am sure you will with all that shopping and showing her the malls that you have to do lol. Have a great 2009 and may all your dreams and goals happen :-)

  2. Happy New Year to you and yours as well :-)

    Have a fun couple of days showing Chris the sights !!!

    Are they having fireworks up in Auckland ?

    The Reno CC cancelled this years fireworks show as the Casinos withdrew their support. Pity, as I was going to venture out with my 35mm SLR and practice my night shots :-(

  3. Have a lovely day shopping with Chris. Just what you need - retail therapy - LOL!!

    Happy new year Chris and I hope 2009 is a happy and healthy one for you all.

  4. I hope you have a wonderful New Year Chris! Have a great time showing Chris around, and enjoy your evening!

  5. Happy New Year my friend. Don't drink too much, or do, what the hell,it's new years. Be safe in whatever you do, and buy me something good at the mall..haha.


  6. Have fun girl! And stay safe! See ya' next year!

  7. have a great day enjoying the malls with chris and a good night tonight Happy new year to you too

  8. Anonymous1:53 PM

    So, my question is ..... did you do the washing??? *lol*
    Happy New Year to you too my darling!! I hope 2009 is full of love, laughs and lots of sex!!!
    Enjoy your night!!!


  9. LOL ... what would a day be without some sort of shopping ... enjoy!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR Chris - hope 2009 is a fabulous year for you and your family - enjoy your night.

  10. Happy New Year Chris and I hope you have a great night...

  11. Oh, no! Hope you are feeling better soon!!!

  12. Happy New Years!!

    ahah boys

  13. Anonymous5:35 PM

    Happy Shopping :0)

    Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Happy New Year to you, Chris!! Enjoy your friends and family, and stay off the's amateur night for many!

  15. Really Chris - Have the happiest of New Year's at your home. I am glad to have found such fun, and sensible is sensible, right? We are stimulating the economy!!!

    All the best Chicka!

  16. Seems weird that you are about to ring in 2009, and we still have 24 hours to go!

    Hope your New Year was good, and that you didn't upchuck that Chinese food!

  17. Anonymous9:10 PM

    Dear Chris

    Happy New Year and I hope you have a great 2009.

    Love and Best Wishes
    M x

  18. Anonymous12:08 AM

    Happy new year! Hope you can celebrate it off the porcelain~!

  19. Happy New Year to you too!

  20. Happy New Year! Enjoy your company and showing her the sights!

  21. Couldn't see anything past the huge muscles that kid was showing off! lol

  22. Well if you can't take the time to stop around and say it personally maybe you should stop making so many friends? LoL.

    Here's to a nice and simple 2009!


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