Saturday, December 20, 2008


Today we are going out and about to three different places here in Auckland.

We want to check out the Botany shops, Newmarket shops and the Plant Barn in Remuera... should be a good day... and we will get lots of exercise!

Can't be unhappy about that!
I saw this really funny picture on someone else's blog yesterday, so pinched it:
It really tickled me fancy! My butt is that big I could lose an elf there too~!!! ha haa ha.


I was going to ice my beautiful Christmas Cake this weekend... but it looks like I won't be now:

In fact I will have to make ANOTHER one! Friggin guys ate half of it!!! Brylee does not like fruit cake, so she isn't in the line up!

Right, shopping.....

Far out! What a long day we have had! WE went to 3 different garden centres to try and find something in memory of Stew's Dad from his workmates... no luck! Will have to keep looking.

We also did the shops in Botany Downs, got a few items there... will show ya tomorrow.

Tried a reward system with the kids to keep Griffin's behaviour under control.. it worked for a while but he lost it in the last hour or so.... hopefully he is learning that bad behaviour does not get him anywhere! We are so over his temper tantrums. PARENTHOOD.... is not all about gorgeous babies... where did it say in the BOOK that they can MORPH into friggin little monsters????

LEE-ANNE: thanks for the offer but... Griffin has only ever spent 1 night away from us, that was just the other week... it did NOT go well! I believe there is no way in hell he would go anywhere with you, no matter what you offered! Such is life, he is a little homebody and would freak out if not with his family I reckon!

SUZY: correct .. no eggs. Just 1kg fruit soaked in 2 cups orange juice, then 2 cups of SR flour added, cooked at 150 deg for about 2 hours. VERY RICH.... and yummy!

END OF DAY: I've come down with my first true cold in years... I feel like shit... all blocked up, sinuses giving me grief.... headache to be proud of... going to bed. nite nite.


  1. LOL love the pic :-). Have a great day shopping.

  2. is it strange that when i read your blog, i imagine your accent too? it's lovely in my head. and i like this cartoon too, i may steal it too. =)

  3. My arse is so huge I could hide a reindeer! love that cartoon.

  4. Have fun shopping!! I love the botany shops. Nice having a Mall feel, but still being kinda outside.

  5. This made me smile! Thanks!

  6. Its pissing down with rain here, but the boys still have to turn up for cricket, Steve and I are off to Cheviot to get the Christmas goodies, loved Newmarket shops, I think they have a lovely bendon shop there from memory, also do they still have free parking if you spend over $10 and keep your receipt, anyway happy shopping.....

  7. ooh, sounds like fun, have a great day! Love the picture, lol

  8. hehe at least the cakes keeping Griffin quiet

  9. I'm keeping well away from any shops!!! Enjoy your weekend:-)

  10. My butt is sliding down the back of my legs. I'd kill for a butt. I have plenty of belly. If only I could push it around to the back...

  11. LOL too funny!

    The cake must have been pretty yummy!

  12. Bad behaviour seems to take longer in some kids to extinguish than others. The only thing you can do is to keep doing what you're doing. Cosistency is the key and negative consequences to his bad behaviour. Soon he'll get the message that attention for good behaviour is far more favourable. I tried reward with my kids and it never worked. So I just make sure I praise them whenver I see them doing the right thing, which is thankfully more and more, and just time out for bad behaviour. No yelling, no tantrums, they just go now, because they understand that's what happens.

    Love the pic with the elf - very funny. Your cake was a hit, my kids love home baking, I just don't do it too often as I eat it!!

  13. Parenting is always about changing the goal posts.

    It's hard, but we survive.

    I have no doubt you will find a way to get round this.

    We always make a thing of bedtime. If I've had to take exception to something he's done he doesn't want his goodnight kiss, cuddle and backrub.

    His problem.

    Next morning he always comes out to me and apologies.

    You are the best thing for him. Shite, if you need a break, send him down to me for a few days. I'm on holiday, kids free from the 4th jan. I'll keep him busy.

    Just remembered will be passing thru Akld on the 4th jan - I can pick him up.

  14. Oh, you have given me the urge to make that cake now. It must be so yummy, and no eggs?!

  15. Oh at last I catch up on all that's happening in the land of Chris - i've been so slack lately.

    My condolences regarding the recent passing of your father in law, glad that all went well with the funeral.

    Love the positive thing regarding the school holidays - probably easy for me to say when my kids are still at adorable ages ... you were joking about them morphing into monsters though weren't you? PPPPLLLLEEASSSEEE tell me you were ... lol

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  16. See? You always blame the males.

    If you wouldn't have made the cake so good they wouldn't be eating eat now would they?

    So it's actually YOUR fault.

  17. It looks like the cake was a big hit! So sorry that you have to bake another!

    Good luck with Griffin - while I have no children of my own, I have dealt with enough as a teacher to understand what you are going through.

  18. Anonymous5:24 AM

    Love the cartoon! And I love the picture of your guys eating the Christmas cake before you iced it! Boys! Big and little ones! LOL!

    I love babies. JUST. LOVE. 'EM. I wanted to have 10 children. Unfortunately, I do not do pregnancy well and had serious complications with all three... in fact, with my second I had a siezure and stopped breathing during delivery. You really do get sucked in with the wee ones. Boy oh boy... I cannot imagine going through ten teens. My three have about killed me dead already. You are amazing and the fact that you are raising your two grandkids as your own after 6 children is a real testament to your character. It cracks me up when someone doesn't get how much you love those kids because you are honest about them driving you crazy. I think very highly of you Chris. You've got a very good heart.

  19. Tell me about. The youngest one is the cutest, but she's a monster at night. She screams and screams and screams.


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